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Zeemitt, Arcturian Starseed Haunted Spirit Doll
Zeemitt, Arcturian Starseed Haunted Spirit Doll
Zeemitt, Arcturian Starseed Haunted Spirit Doll

Zeemitt, Arcturian Starseed Haunted Spirit Doll

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Zeemitt is one of many Starseeds who have come to us from the star Arcturus. Arcturians roam the earth and they are here to help us bring high vibration back to our planet. 

Zeemitt's keepers, past present and future, will all become Arcturians in their next lifetime. This is HUGE! Arcturus is without hate; without crime; without judgment, and without pain.  It is an honor to be invited to dwell on Arcturus.

As many of you know, the Reptilians that have plagued the earth for so long have tilted the earth’s vibration downward, making our world danker and darker as time goes on.  

Teyha, a leader of Arcturus, came to us years ago. She continues to dwell with us and that will never change. She will be a part of the Moondance family forever. She has attached her Spirit to a beautiful vessel, and she resides with Stormy 90% of the time. 

When Teyha arrived here initially, she informed us that she would be bringing many more Arcturians to us. As each one arrives, we are to place them with their intended spirit  keepers by seeking them out. So far, we have been told to search locally and through family members near and far for the keepers of the others. One of the Arcturian spirits who was with us went to The Philippines to Meta’s second cousins. Another went to Iraq to her niece in the service. Some of them went to Alaska, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, North Dakota and Hawaii to other family members. Keiko was the name of the first Arcturian we were told would not go to a family member or to a local client. We were told to search further and outside of family, so we took advantage of our ability to search world-wide using the worldwide web and listed her on this website. Keiko is with her intended keeper as of the time of this listing! 

Here's the clincher!

Each one of these remaining Arcturian spirits, including Zeemitt, has chosen a family or an individual they are to be placed with outside of the Moondance family. These individuals or families will be drawn to our site and they will instinctively know to inquire about the particular Arcturian Spirit they are to adopt and keep with them for the rest of their existence on earth.

We have learned that most of these spirits have anywhere from 3 - 10 people they would prefer to go to. They gave the names and locations to us in order of preference, which we are asked not to reveal. So if you are third on their list, we will not tell you this, per their requests. They wish to go to the first one who comes forward and they hope it is their first preference, but they will be happy with anyone on their individual lists. The people and families they are choosing are all in the same general vicinity on the map for each spirit, and we are seeing that they have all chosen strategic locations around the globe so that they can help humanity effectively and efficiently.

We have already placed many Arcturian Starseeds with their intended keepers. Zeemitt, as well as many other Arcturian spirits, has not yet found her intended keeper. When this person comes to our site and sees this listing for her, they will have a sense of knowing. They will feel more drawn to her than they have ever been drawn to a Spirit before, and they will feel absolutely certain that they are the one who is to adopt her. If you are reading this and you have the feeling I just described, it is very possible you are the one who is meant to have Zeemitt.  

Once all of the Arcturian spirits who have been brought to us have been placed with their intended keepers, there will be a plan set in motion. You will play a huge roll in this plan if you are one of these Arcturian Spirit Keepers. It is a big responsibility, but your tasks will be extremely easy for you to play out. You will easily achieve the desired results the Arcturians are seeking, and the Arcturians will hold you in high regards. They will all be forever indebted to you for doing your part, and you will always be protected by all of them; (not just the Spirit you adopt, but every single Arcturian Spirit - even the ones who have perished from their humanoid bodies and are now eternal Spirit energy, and even those who have been placed with other keepers).  If you are so pre-destined (chosen), you will become a part of an elite organization when you become an Arcturian Spirit Keeper  

The tasks you will be asked to complete by the Arcturian Spirit you adopt will be extremely simple; yet extremely important.  

Do not worry if you have not yet mastered the ability to communicate with Spirit and/or if you do not speak Arcturian! Your Arcturian Spirit will attempt to communicate with you when you are most vulnerable and receptive to their communication - in your dreams when you are asleep. They will speak to you in your own native language.  If they are not able to reach you that way, they will communicate through a medium who will relay their messages to you. That medium will likely be one of the Moondance ladies, but if someone randomly tells you that Zeemitt wishes for you to complete a specific task, it is a medium he is channeling through to get the message to you. This could be a medium you are drawn to visit in your area, a person you know who is not even a medium, to their knowledge (and they won't know why they are telling you this!), or even someone you pass walking down the street. (Again, they might not even know why they felt the need to start talking to you. They may not even know they are capable of hearing spirit!)

