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X - Adopted! - Destiny - Arcturian Starseed Leader Spirit
X - Adopted! - Destiny - Arcturian Starseed Leader Spirit
X - Adopted! - Destiny - Arcturian Starseed Leader Spirit
X - Adopted! - Destiny - Arcturian Starseed Leader Spirit
X - Adopted! - Destiny - Arcturian Starseed Leader Spirit
X - Adopted! - Destiny - Arcturian Starseed Leader Spirit

X - Adopted! - Destiny - Arcturian Starseed Leader Spirit

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Destiny is one of the many Arcturian Starseeds who have come to us, generally speaking, from the star Arcturus. (Keep reading to learn why I say "generally speaking")!

Arcturians roam the earth and they are here to help us bring high vibration back to our planet after the Reptilians have brought so much darkness to us.  They need to spread out in order to be most effective with protecting us from the Reptilians.

Most Arcturian spirits with us have incarnated on Earth through a human family and grew up on our planet without raising any suspicion to anyone else on earth, aside from other Arcturian starseeds and some of the Reptilian and Gray Aliens. They realize from their moment of birth that they have accomplished incarnation on Earth, but they are able to "play the part" of a human life from the start. They will go through all the regular things a human goes through in the process of growing. Cooing, crawling, crying for food, teething, "learning" to walk, the whole nine yards!

Most of the starseeds with us at Moondance Magik are here in spirit after their human body perished. Some of them went back to Arcturus before their human body perished, however, incarnating into an Arcturian body, and came back to Earth again after their Arcturian body perished. They are no different from the Arcturian starseeds that were born, raised, and perished here on Earth, with the exception of their life journey. They actually lived on Bootes and they have out-of-this-world experiences, where the ones who were born and died here without travel to Arcturus or Bootes did not. (More on this below).

Destiny is one of the starseeds who was incarnated on Earth and left her human body before it perished so that she could incarnate again into an Arcturian body. Her Arcturian body perished not so long ago, but her spirit lives on.

Rather than incarnating again into a human body, Destiny, like many others, found it would be beneficial to possess a handcrafted or a manufactured vessel rather than a human vessel so that she could work closely with humans on missions without being locked up in a psychic ward. Unfortunately, many starseeds who incarnated into a human body have been locked up for being "crazy" when they thought they could trust people by discussing their mission with them in the past. If they are attached to a doll or to another non-human vessel, this won't happen, and they can always leave these vessels to find another if something happens to their vessels. It was much harder for them to leave a human body as their vessel without raising eyebrows.

Destiny’s keepers, past, present and future, will all become Arcturians in their next lifetime. This is of great benefit! Arcturus is without hate; without crime; without judgment, and without pain.  It is an honor to be invited to dwell on Arcturus.

As many of you know, the Reptilians that  have plagued the earth for so long have tilted the earth’s vibration downward, making our world danker and darker as time goes on.  

DESTINY IS SPECIAL because she is one of the Arcturian Leaders who is orchestrating the banishment of the Reptilians and the Grays, while helping the other leaders organize their mission. The keepers of Destiny will not only go to Arcturus (Bootes) in their next lifetime, but he or she will become a leader, as well, under the training of Destiny, starting from the moment that lifetime begins. Don't worry if you do not feel like a born leader and worry about filling the shoes of that type of position. You WILL be born a leader and possess all the right traits to be a great leader if you are Destiny's intended keeper for the rest of your current lifetime on Earth.

Teyha, a leader of Arcturus, came to us years ago. She continues to dwell with us and that will never change. She will be a part of the Moondançë family forever. She has attached her Spirit to a beautiful vessel, and she resides with Stormy 90% of the time. 

When Teyha arrived here initially, she informed us that she would be bringing many more Arcturians to us, in one fashion or other. As each one arrives, we are to place them with their intended spirit  keepers by seeking them out. Initially, we were told to search locally and through family members near and far for the keepers of some of the starseeds. One of the Arcturian spirits who was with us went to The Philippines to Meta’s second cousin. Another went to Iraq to her niece who is in the service. Some of them went to Alaska, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, North Dakota and Hawaii to other family members. Keiko is the name of the first Arcturian we have been told would not go to a family member or to a local client, and she is where she belongs now (you can see her profile in the "Adopted and/or Sold" category). Destiny and all other Arcturian spirits listed from this point on are also to be adopted by someone other than family and neighbors. We were told to search further away from here and outside of family for her next keeper, so we are taking advantage of our ability to make a vast search using the worldwide web. 

