Magik Money Manifestation Spell
Magik Money Manifestation Spell
Magik Money Manifestation Spell

Magik Money Manifestation Spell

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After much deliberation and listening to so many locals plea with us to bring this back, we have decided to once again offer our Magik money manifestation spell for as long as we can. We took it out of our shop for a long time after too many of our clients were changing after becoming rich.

One client even left his wife and children and ran off with a woman half his age because he thought this woman fell in love with him. She only wanted his money, and when he divorced his wife and married the girlfriend, she quickly cleaned him out. She ran off with ALL of the money he won in the lottery after having this spell cast for him. And guess whose fault this was? According to our client, it was OUR FAULT! He wouldn't have lost his family and all his money if we hadn't cast the spell for him in the first place (that he hired us to cast).

This was just one of many sagas we've witnessed of people changing when they became wealthy due to our spell, so we haven't been offering this spell in quite some time. We are only now offering it again because so many local friends have pleaded with us to list it again as they are in bad financial situations. If we offer it to them, we have to offer it to our online presence, as well. Please be warned of the dangers of having a huge windfall though. We have seen money hurt too many people. Do not let it change you in a negative way. Remain humble. Donate some of the money. And never, ever flash it or rub it in anyone's face, or it will surely be lost almost as quickly as you found it.

In addition, if we begin to  hear too much about people becoming greedy and if people start complaining to us again about their family member's personality changing after receiving a windfall of money, we will discontinue this spell once again.

Be sure to contact us via email after you purchase the spell with the following info:

1. A face photo of you
2. Your full name as it is now
3. Your full name at birth
4. Your birthday
5. Something else about you so we can be sure we are casting for the correct person in the event your face looks much like someone else with your name and birthday. Yes, that has happened before! This can be your spouse or parents names, children’s names, the name of the school you attended, the node of car you drive. Anything.

Average amount of money manifested in the past by clients:
(Yes, we keep statistical spreadsheets on just about everything we do!)

As with all spell work, the time in which something takes to come to fruition or to manifest varies greatly. It depends on MANY factors, including YOU.

We can't know what's in your heart or in your mind. If you doubt the Gods and Goddesses and don't have total faith in them and in Stormy's ability to get a job done for you, this will very much hinder your chances of getting what you're asking for. If you don't keep a spell charged, you can't expect it to work quickly, or even work at all, in some cases. (Depending on the nature of the spell).

For example, if you purchased a money manifestation spell and you win two million dollars the very next day, you won't want to keep the spell charged. The gods and goddesses frown upon greed, and if they see it fit for you to win two million dollars immediately, they will expect you to be happy with that and stop, as no one NEEDS more!  Other factors come into play as well, aside from your attitude and your participation.

We have seen people realize their wishes immediately (within days of spell casting), and we have seen people achieve their goals in a year. I would say most spells come to fruit within 3 months, but again, it depends on the nature of the spell and other factors. A fat-loss spell for someone wishing to go from a size 26 dress to a size 6 is not going to be complete in three months because that would be physically harmful for anyone to lose that much fat in three months, but that person is going to lose a great amount of fat each month until she reaches her goal.


Why there is a shipping fee for spells cast:

In most cases, and almost always, Stormy creates a mojo bag with powerful ingredients that she uses specifically for YOU and for YOUR SPELL. She uses it in her spell-casting session and she will give it to us once she is finished with it. We will ship it to you with instructions on how to keep your spell charged using this mojo bag. Every package that leaves here is shipped via USPS Priority Mail or another Expedited Delivery Service so that your package arrives quickly. It will also be insured and include a tracking number, which will be sent to you once we ship your mojo kit.

(The mojo "kit" consists of the mojo bag, of course, instructions on how to keep the spell charged using the mojo bag, and any other necessary items for keeping your spell charged  which could include candles,  crystals and/or other items).

If you would like to see the instructions before purchasing so that you'll know in advance what will be required of you to keep the spell charged, please send us an email:



As with all of our products and services, it is a requirement for you to read our TOS before making each and every purchase, as you are dealing with extremely powerful energy when you order spells, potions, or even readings. We have disclaimers and warning so we can't be held liable for anything that happens when you order our products and services, but most importantly, the information is there as a safeguard for you so that you will know exactly what you are getting into when you purchase from us. By purchasing this product or service, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to our TOS on this page:

(A separate window will pop up so you won't lose your place here).

If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at

Blessed be!

April B.

Office Manager





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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Slowly but surely!

I got my money magik spell cast in February and since then, I've found $10 on the ground in an area I wasn't planning to but suddenly decided to walk through, $20 on a lotto ticket ($15 profit), $50 rebate for something I wasn't expecting to qualify for, and a $1.10 raise on my hourly rate at work. Nothing totally BIG yet, but enough for me to believe it's working! I bought this service so I could pay for school (even though I'm getting help from my fiancé and parents, I'd like to give some back), I want to help my friend who is in major debt, pay for me and my fiancé's wedding, and also hopefully have enough to advance me and my fiancé's lives with a house, so I'm really looking forward to seeing more results! Whenever it happens, I will probably spend way more here too LOL! And give a hefty tip to the hardworking ladies!!

Money Manifestation - Make it Rain!!!

Thank-you Moondance Magick for all you do. Customer Service and shipping is immaculate. So far I've won $10.00 on a scratch off and look forward to Larger Sums of Cash to flow in like water. My spell was cast only a day ago and already seeing movement. Thank-you Spirits and Moondance Magick. #grateful

Hope it works some more

A week after the spell I got a rebate that I was told I didn’t qualify for it was $900 and got the check yesterday! I will keep you posted on more!

not bad
not bad

not bad i found $38 in a coat pocket of a jacket i was going to throw away. that was my money but i still found it,,,and then i won $128 in a football game pool. i hope more comes my way. money money come to me

Meadow Brook Gypsy
So far so good

I only had the spell casted 6 months ago maybe 7 and already I was the 500th shopper at a new store near me and won a $500 gift card to the store that was right before Christmas I also got free pancakes because the man in front of me in the drivethru paid my meal that's just pancakes but this never happens to me! And today I was putting money in the meter and something blew up to my feet it was raining a little earlier so my shoes were wet and this thing stuck to my shoe I looked down and it was a $100 bill I looked around to see if anyone was looking for it and nobody was even walking except one guy walking his dog so I'm $100 richer today I did use that $100 bill in a store to break it and they used the conterfeit pen on it and it turned the right color so it wasn't fake. They said sometimes smaller amounts come first so I'm hoping this is just the beginning. I have $4,000 in credit card debt to pay off but if I got more than that I wouldn't complain! If this site allows updates to reviews I will post one when I get a large sum.