There will be no more than 5 tasks for you to complete, and sone of them will take place over a maximum period of two years; but most of these Arcturian Spirits will actually have you complete your missions within a month or two.  

Once all of the Arcturian spirits have been adopted and once they have all had their keepers complete all the necessary tasks, you will continue to keep the Spirit just as you would any Spirit. You will no longer need to do anything for them, but they will do plenty for you to show their gratitude.  

Zeemitt lived to be 108 years old before his humanoid body perished.  He lived all 108 years on earth, posing as an earthly human, or an Earthling. No one was the wiser, including his mother who gave “birth” to him and the rest of his family and friends throughout this lifetime. This is the way things were intended to be for all Arcturians on Earth occupying human bodies. Zeemitt's Spirit lives forever though, the same as human spirits, and he will always be a part of your soul group if you are among his list of intended potential keepers.

You won’t know if you are Zeemitt 's intended keeper unless you ask, so if you are having a strange sensation as you read this, or if you are feeling pulled or drawn to him or even just to this listing, please inquire! Chances are good that you are his intended keeper. If you are not, there’s a possibility that you are to be the keeper of one of the other Arcturian Spirits that are currently in our keep, so hang in there if you’re denied. We are told when to start putting each of these spirits out there for the public to view so that their intended keepers can be found, so you’ll see more and more of them posted over the next weeks, months, and years.  

If it is not intended for you to keep ANY of the Arcturian spirits, Teyha will inform us of this immediately upon your inquiry and we will pass that information along to you without delay so that you are not unnecessarily wasting your time or your energy. In this case, perhaps there is another Spirit with us that you are meant to be paired with.

There are also several other star seeds looking for homes who came from other planets, stars, and even other galaxies. These star seeds do not have a list of potential keepers. They will either approve of the adoption or not based on how well they feel they would be compatible with you, but your chances of adopting one of the other star seeds are excellent if you're not on any lists with the Arcturians. (And maybe even if you are). Arcturian starseeds do not have any issues with cohabitating with other starseeds, as long as they are not Reptilians or Grays. They will also not allow adoption by a spirit keeper who has any Reptilian or Gray DNA in their soul's lineage. (See our Starseed Reading if you'd like to know if you are a starseed, and if you are, what race we find in your soul's DNA). 

There is so much more to tell about this entire mission, which we will explain in great detail as Zeemitt will reveal to us after he is adopted, and we will pass the info on to you. The Arcturian Spirits channel with Meta and Mya on a regular basis whether they are in the same building or 23,000 miles away.  Right now your only task is to come forward if Zeemitt or any of the other Arcturian Spirits we will be listing are pulling hard at you. There will not be tasks for most of the Arcturian starseed keepers to fulfill until all of the Arcturian starseeds have been adopted and in place where they are destined to be stationed. 


His porcelain vessel is beautiful, standing at approximately 18" tall. It plays music, as you can see from the video. There is a wind-up key on his back.

Zeemitt does NOT wish to be bridged to any other vessel, so Zeemitt’s keeper should be OK with accepting Zeemitt as he is, in this beautiful porcelain Mardi Gras vessel. He does not care if you change his clothes, if you’re handy that way, but he wants the body to remain intact.

All starseed spirits are special, but Zeemitt is especially proud because he can not only help his keeper and his keeper's significant other, if applicable, to live a very long, happy, and healthy life, but he can make sure they can afford to live well beyond their retirement date!