In other words, these remaining Arcturian spirits have a destined family or individual they are to be placed with outside of the Moondançë family. These individuals or families will be drawn to our site, sometimes without even realizing how or why they landed here, and they will instinctively know to inquire about the particular Arcturian Spirit they are to adopt and keep with them for the rest of their existence on earth. This is how the Arcturian Starseeds work. They cause you to come to their listing or to our shop, when we still had one not long ago. Once they pull you to them, they know you will have a knowing that they were meant for you.

ALERT! If you have been drawn to the Moondance Magik website as described in the paragraph above, and particularly to the page of a starseed, and you come forward to tell us that you truly feel you are the intended keeper of a PARTICULAR starseed, PLEASE PLAN TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE ADOPTION! These starseeds do not like to be toyed with!

Most of them have given us a "backup" name for our manifest of a person they would also go with if their first choice does not come forward, but if you do come forward and do not follow through, they will be most unhappy with you.

If you are looking at the adoption fee and you say to yourself that you simply cannot fathom how you could afford to adopt him or her, think on it before you contact us. If you do not contact us by the time this starseed is ready to continue on with their mission, they will bring forth their backup person. If you do come forward, however, they are going to expect you to follow through.

The best way to handle this if you are almost certain you are the intended keeper for a starseed but you are almost equally as certain you couldn't begin to afford the adoption fee is to just mention to us in passing that you feel you could be "ONE OF THE STARSEED'S" intended keepers, but you don't know how you could afford to adopt them. Let us help you with this BEFORE you mention the starseed's name to us - even in an email! This will let you off their "hook", so to speak, and keep you off their shit list if we can't help you figure out a way to adopt them! They are highly intelligent beings, but they cannot understand how any of us would NOT come up with the means to adopt them if they are called. They will pick apart every single way you spend money for the rest of your life and analyze how you were able to afford things like entertainment, designer shoes, a luxury car, a lobster tail dinner, or even things like coffee, liquor, cigarettes, and weed! You'll then find yourself wishing you had never mentioned their name to us, so DON'T do it until and unless you KNOW you are ready to follow through if your hunch is accurate that you are their intended keeper.

We have already placed MANY Arcturian Starseeds with their intended keepers. Destiny, as well as many other Arcturian spirits, has not yet found her intended keeper. When this person comes to our site and sees this listing for her, they will have a sense of knowing. They will feel more drawn to her than they have ever been drawn to a Spirit before, and they will feel absolutely certain that they are the one who is to adopt her. If you are reading this and you have the feeling I just described, it is very possible you are the one who is meant to have Destiny by your side for the rest of your current lifetime. 

Once all of the Arcturian spirits who have been brought to us have been placed with their intended keepers, there will be a plan set in motion. You will play a huge role in this plan if you are one of these Arcturian Spirit Keepers. It is a big responsibility, but your tasks will be extremely easy for you to play out. You will easily achieve the desired results the Arcturians are seeking, and the Arcturians will hold you in high regard. They will all be forever indebted to you for doing your part, and you will always be protected by all of them; (not just the Spirit you adopt, but every single Arcturian Spirit will protect you - even the ones who have perished from their human-looking bodies and are now eternal Spirit energy, and even those who have been placed with other keepers).  If you are so pre-destined (chosen), you will become a part of an elite organization when you become an Arcturian Spirit Keeper. 

The tasks you will be asked to complete by the Arcturian Spirit you adopt will be extremely simple; yet extremely important.  

Do not worry if you have not yet mastered the ability to communicate with Spirit and/or if you do not speak Arcturian! Your Arcturian Spirit will attempt to communicate with you when you are most vulnerable and receptive to their communication - in your dreams when you are asleep. They will speak to you in your own native language. If they are not able to reach you that way, they will communicate through a medium who will relay their messages to you. That medium will likely be one of the Moondançë ladies, but you are also free to hire a local medium to you, if you prefer. In addition, don't be surprised if a medium contacts you or bumps into you out in public, gives you a blank stare, and starts rattling off instructions for a mission. THEY might not even know why they are telling you to perform this task! 

