Astrology Birth Chart Downloadable Cards

Astrology Birth Chart Downloadable Cards

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Handy, informative, easy to learn, convenient, and FUN!

Are you lost when it comes to learning about astrology? Some of the terms used can be confusing, but now you can learn the basics of astrology and become an astrologer with these easy downloadable cards!

This is a set of printable grimoire pages. It contains everything you need to understand the core of astrology and to be able to read birth charts. Add these to your book of shadows, grimoire, witchy planner, or keep the digital for astrology on-the-go.

What's included:
- 12 pages total
- Astrology Basics
- The Star Signs (modes, elements, polarities, dualities, decans & zodiac correspondences)
- The Planets (symbols, keywords, aspects & transits)
- The Houses (ruling planets & signs, keywords & images)
- Birth Charts (how to read a chart, chart anatomy & blank chart page)

We wanted to make this available for you to print out yourself, or to download to your phone, tablet, or computer for ease of access, but if you prefer a printed set of cards that you do not have to print yourself, please see our Printed Astrology/Birth chart that we can mail to you. Your download will not include the diagonal Moondance Magik™ watermark, but our web address is printed at the top of each page.

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Customer Reviews

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Very thorough cheat sheets!

When they say there are 12 pages, they mean 12 pages of actual content! In addition to the content, they've also included some cute pages that are empty so you can write your own notes and the end page is for inputting your own birth chart. I really like how they've included essential and basic information on houses, planets, signs, and aspects. Perfect for beginners and people who know a bit but need a cheat sheet to go back to. I kind of wish they added some info about synastry with another person's chart, but since that's a whole other realm of astrology info, it's understandable why it's not there. It would be a great topic for a secondary cheat sheet listing though!