Tips are Appreciated!

Tips are Appreciated!

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After the fourth customer in a single month asked us why we don’t have a tip jar listed, we finally decided to add one.

The fact of the matter is, we are not used to asking for anything from others. It is our calling to help our brothers and sisters in this lifetime. We will reap the rewards in our next life.

However, we often need to request help from our coven members on hard cases, so this tip jar might help us pay them something for their help.

We appreciate every single one of you who have put your faith and trust in us, and we shall continue to always do our very best for you.


Blessed be,

Meta and Stormy Moondance

p.s. Please select the amount you'd like to tip from the drop-down menu. We hope you'll find as much humor in the amounts you'll see as I found while adding some of these amounts! (Hey you never know....and you don't know unless you ask!)

p.s.s. Sorry, we have to say this. You will not receive any products in the mail when you make this purchase, and you will not receive any services from Moondance Magik. This item is only a gratuity for those who wish to show their gratitude. (Yes, someone wanted to know what we were going to send them in the mail after they gave us a $2 tip, which would not even cover postage if we DID send them something)! So we refunded that joy of a customer and never heard from them again as they felt we were trying to "pull one over on them". We did not ask for a tip from them. In fact, we never even met this person before and they have made zero purchases with us! So we surely did not try to pull one over on them! Apparently they did not realize they were simply tipping us for being great :)




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If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at

Blessed be!

April B.

Office Manager





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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I Am SO GRATEFUL for Everyone’s Help from MoondanceMagik❣️

I know I WRITE TOO MUCH & leave all my 📚 For April/Tracy to READ 😂 so I wanna say TYSM TO EVERYONE in the moondance family for all that you’ve done for me So Far— from the hilariously funny listings (like the psS they had to add at the bottom of this listing to just the ATTN TO DETAIL they give)- you KNOW that everyone in this small business TRULY CARES & Wants to help u❤️🌈 & 1 of my Goals is to be Able to leave the HIGHEST $-amount Tip from the Drop-Down menu 😂 But I have to patiently wait for magick to happen 1st 🤑

TBH I prefer to send money directly, since I prefer being able to put in my own Custom $-amount (I’ve sent OVER A THOUSAND BUCKS in 1-shot just to give u an idea of what a Spendthrift I Am 😅)

Anyways, I Always have so much to Say, & I ❤️ everything about doing business wit these lovely souls 😇 (although I never had the Pleasure of dealing with Mya Yet).

I am a Sag ♐️ - 1 of the most Honest signs of the zodiac, so I Appreciate The BRUTAL HONESTY that I get when I ask for things, like the D-DAYS of my folks when I asked for the present life readings for both my parents.

I know they are always SLUMPED/backed up wit work, but I usually get a timely answer to all my Q’s. I would give a Physical Hug 🤗 to everyone at the office if i could ☺️

And whenever I Finally receive my $ blessing then i will get gifts 🎁 for everybody too, Not Just tip i mean. (So I’ve 2 be PATIENT 😩 & keep up with MY END of keeping the spells charged).


Gave them a tip when I won money

Stormys money spell helped me win $10,000 in lottery so I gave them a $500 tip.