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Unattached Spirits - Remote Bridging

In this category you will find spirits that are not currently attached to any objects, for varying reasons. Some were attached to vessels that have been broken or destroyed. Some followed or found other spirits here that were already with us. Some came to us when they felt the huge amount of energy releasing from this building and knew they'd be in a great place! Some were conjured upon request of clients, but never claimed. 

Some are human spirits, some are animals, others are mystical elementals, gods or goddesses.

Upon adoption, send us the required information we need as posted in each listing and/or in our TOS. We can bridge these spirits to you (your person) or to an object. If you choose to go with an object, please send us a photo of that object along with your other information.

Please also see our Spirited Dolls category, or for all spirits, click here.

If you are an established client who has already sent us your photo and other required information for other services or adoptions, you do not need to send it again in order to adopt spirits.

Please remember that most spirits wish to read you before deciding if they want you to adopt them, so we will need your information before you should complete the checkout process.