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Return Policy

Refunds and Returns:

Certain services are not refundable. Psychic readings, spirit bridgings, spells, demon banishment, etc. are all things that cannot be undone, or in the case of spells, they would take more work to undo than the work that was put into casting them in the first place. Because you are reading our TOS, you know that there are times when Meta, Mya and Stormy are scheduled out 3 or 4 weeks in advance. If you get antsy part of the way through the waiting period and you cannot wait that long, you will receive a refund, upon request, minus our 20% administrative fee. Other work (prep work) goes into our services aside from the actual service you ordered. April's time, especially, is valuable, and we pay her to do the work she does. If the service has already been rendered, you can expect you will not receive a refund at all. (Services rendered are not refundable). 

We do not guarantee 100% that our services will work for you since some of this depends on you and your follow-up actions to the services rendered; much like a doctor will not guarantee a patient will not have liver failure again after giving them a new liver if they continue to drink alcohol on a daily basis.

We also will not refund any order after 90 days from the date the order was placed, regardless of whether it was a product or a service. After 90 days, the portion of your order that goes to various charities has already been submitted to these organizations, and we could not and would not take it back to refund your money.

Some products are also not returnable or refundable. Any broken seal on packaging will not be refundable. Mojo kits sent to you are tailored to work only for you (a custom product) after services are rendered, so therefore they are also not refundable or returnable, as they will not work for anyone else, and the materials used in them should not be recycled into another person's mojo bag. The time and energy put into the rituals of mojo bags is also lost once a service is rendered. There are a few other items, such as special-order products that are not refundable. If in doubt, email us before purchasing.