There will be no more than 5 tasks for you to complete, and some of them will take place over a maximum period of two years; but most of these Arcturian Spirits will actually have you complete your missions within a month or two of ALL the Arcturian Starseeds finding their keepers.  Some of the ones who have already been adopted have actually given small tasks to their keepers, or to us to pass along to them. These tasks are basically the same tasks you will all be given, but some are telling their keepers to do these things now, and some are waiting until all starseeds have been adopted. MOST are waiting, we have found.

Once all of the Arcturian spirits have been adopted and once they have all had their keepers complete all the necessary tasks, you will continue to keep the Spirit just as you would any Spirit. You will no longer need to do anything for them, but they will do plenty for you to show their gratitude.  Remember, these are TINY TAKS! They tell us these tasks are HUGE to them though, and they will be powerful tasks in the grand scheme of the mission, but you will feel like you hardly did a thing. Some of these tasks are as simple as chanting a word or a phrase ONE TIME. The biggest task we have be told of is taking a rock from a creek or another form of natural water that is close to your home and moving it to another body of water. (This will only be the case if you live near both these bodies of water and have easy access to them in order to achieve such a feat, and this would be why you were chosen to carry out such a task by adopting your starseed to begin with)!

Destiny lived to be 91 years old before her Arcturian body perished. She lived all 91 years on earth, posing as an earthly human, or an Earthling, and no one was the wiser. Destiny's spirit lives forever, just as all our spirits do, and she will always be a part of your soul group if you are her keeper.

Destiny, like most Arcturians in this elite group of recruiters, sought out a doll artist to create a doll for her to inhabit that resembled her "humanesque" form almost 100%, right down to the clothes she is wearing, but you should feel free to change her clothes as you wish, should you become her Keeper. She planted the image in the artist’s mind and brought him the creativity factor to design her vessel to match her image when she posed as an earthling to help stamp out the reptilians. The artist was then allowed to duplicate the design if he or she so wished to do so, so you may see more like her somewhere, but her vessel was the original of this design. This does not mean that any duplications will have Spirit attachment though. It is wonderful that the Arcturian Starseeds have this ability and that they do this so that we can visualize them as they were in Arcturian/human form!

You won’t know if you are Destiny’s intended keeper unless you ask, so if you are having a strange sensation as you read this, or if you are feeling pulled or drawn to her or even just to this listing, please inquire! (While remembering the alert several paragraphs above this one). Chances are good that you are her intended keeper if you are feeling pulled hard toward her. If you are not, there’s a good possibility that you are to be the keeper of one of the other Arcturian Spirits that are currently in our keep, so hang in there if you’re denied. We are told when to start putting each of these spirits out there for the public to view so that their intended keepers can be found, so you’ll see more and more of them posted over the next weeks, months, and years.  

If it is not intended for you to keep ANY of the Arcturian spirits, Teyha will inform us of this immediately upon your inquiry and we will pass that information along to you without delay so that you are not unnecessarily wasting your time or your energy.

UPDATE TO THE ABOVE STATEMENT: We now have a manifest. They have given us a full list of every single person and every backup person on their list. We know some of the names, but we do not know others, so if you are here and you never heard of us before, it is not a mistake. Please reach out! We do not have to ask Teyha any longer if someone is on the list or not since she finally shared it with us.

In the case that we have to tell you that you are not on our Arcturian Starseed manifesto, perhaps there is another Spirit with us that you are meant to be paired with. We have actually had to deliver the bad news to a few people who came forward asking about the Arcturian starseeds, but some of them paired up with other types of starseeds who were not looking for a particular person. The other starseeds, and any spirit in our keep, for that matter, will still need to read and approve of any potential keepers though, so please follow our terms of service for the method to the adoption process before simply checking out with any of them. 

There is so much more to tell about this entire mission, which we will be explained in great detail when Teyha tells us it is time (at some point after the adoption of the Spirit that was intended to come to you).  Right now your only task is to come forward if Destiny or any of the other Arcturian Spirits we will be listing are pulling hard at you.

