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Witchy Tools and Supplies

DIY! Find awesome witchy tools and supplies here. More will be added soon. We're just getting started!

NOTE: DIY stands for Do It YourselfAny products you find in the Witchy Tools category should only be purchased if you are already using the items and won't need our guidance or because you are taking up witchcraft and plan to educate yourself on the craft and/or seek out your own information.

We may offer a witchcraft education program in the future, but the products we are offering in this category do not come with an education on how to practice the craft. We only offer instruction sheets on the custom proprietary products that we offer such as Stormy's potions and instructions for keeping spells charged that Stormy casts, because there is no common knowledge for our custom products and services. No one could know how to use our potions or keep our spells charged without having OUR instructions. Things like moon water, tarot cards, smudge kits, pendulums and spirits boards are not something we created that only we have the instructions for use. These are common items that anyone can find generic instructions for use online or in books.