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Spirit Adoption



We offer many spirits who are up for adoption in our foster center. Most are attached to vessels already, but are not opposed to us helping them transfer their essence to another object of your choosing, or even to your person. If it is not indicated in a spirit's description as to whether or not they are open to remote bridging, please ask us by email.

Spirit Bridging v. Spirit Binding:

The difference between spirit bridging and spirit binding is simple, and 100% of the time, what we do is bridge a spirit to you, or to an item you own. The term binding is used very loosely, and it shouldn't be. We actually use the term ourselves a lot, because that's what has sadly become the term that people know and use, but it's not what you'd actually want for your spirit, and we refuse to engage in such practices.

When we bridge a spirit to you or to your object, we are helping them transition from here to your home and attaching them to the object that you chose for them as their new vessel. This means that they can come and go as they please, and they are not forcibly bound to that object. No spirit should be forced or caged, which is referred to as binding.

We only use the term binding on our site as a keyword to ensure that potential adopters find spirits they may be in search of that are not opposed to being remotely attached to something they adore, because we know most people will use the word binding as a search term. If we don't use the word binding anywhere in our titles or description, many won't find what they are in search of.

With remote bridging, a ceremony is conducted by Meta or Mya in which they help the spirit transition to be bridged to the item of your choosing. Send a picture of this item to us for approval by the spirit. Most spirits are not opposed to being attached to almost anything, but some could have certain criteria they'd like you to stick with, so please do not assume that something you think is beautiful or magickal is something that the particular spirit you are interested in will agree on as their new vessel.

Popular items used for a spirit's new vessel include dolls, stuffed animals, ornamental objects, jewelry, antiques, and crystals, but if you have an object that means something to you or that you feel your spirit would resonate with well, it will likely be a wonderful piece to use for your spirit's new vessel. Most spirits want you to choose an item you can relate to well and that you find aesthetically pleasing to the eye because they want you to be happy when you look at the object to communicate with them. They also usually find it most joyful when a new keeper chooses their person as the spirit's new vessel.

When we bridge a spirit to you, you will simply look in the mirror when you wish to communicate with them "face to face", or you may talk to them anytime you wish without a mirror, which would be more like talking to them on the phone or whispering to them in the dark. As long as you are communicating with them, they will always be happy. Communication with them means more to them than any tangible offering you provide for them. 

Having a spirit bridged to an object vs to yourself:

Having a spirit bridged to an object vs. to your person is a personal decision. Some people prefer to have an object, such as a doll or a statue, to look at when they are communicating with their spirit. The downside to this is, if you lose or break that item, your spirit will break free from it. Whether the spirit stays with you or not when something like that happens cannot be determined.

The downside to having a spirit bridged to your person is that you must be comfortable with talking to your spirit through a mirror (talking to your own reflection). Since the spirit is bridged to you, they will relate to you when you are looking at yourself. They will see this as your way of communicating with them. If you have more than one spirit bridged to yourself, you will need to look into the mirror and address the spirit you wish to speak with by name before you start rattling off everything you'd like to say. Otherwise, all of the spirits attached to you will EACH think you're talking to them. 

When a spirit is bridged to you, they will leave your body when you perish. Therefore, you do not have the option to leave the spirit to someone in your family in the event of your death. If the spirit is bridged to an object, you can leave that object with spirit attachment to a loved one in the event of your death. Not everyone has someone they'd want to leave a spirit to, but for those who do, it can only be done if the spirit is attached to an object that you don't take with you when you leap into the afterlife.

Final Note on Bridgings:

Spirits adapt to YOUR language. They read your thoughts and they understand everything you are saying whether you speak the same language they did when they were alive or not. Even if your speech is impaired, they will understand you because they focus on your thoughts more than your words.

Some Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do be sure to talk to your spirit at least daily. They can get depressed if they are not shown any attention, just as we would
  • Do not use your spirit for show. They do not like being used for entertainment. When your spirit is ready, they may enlighten you with making things move, flickering lights, etc., but if they feel like this is the only reason you adopted them, they will quickly leave their vessel and find somewhere else to go. Many of them return to us.
  • Do give them offerings at least once or twice a week. Whatever it is that they like to look at, set it in front of them for a couple hours at a time. They obviously can't eat and do not need to eat, but they still enjoy looking at some of their favorite foods and beverages. Read their bios to know what they like if you are not clairaudient or clairvoyant.
  • Do not sit their vessels on or next to electronics. Even battery-operated things like flickering candles, cat balls, etc. can drain their energy and in some cases it's even painful for them.
  • Do read our TERMS OF SERVICE to learn more about how to treat your spirit.
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For more information and REQUIRED READING before inquiring about adopting any of our fostered spirits, please read our

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