Ultimate Magik Potion - The Mother of All Potions!

Ultimate Magik Potion - The Mother of All Potions!

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There are very limited quantities of this potion available (for now). This is a test!

This is the most powerful potion ever made in the Moondance family history. This potion has brought a single wish to people who have worn it within a year (max) over and over again. Most received their desired gift within weeks or months. Since I will no longer cast financial wealth spells due to how they were abused by TOO MANY of my clients, Mother and I agreed to this happy medium (to release a small quantity of vials of this potion instead).

I have only made a small batch of this potion. After I see how things go for the people who purchase these vials, I will determine if I will make more to offer for sale. If I find that newfound wealth obtained from using this potion is turning people into greedy bastards who start treating their friends and family poorly, like some of the people for whom I cast the wealth spell, I will not make another batch of this potion for my shop.

Bottle design may vary.

Customer Reviews

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Chelsea Rank
This works

I had all bad luck and now I have good luck everywhere I go since I got this rollon and started using it. I’ll keep buying it. I’m amazed and at a loss for words.

They just call me tank
it really is magick!

I didn't believe in magic(k) but my girlfriend is heavy into this stuff and she got me this as a Christmas gift. I gracefully accepted the gift but didn't expect anything to happen if I used it. I was adamant about using it though daily just to prove a point to her - not expecting anything to happen. Then I was approached by a recruiter out of the blue about a position I applied for over a year ago. I wasn't qualified but was hoping for OJT. I forgot I even applied for the job. I found the original listing for it on Indeed and it was advertised as paying up to $85k a year depending on experience. I interviewed for the job last Friday. Today they offered me $100k if I could start right away. Coincidence maybe but nobody offers that much more money for a job than what they posted it for. He didn't even ask me my salary requirements. He should have assumed I'd be up for the 85 since that's what they were offering when they placed the ad. And they know I need to learn their system that they use because I know older programming than what they use now. (I'm a programmer) So there will be at least six months of learning but they're paying me the whole while. I start Monday. I am ordering more of this today to seal the deal. I won't leave home without it now!