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Mystical Spirits


While there may be some mythical entities, at least in our experience, many so-called mythical beings are not myths at all, and it's been proven.

In this section, you will find spirits or portals to spirits of many of the so-called mythical nature.

Even with the beings we feel are truly a myth, it's only because we have not had any experience with them or we haven't ever seen any with our own eyes. This does not mean they don't exist, and we are wholeheartedly willing to admit to this. If only the rest of the world would come to terms with the fact that just because they have never seen someone or something with their own eyes, it does not mean they do not exist. A lot more people would be a lot less uptight if they knew what was really out there. For the rest of us, we are happy to bask in their glory by ourselves. More for us!