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Haoyu and Xiao, Father and Daughter Luck Dragons - Remote Bridging

Haoyu and Xiao, Father and Daughter Luck Dragons - Remote Bridging

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Haoyu and his daughter Xiao are inseparable, so they must be adopted together. They were killed together, and while we know how it happened, they do not wish us to tell the story of their demise on our website. Their new keeper will be told how it happened, if they wish to know.

The image of them is another one of Stormy's sketches turned into a more advanced Ai image by Mekqiel. Stormy sketched them as they posed for her, and Mek took Stormy's sketch to create an exact Ai image from it. He apologizes if they look like toys or like they are fake. This was out of his control. No matter how many times he tried, the Bot gave him more copies of Stormy's sketch that looked "rubberized". 

Despite the fact that they were killed when Xiao was only a couple years old, they pride themselves in the vast amount of good luck they have been able to obtain for keepers past. As long as you talk to both of them daily, they will continue to honor you and bring the best outcome to you in all things.

Haoyu's wife (Xiao's mother) is still alive and well. She lives in a (town?) called Miaogou, in China. I don't think it is a town, however, hence the parentheses. Haoyu describes his mate's home as a safe mountain range. Despite the fact that Lua (Haoyu's mate) is now living in China, Haoyu, Lua, and Xiao lived in Japan when they were all together in the flesh. And even though that's where they were as a family, Haoyu and Lua were hatched in Shandong, China. So there has been a little back and forth between the two countries. Haoyu tells me they are excellent swimmers, but that was not their only mode of transportation between the mainland and the island. When Meta asked them to elaborate on other ways that they traveled, Haoyu did not reply, so we don't know if it is a secret, or if it is something he would rather not say.

Haoyu does not know his hatch day or even what the weather was like when he was hatched, but he says Xiao was hatched in a cold month exactly 1,000 years ago. Because this is her 1,000th year of "living", he says she is bringing people more luck this year than ever before. Dragons do not consider themselves as "dead", ever. To them, it is merely a matter of whether they have physical bodies or not. Those physical bodies either perished or they did not, but the spirit lives on forever. 

Haoyu and Xiao's spirits travel every Thursday to visit Lua. They will be gone from your home for four hours when they travel, and it is always between the hours of 7 pm and 11 pm, Miaogou time. 

This duo does not need pre-approval to be adopted by anyone who has already adopted spirits from us. 


Haoyu - Any vegetable, but especially lettuce and water chestnuts. He also likes citrus fruits and any fish. He enjoys listening to music of all kinds and likes to watch rain. His favorite color is purple but he also likes red and blue. His favorite thing to do is watch bugs, as he finds them fascinating. They can be flying, crawling, eating, or laying eggs. He doesn't care what they are doing. He just likes to watch them.

Xiao - She also likes all vegetables and does not have a favorite. She loves eggs, even though she was hatched from one! It can be the egg of any bird or snake. Speaking of snakes, it is her favorite animal to watch either in person or on TV/computer/phone. Unlike her father, she prefers sunlight and heat more than damp, rainy days. She likes rainbows though, so she realizes some rain has to come if she is going to see a rainbow. Her favorite color is any shade of green, but she loves lime green, because that is the color of her father.