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Manifest with Mya

The universe will create and provide for you what your thoughts and attention are focused on.

Allow me to share 4 steps to manifesting that will get you results:

Step 1: Ask

This step sounds simple enough, and it is, but you also have to make sure that you're clear and precise. Instead of “I would like a home with land,” say “I am asking for a two-story log cabin home with a wraparound porch, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms - each with a claw-foot tub. I’m asking for fertile land with fruit trees, and an existing maintained garden.” 

Think to yourself: “is there any way I can be more specific with my request?” 

Step 2: Watch

You have to watch closely for opportunities, signs, and guidance so that you don’t miss them.

Step 3: Take Action

When you see the signs and opportunities, you have to act. It’s not a spectator sport; manifestation is co-creation. 

Step 4: Call Upon Your Magick

This is where your clairvoyance comes in, so I want to be very specific with the steps:

  • Clairvoyantly tune in to or visualize what you want to create in your life and picture it clearly. Clairvoyance means "clear vision". You do not have to have any extrasensory perception to be clairvoyant. You need only to be able to clearly see what you want, in this case.
  • Once your picture is clear, visualize that perfect creation inside a sparkling, magical bubble.
  • Send that bubble up to the universe to interact with all the other magical bubbles that represent the opportunities available to you.
  • Picture it joining the opportunity bubble that best fits you, your soul, and your vision for the highest good of all.
  • Watch it travel back to you and join your consciousness.
  • Use your clairvoyance to determine the best timing and course of action -- then take that aligned action.
  • Watch your manifestation come to fruition.

I want to caution you that your manifestation may not always look exactly as you pictured it. However, it is in alignment with your higher self, so it will be valuable and beneficial for yourself as well as others. Absolutely nothing beats that!


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