Remote Direct Binding of Spirits

We will remotely and directly bind a spirit to you or to an object you own of your choice! You can have a spirit bound to you for life or for as long as you own the item to which you had the spirit bound. If you lose the item, we also have a service where we can conjure that spirit to re-bind the spirit to you or to another object that you own. We will do this one time for half the price of the initial fee you paid for the direct binding, if it should become necessary.

The spirits we work with mostly via remote binding are those of a more mystical nature. Elemental Spirits, Fairies or Fae, Dragons, Nature Spirits, etc. However, if you have a vessel you really wish to have a spirit bound to, send us a photo and we can bind one of our spirits to that item for you so that you can have the type of spirit you want attached to the item you are fond of.

In most cases, we will be able to give you a list of types of spirits from which to choose, but the actual individual spirit will have to choose you. For instance, you can tell us you'd like a brownie spirit. We would then ask you to show us the item you have that you would like our brownie to bind to. We also need a photo of you so that our spirits can read you. We will show just our brownie spirits your photo, as well as the photo of the item to which they would be bound. We will take the first volunteer to say they wish to embark on this venture, and that is the spirit we will bind to your item. 

Binding can take up to a week from start to finish, so please be patient with us. The actual act of binding itself does not take that long, but matching you and your item up to a spirit who wishes to be bound to it and to you is a whole different process, and that can make it take some time. The spirit has to read you, study the item to which they will be bound, and decide if it is what they want for the rest of your lives. You would not choose a bride or a groom in a matter of minutes, so you can't expect your spirit to make a decision so haphazardly either.

We are the real deal, as our reviews and feedback have proven over the years. Please be careful where you put your trust and confidence when it comes to spirits and spirit binding. If you don't want to deal with us, at least be sure to deal with someone who is legit. There are many cons and fakes out there. Be sure to read reviews, feedback comments, and everything you can on the people you are thinking of doing business with.

Blessed be,

Meta Moondance and Stormy Moondance