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Portal & Spirit Vessel Options

In this collection, you will find suitable vessels for spirits and portals of varying types, sizes and price points.

You might want to adopt a spirit we have in our shop, but you don't care much for the current vessel the spirit is attached to, or it's a spirit that is not even currently attached to a vessel.

Or maybe you'd like to invest in a portal to communicate with a spirit that you see in our portals category, but you can't find anything in your home that you like for us to create this portal for you. 

You will find a variety of different items we think someone might like to use as their portal to Hecate, Isis, or one of the many other great gods, goddesses and other entities in our shop. You could also have a spirit that is up for adoption bridged to one of these items.  

CAUTION: If you are considering adopting one of our spirits, you should know that some of our spirits are fussy about what they are bridged to, or they may not even want to leave their current vessel. Please read each listing carefully before you purchase an item from this collection to ensure that it is even an option if you are adopting a spirit from us. We will not force any spirit to be bridged to an item they don't like, and we will not force them to leave their current vessel.

Most of the spirits in our foster care are not fussy, but some of them definitely are, so please read each listing carefully before making any purchases. Refunds, when approved, are only issued every-other Friday when our accountant comes into the shop to do payroll and other accounting work. 

If you are purchasing an item for a portal, you may choose any item, or choose something you own already for us to create your portal remotely.