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Zeala - Spirit Doll - Helps You Connect with Spirits
Zeala - Spirit Doll - Helps You Connect with Spirits
Zeala - Spirit Doll - Helps You Connect with Spirits
Zeala - Spirit Doll - Helps You Connect with Spirits

Zeala - Spirit Doll - Helps You Connect with Spirits

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Zeala is a unique spirit in that she helps people communicate with other spirits through their photographs. Example: You are Zeala's keeper and you have a photograph of Aunt Mary on your shelf. You look at Aunt Mary and you ask her a question. Zeala will help Aunt Mary communicate with you. You will slowly begin to hear Aunt Mary talk to you after some practice with Zeala's help.  This is how she communicated with spirit when she was still in the flesh on earth. In fact, it was the ONLY way she communicated with spirit, aside from spirit boards.

The downside to this is you she will not help you communicate with any spirits if you do not have a photo of them. The upside to this is you will finally start to communicate with lost loved ones if you have their photo, when nothing else ever worked.

Zeala tells me her only previous keeper died a year ago and she floating around aimlessly for months after her passing. She left her previous vessel, which was a statue, after it was sold at the estate sale to a man she did not care much for.

Her previous keeper, Nancy, was not able to communicate with her twin sister, Nora, since Nora's passing 7 years prior to finding Zeala. She spoke with Nora one time,and one time only, after her passing. That was three days after she passed away, and just before she was about to "head into the light". (Nancy told Zeala this is what Nora told her on day 3 after passing away). When Zeala was presented to Nancy, she wasn't sure she believed a statue could help her communicate with her deceased sister, but it was worth a try. She followed the instructions for 3 months with no success. Then one day, Nora came to her in a dream and told her not to give up on communicating with her. She didn't know if this was just a regular dream, or if it was really Nora, so she continued on with trying to reach her through her photographs. A couple weeks later, it happened. Zeala said Nancy looked at her sister in a photo on her shelf and said "Damn it, Nora, talk to me!" And that's when it happened. Nora said, "Watch your language"!"  From that point on, she was talking with Nora daily. It started slow with little bits laughter, a couple words here and there, etc. By the time Nancy passed away, they had been having hour-long conversations a few times a day.

When Zeala left the statue vessel, she looked for a doll that resembled her. She said she found this doll at a church bazaar and she thought she was looking at herself in the mirror as a child. Zeala was 29 years old when she passed away, but she was happiest when she was 8 years old, before her parents passed away in a car accident (and before she entered into the in an orphanage).

She prefers to remember herself as the 8-year-old girl she saw in this doll. Living in the orphanage had some fun moments, but most were not so fun. Life after that was even worse. She had loving parents who adopted her, but she had a step-brother who was an animal. He repeatedly abused her verbally and sexually. He would threaten her constantly and tell her that if she uttered a single word of this to their parents or to anyone at all, he would slit her throat. Zeala kept quiet about it. It stopped when she was about 17 years old and she was taking kick-boxing lessons as well as spending lots of time on strength-training exercises.

Finally, when she was 29 years old, she told him she was going to out him for the monster he was when she discovered he was now abusing his new step-daughter. He married a woman who had a 6 year-old girl. She knew a leopard doesn't change it's spots, so she always worried that he was now abusing his step-daughter. One day, she saw her brother's wife at the grocery store and she stopped to talk with her. She asked her where the rest of her family was. Her sister-in-law said that her brother was "babysitting" her daughter while she did some grocery shopping.This troubled Zeala, so she cut her shopping visit short and went over to her brother's house. She sneaked all around the house peaking into the windows until she found them. She was not shocked, but she was sad to discover that he was, indeed, abusing his step-daughter. She went around to the front door and banged on it hard. Her brother came to the door demanding an explanation for her madness. She told him she saw what he was doing and he better stop RIGHT NOW. She got on her cell phone and started to call police. Her brother grabbed her phone from her and stomped on it several times, crushing it. A few minutes later, her sister-in-law arrived at the scene asking what was going on. Her brother said, "Zeala was just leaving".  With that, Zeala left and went home, but she knew she had to try to find a way to have him picked up and arrested before he did it to her again.

She never got the chance to get proof of his actions and turn him in to the authorities, because that night, she mysteriously fell off her 9th floor balcony to her death. It was made to appear that the rungs gave way and that she was leaning on them as it gave way. In actuality, her step-brother picked her up, threw her over the side, then rigged the rungs to make them look as if they became bent and made her fall through.

Today, Zeala visits Sari, her sister-in-law, often...trying to warn her about her brother. She has visited her brother, as well, creating havoc when he is trying to abuse his daughter. This has caused him to lose his "wood", and pissed him off badly, however. Zeala is afraid he will one day take it out on Sabrina, his step-daughter, so she stopped tormenting him when he does this, but she has found other ways to prevent it from happening in the first place. She thinks she is finally reaching Sari in her dreams though, because Sari is watching her husband like a hawk these days. Hopefully, Sari will take Sabrina and flee very soon.

Zeala's vessel is beautiful, but please note that she is missing eyelashes on her right eye. Eyelashes can be purchased on Amazon and other online venues, but we are not crafty  (not in THIS sense of the word!), so we will not attempt to fix this ourselves.





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