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Meet the Staff of Moondance Magick!

This page is just a brief introduction to the Moondance Family, including owners and staff. :)

Our pupils are pixeled in our photos, for our protection, but it doesn't affect anything except that a malevolent psychic cannot read us or get into our heads! (Yes, they will sometimes take the time to do this if they feel they are in direct competition with us).

In some cases, the photos are completely filtered (not just pixeled pupils) "just for fun", according to those who did not wish to contribute a regular photo. lol

The main goal for this page, however, is for you to know the names of who to address your emails to according to your needs based on what their role is with us at Moondance Magick™. Just type, "April", or "Sonya", for example, in the subject line of your email. When we view email, if we see someone's name in the subject line, we do not open it, as we treat it as "personal and confidential" for the person to whom the email is addressed. This is easier for us than trying to maintain records from several email addresses. Because of the nature of our business, all emails coming our way need to filter into the same account so we can find what we need later, especially in the case for doing psychic readings.

Stormy does not do email, phone calls, computers, or anything else with artificial EMFs, as they could affect her magick to cast your spells. She will occasionally get on our Facebook Group to say hello to everyone when she has a night off. For the most part, April, Tracy and Sonya handle incoming emails. If you have a message for Meta or Mya, please put their name in the subject line, and the staff will alert them to read their messages. Otherwise, they rarely get into the inbox.