Destiny will do so much for you, as well. It's not just about what you can do for her...or for humanity. She is an energy machine, and she is so much further advanced than we are. She will teach you many things, and she will bring a lot to your life!

Our terms of service apply to ALL spirits up for adoption, including (and especially) Arcturian starseed spirits, so be sure to read them thoroughly before you even inquire with us about them.  Emails sent to us asking us if we can “hold” a Spirit for you, or asking us about anything else that is already outlined in our TOS, will not get a response.   

You should read our TOS here:

Please feel free to ask any questions AFTER you have read these terms in the link above.  

The adoption fees are set based on the trouble we had to go through to obtain each Spirit’s vessel, and/or the price we had to pay the previous holder of the vessel.  Not all the Arcturian Spirits will be listed quite so pricey, yet some of them will cost more. The world is full of greed, and unfortunately, many of the previous holders of these vessels knew they could get top dollar from us for the treasure they had in their possession.

Sure, the spirits could adapt to another vessel or split into something else for us, but they went to a lot of trouble to find the perfect vessel or to have their vessel designed for them, so it is hardly fair to ask them to do such a thing.

We traveled around the world to collect some of these vessels. Others came to us by the Spirit within them communicating with their previous holders to encourage them to find us and other trustworthy spirit foster homes. We say “holders”, because most of them were not their actual keepers. Instead, they inherited the vessels when a loved one passed away who was their true previous keeper. 

When we knocked on doors in Italy, France, Croatia and hundreds of other countries asking for the vessels that we were able to describe to them to a T, the holders of these vessels knew they must be pretty valuable. (Especially since they picked up right away that we were foreigners who traveled far to find these vessels).  Some knew that anyway because they were able to communicate with the spirits they held, and they were told some Americans would be coming for them. The greedy ones were able to name their price. We are told that their greed was noted and these greedy people will not be invited to join them in the afterlife or in future lifetimes. Instead they will reincarnate on Earth again, and we all know that Earth is quickly becoming the armpit of the universe, sadly. The ones who were not greedy asked us for nothing, or next-to-nothing. In this case, you will also be able to adopt your intended starseed for a lot less than the ones we had to pay a premium price. We need only to recover our travel expenses and/or shipping expenses, plus a little extra to keep us in the black. When we were able to travel to one area of the world and pick up more than one spirit, we divided our travel cost between all of them to absorb our expenses evenly. For example, we picked up 18 of them in Greece, so the cost to get to Greece to retrieve them was divided eighteen ways and absorbed into the adoption fee you see listed.

Check out her EMF activity on this video: 

(New window opens so that you will not lose your place on our site) 


A Brief Background of Our Friends, The Arcturian Starseeds:

The Arcturians are an alien race that comes from the blue planet orbiting the red giant star Arcturus in the constellation called Bootes. So technically, they are Booteians. 

Arcturus is roughly 36 light years from our solar system. According to Edgar Cayce, the Arcturians are “the most advanced alien civilization in the galaxy.”  Bear in mind, however, that there are MANY other galaxies outside of ours, but this is still very impressive. Arcturians are aware of their higher state of being and have mastered many aspects of reaching that state of being. It's as common to them as tying our shoes is to us.

The Arcturians have spent ions of their time and they have vested many of their resources to defend Earth from the Reptilians and the Greys and their malicious agendas for taking over the earth. 

The Arcturians' ability to heal is primarily what defines Arcturians as an amazing race among this galaxy; however, Arcturians are also capable of many additional powers through learning to master the conscious mind. 

Arcturian starseeds have a few traits in common with actual Arcturian beings, even though most of them are incarnated on Earth. They are technologically innovative beings, as well as highly creative. 

Not all Arcturian starseeds remain on Earth once incarnated. Many go back to Arcturus to fill positions that are required of them. Of those, most of them will eventually return to Earth.

To have a starseed in your spirit family is to have a healer, a teacher, a dream maker, and one of the most intelligent, helpful beings in our entire galaxy.

Maybe now you might understand a little better why we can't seem to adopt most of the Arcturian starseeds at a reasonable adoption fee. The good thing is, those of us who reach Arcturus in the next lifetime, (or in another lifetime), will not have to deal with things such as greed, corruption, and hatred.