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X - ADOPTED - X      Harlequin - Beauty Granted by Haunted Zhyen Genie Spirit Doll
X - ADOPTED - X      Harlequin - Beauty Granted by Haunted Zhyen Genie Spirit Doll

X - ADOPTED - X Harlequin - Beauty Granted by Haunted Zhyen Genie Spirit Doll

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Harlequin is a Zhyen Genie Spirit. She will make constant, gradual changes to you from the inside out. Her spirit is attached to this beautiful doll.

If your skin is bad, it will become increasingly better. If your hair is dry and damaged, you'll notice it getting shinier and shinier. If you have wrinkles or age spots, you'll see those diminish as well. She will always be working on these things. Sometimes she will work on one at a time; but with some of her keepers, she has tackled everything together all at once.

Patience is key, and trust is a must! Do not lose faith in her as she will sense it and it will anger her. If you trust her and your energy is upbeat and cheery when you are around her, she will be all the more eager to please you. If you show her an angry side of yourself, she may back off some on her tasks to help you in the beauty department.

What you should not expect: You cannot tell Harlequin what needs to be changed and ask her to change those specific things, although, she would likely change the same things you feel you'd like to see changed. It is not a guarantee though. Something you might see as negative, she will know the positive reason you have the "issue". A scar, for example, could be a reminder of something to you that you should never forget. If this is the case, Harlequin is not going to make it disappear. She will find and choose what she feels needs to change the most, and she will change that first, in most cases. She may find 10 items or areas that she wants to change, and work on them all simultaneously. You should be able to figure out which route she chose soon enough.

You should not ask her what she is working on and you should not ask her how she is doing it. Pretty much just be her friend and treat her like family, because this is a forever commitment.

Beauty can be a complex word, so remember, it does not necessarily mean something you will see on your face or body. If Harlequin sees a beautiful person on the outside, but they are mean-spirited or always grumpy af, she's definitely going to work on that first.

If you regularly communicate with spirit, you will definitely have no trouble hearing and possibly even seeing Harlequin's spirit. If you are a novice, try getting a spirit board and a pendulum to communicate with her until you have more time to practice the art.


Harlequin likes anything purple in color. For offerings you could give her something purple, or one of her many treats that she likes including grapes, biscuits, chips or crisps, spaghetti noodles, and peanuts.  She also has a fascination with twist ties, for some reason. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Her favorite animals are butterflies and dolphins  Her favorite type of music is anything she can dance to.  And finally, her favorite thing to watch on TV is a suspense movie or a good thriller.  



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