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Animal Spirits

Spirits of dogs, cats, birds, elephants, dinosaurs, fish, horses, jackalopes, you name it! If you do not see the animal you're looking for here, ask if we can conjure one for you. 

This is a great place to find your SPIRIT TOTEM ANIMAL to adopt! Get a spirit totem animal reading done to discover what your spirit animal is, if you're not already aware. Chances are, a spirit animal has been following you and watching over you all of your life, though very few people have a designated spirit to do this for them. For example, if your spirit animal is the rabbit, rabbits have been in your view much of your life, or waiting in the wings and watching over you from afar, but it is not likely that the same exact rabbit has been looking over you all your life. This does happen, but it is rare.

This category includes animals we already have with us in our foster care center. If you are wishing for a specific animal spirit (such as your own pet who has passed) to be bound to an item, please see our Conjure Service for a particular person or animal's spirit to be bound to your item or to an item we may have in stock at the time (an empty vessel). Conjuring a specific spirit and binding their spirit to an item is an intense and time-consuming feat. These animal spirits in our foster care came to us already bound to these items either by family who has since passed on, or on their own volition so that they may be adopted by another family. Some will reincarnate down the road, and others will not, by choice.

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