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Meet the Staff of Moondance Magick!

This page is just a brief introduction to the Moondance Family, including owners and staff. :)

Our pupils are pixeled in our photos, for our protection, but it doesn't affect anything except that a malevolent psychic cannot read us or get into our heads! (Yes, they will sometimes take the time to do this if they feel they are in direct competition with us).

In some cases, the photos are completely filtered (not just pixeled pupils) "just for fun", according to those who did not wish to contribute a regular photo. lol

The main goal for this page, however, is for you to know the names of who to address your emails to according to your needs based on what their role is with us at Moondance Magick™. Just type, "April", or "Sonya", for example, in the subject line of your email. When we view email, if we see someone's name in the subject line, we do not open it, as we treat it as "personal and confidential" for the person to whom the email is addressed. This is easier for us than trying to maintain records from several email addresses. Because of the nature of our business, all emails coming our way need to filter into the same account so we can find what we need later, especially in the case for doing psychic readings.


Stormy Moondance    Stormy Moondance

Practitioner of magick, psychic medium, and healer. She is a moon child and one of her spirit guides is Othaniel, Ruler of the Moon. For this reason, she has been able to manifest and banish alike during any moon phase. The moon is almost like her personal goddess. While most practitioners of magick have to wait for a waning moon to banish something or a full moon to manifest, she only needs the warmth of the moon to get things done. 

She works at night under the moonlight, but she does not even need direct moon rays to cast spells. As long as she can feel the moon, she can communicate with her. 

Stormy goes to the top of their mountain each evening before dusk to set up her work station for casting spells. Mekqiel, her husband (aka "Mek") drives her up in his ATV and hauls her tools and ingredients for her rituals. He leaves everything with her and goes home so she can cast spells alone. She casts up to three spells on an almost nightly basis in almost all weather conditions, aside from thunderstorms. When she is finished, she walks back down the mountain and reports her results to the staff. She is generally on top of the mountain anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a night, or until she feels satisfied that her work has been done effectively. 

Stormy's overall success rate with casting effective spells is 98.8%, at the time of this publication. It fluctuates between 97.9% and 99.4%. These figures include ALL spells she casts, but she still has a 100% success rate to date with the fat loss spell. There have been people the fat loss spell did not help, but they later discovered they either had a medical issue that was preventing them from losing weight, a prescription drug they were taking that interfered, or they realized they were not keeping the spell charged regularly. The other thing that can and does interfere with Stormy's work is mindset. If you don't have faith in Stormy's abilities or in the gods and goddesses who help her, you can expect these negative thoughts will work against you. Spell-casting is a co-op. You have to be a willing participant for good things to come your way. Have faith in her, and you'll quickly realize she is one of the best (if not THE best) practitioners of magick you could work with. 

Stormy is also an extremely good psychic medium, but with as full as her schedule is with casting spells, she has left most of the psychic work to be handled by Meta, her mother, and her Aunt Mya, Meta's sister. She is also a new mom! Aiyana was born 11/22/21. 

When there is a powerful demon (or two or three) to be banished from someone's home or from their body, Stormy gets right in there with Meta and Mya to get the job done quickly. I have heard that demons actually fear her. She is a lightworker, but she can be wicked when she needs to be. A few people learned pretty quickly to never attempt or even have a thought about screwing with her or her family. Her family consists of many blood relatives, most of them also living on their land, her employees, and the spirits she keeps. She tends to over 80 spirits of her own on a daily basis. We think she is immortal and doesn't sleep! lol

Stormy has helped to pull people out of deep depressions, banish anxiety, lose or gain weight, get a great job or promotion, find love (including self-love), and even grow their hair. The list goes on and on. If there is something you feel that only magick could help you achieve, Stormy is your girl.

Stormy does not do email, phone calls, computers, or anything else with artificial EMFs, as they could affect her magick to cast your spells.

She will occasionally get on our Facebook Group to say hello to everyone when she has a night off. For the most part, April, Tracy and Sonya handle incoming emails. If you have a message for Meta or Mya, please put their name in the subject line, and the staff will alert them to read their messages. Otherwise, they rarely get into the inbox. 

Meta Moondance    

(Yes, she let her white hair grow through, and yes, this is a snapchat photo!) 

While Meta is nearing retirement, she is excellent at what she does. She is also a lightworker, but she can dish out the karma when she needs to, as well. The majority of her workload consists of spirit bridgings, a few lighter readings that won't affect her health, curse removal, aiding in banishing demons and other negative entities, and spirit care.

Meta is an empath, which has greatly hampered her ability to do certain readings that hurt her emotionally. She can do them, but not without a price to pay for hours, days, and sometimes even weeks. 

For those who do not know, a true empath actually feels the pain and other emotions of the people around them, so when she does a present life reading, for example, and she sees that the person she is reading will go through some great turmoil and trauma, it affects her as if it is happening to her. She has always done readings for people regardless of the side effects in the past. She said it was her calling and she was needed, so she just bore the pain. A few years back, she was hospitalized with extremely high blood pressure. Her doctors didn't even know why she was still alive with her numbers off the charts as they were. When they finally got her health under control and released her from the hospital, she had to take a sabbatical from work and she was on bedrest for months. She gradually got back into the swing of things, but she is still not doing present life readings, and only a few other readings, such as the Spirit Animal Reading and occasionally some of the others. Most readings are now done by her sister, Mya.


Mya Moondance  

Mya is also a psychic medium, practitioner of magick, healer, and spirit keeper. She actually thought she was retired a couple years ago until her family convinced her of how much she was needed at Moondance Magick. She came back, and she is once again one of the three partners of Moondance Magick, along with her sister and her niece. Mya is the witty one, keeping the laughter alive even when things seem gloomy. We certainly don't know what we'd do without her around here. She gives extremely accurate readings, and she can manifest just about anything she sets her mind to. 

The oldest of the siblings, Mya hopes to retire when Aiyana, Stormy's daughter, can take her place. At the rate Aiyana is going already, Mya will be able to retire in a few more years, according to Mya! Meanwhile, she is here to help you sort things out in your life with her intuition and psychic abilities. 

Mya works best with spirits from the other side, but she can read just about anyone at any time. 

What the three of these fine ladies do have issues with is reading someone they are too close to. This is a defense mechanism of sorts, as they all decided long ago they did not want to know if something horrific was going to happen to someone they loved, including themselves. They can tell just about anyone when they will get married, have children, and even when they will die, but they are in the dark, purposely, on their own current lives, for the most part. There are a few things they know, but they will never discuss it with anyone else in the family or otherwise. 

We wanted to help you get to know the three owners a little bit first and foremost. Content on the rest of the Moondance Family will be added to this page shortly.