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Money, Career, and Business Manifestation Spirits

Spirits who will help you manifest your dreams. Some help with financial problems by helping you get out of debt. Others will help you obtain the job of your dreams or help you climb the corporate ladder. Some will help your business flourish, and some will help you win cash or obtain a windfall of money. This category also includes financial luck spirits who will help you with winning contests and games of chance. 

Please keep in mind that if a spirit feels they are being used by their keeper and that their keeper only wants them around to help them with financial gains or with any of their powers, for that matter, they will not stick around. They are likely to leave their vessel and find another one or come back to us, in some cases, so that we can offer them another vessel and another chance to be with a person or a family who will love them.

Spirit adoption is supposed to be a win-win for the keeper(s) as well as the spirit. They want to be loved and treated like family, most of the time. Some of the darker spirits might be just as happy to be adopted for the sole reason of being needed to work some black magick, which is a win for them, because that's usually all they want from their keepers, as well. But even the gray spirits need to feel like they are wanted for more than just what they can do for you. Remember that most of these spirits were once human. The only thing missing is their original vessel. Please do not treat them any differently than you would a child you are adopting, or an elderly parent or grandparent you are bringing into your home to care for.

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