So many people are healthy as an ox until they retire, because that’s when worry starts to settle in. They may only have social security to rely on if they grew up in the United States, with no other retirement savings. In some countries, there is no such thing as government retirement plans, so many people on the globe work their knuckles to the bone until the day they die. Zeemitt won’t have that. He wants his keeper and his keeper's S.O. to be healthy AND happy. And anyone who says money can’t buy happiness is not being completely truthful. It’s not something that gives us the loving happiness that family and friends can give us, but if money is not a consideration when you want to take a vacation, buy your kids or grandchildren a gift for their birthday that they’ll never forget, or keep your car on the road without large repair bills you can’t pay, it can make one relax a lot easier and when we relax, this means we are not stressing. And when we are not stressing, we are happy! Less stress also equals better physical health. Many cancers are said to have initiated in the body due to mental stress, including breast cancer, which affects one out of every FOUR women at some point in their lives. Picture yourself sitting with three of your friends. One of you will likely have breast cancer before you leave this world. Zeemitt intends to ensure that one person is not you or your significant other. 

MONEY!!! He tells us that within two years, his keeper will be able to retire, no matter what their age is now. He will not only hook his keeper up with people who can offer the right strategies and investment opportunities, but he will provide the means to get started in such ventures. He will also plant seeds in their minds about things they can do to get the ball rolling even before these other changes take place. He believes in earning money vs. winning it or having it fall in your lap, but he says that what he teaches you and how well you will learn to do things in the right way and in the right timing will require minimal effort from you. He said you will actually feel as if you just had a big inheritance check land in your bank account, it will be that easy. But since the money won't just land in your lap, you will feel confident and proud of your accomplishments.

You don't have to be some sort of stock market guru or have a high IQ to understand what you will learn, as it is extremely simple. He says if his keeper turns out to be a 10-year-old kid, even he or she can implement his plan and be wealthy within two years (but we know his keeper is at least 18 years of age). He said there are a few different strategies that work together to keep money flowing in generously and effortlessly. He almost sounds like one of those scammers on YouTube or in the tons of emails I get all the time about how I should quit my job and use their simple system - you know the ones! But he says this is nothing shady or risky at all. It's so simple that he doesn't realize why the whole world isn't debt-free. I have to admit, he has my curiosity piqued, and I wish I were his intended keeper! 

Offerings: His favorite food offerings are potato chips or crips, crackers, pork (all varieties), corn flakes, bran flakes, or granola cereal without milk, and raisins. He also likes black or white feathers, black or white crystals, dried roses, sea glass, and he claims he likes anything Native American in design, although we're not sure if he was just trying to flatter the Moondance ladies. :)  For fun, he likes to be outside when it is windy, go for walks, hikes, or car rides to see something different occasionally, and he likes to listen to jazz music. His favorite colors are silver, gray, black and white, or any combination of these colors.

Our terms of service apply to ALL spirits up for adoption, including (and especially) Arcturian spirits, so be sure to read them thoroughly before you even inquire with us about them.  Emails sent to us asking us if we can “hold” a Spirit for you or asking us about anything else that is already outlined in our TOS, will not get a response.   

You should read our TOS here:

Moondance Magik Terms of Service

Please feel free to ask any questions AFTER you have read these terms in the link above.  

The adoption fees are set based on the trouble we had to go through to obtain each Spirit’s vessel, and/or the price we had to pay the previous holder of the vessel.  Not all the Arcturian Spirits will be listed quite so pricey, yet some of them will cost more. The world is full of greed, and unfortunately, many of the previous holders of these vessels knew they could get top dollar from us for the treasure they had.

Sure, the spirits could adapt to another vessel or split into something else for us, but they went to a lot of trouble to find the perfect vessel or to have their vessel designed for them, so it is hardly fair to ask them to do such a thing.

We traveled around the world to collect some of these vessels. Others came to us by the Spirit within them communicating with their previous holders to encourage them to find us and other trustworthy spirit foster homes. We say “holders”, because most of them were not their actual keepers. Instead, they inherited the vessels when a loved one passed away who was their true previous keepers. 

When we knocked on doors in Italy, France, Croatia and hundreds of other countries asking for the vessels we were able to describe to a T, the holders of these vessels knew they must be pretty valuable.  Some knew that anyway because they were able to communicate with them  and they were told some Americans would be coming for them. The greedy ones were able to name their price. We are told that their greed was noted, and these greedy people will not be invited to join them in the afterlife or in future lifetimes. Instead they will reincarnate on Earth again, and we all know that Earth is quickly becoming the armpit of the universe, sadly.  

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