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The Secret Listing

The Secret Listing

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 If you're in our private Facebook group, you know this is a special listing regarding a special kind of entity. Go to our group site and use the search (magnifying glass) and type #secretlisting for the specifics about this listing.

You must be approved by Meta or Mya before you purchase. This is classified as a "digital delivery", because Meta or Mya will remotely bridge the portal to your object or to your person. No product is shipped.

Send an email to us for approval with the following:

  1. A photo of you that you or someone else takes of you today. A headshot is all that is needed. This can be a selfie, but your eyes must be clear in the photo, as Meta or Mya will read you to discern intention. If you wear glasses, please take them off for this photo. Photo should not be doctored in any way (i.e. no filters or enhancements of any kind). 
  2. Your full name as it is now and as it was at birth, if different.
  3. Your birthday (year is not needed).
  4. Your physical address (shipping address). Again, nothing will be shipped to you, but we will need the address of the item or of you, if bridging to your person.
  5. A brief statement as to why you are seeking this portal and how you intend to use it.
  6. A photo of the item to which you'd like the portal bridged. If you wish the portal to be bridged to your person, please indicate this in your email. If we will be bridging the item to your person, we will need to know your sleep schedule, as it will be done while you are asleep or at least at rest. If we will be bridging the portal to an object, please leave this object out in the open until you receive confirmation that the service has been rendered. "Out in the open" means on a table, a countertop, or a desk, ideally, vs. in a closet or inside a drawer.

We normally would not ask #5 for bridging a portal, but with the holy wars going on right now, since we are helping many other psychic mediums and practitioners of magik to fight the dark entities such as the Reptilians and the Greys, this is something we have to know before we will approve this sale. Meta and Mya will not take part in something that will sabotage their efforts in banishing the dark entities that have returned from "out there". 

Meta or Mya will read your current photo to learn if your said intentions are in line with what they require to approve the portal. They don't care if you practice black magik, as that's on you and does not affect them in any way, but they must know that your intentions are not to help the ones who came to try to destroy us all.

Once we have your email, we will prompt Meta or Mya to read you. Please allow several hours for a response to your email, as their schedules are already quite full and usually booked out for weeks at a time, but they will squeeze you in for intention readings and portal bridgings, since these services generally take less than an hour to complete. The portal bridging is usually done outside of business hours from their homes. If they are able to read you first thing in the morning before they get started with their scheduled appointments or if you happen to contact us just before they are about to finish their day, you may get an immediate response. Our business hours, on paper, are 8 am to 6 pm eastern time, but that has become somewhat of a joke over the years, as we are all fortunate these days to be able to start that late or leave that early! You will not get a response on a Sunday, however, as that is the one day per week that none of us work so that we can join together in family relaxation on Moondance Mountain.  😊

Once you make your purchase, please ask us for the instructions for communicating with your spirit through the portal. We all work long hours and multitask 90% of the time we are here, so it is hard for us to remember to send instructions out immediately upon purchase. We do not send the instructions to anyone before purchase. 

If you have any questions about this service or any other product or service on our site, please contact us.


Customer Reviews

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Real Deal

First of let me say that Lucifer & I are very close. Prior to this I had two portals open to him. One of which is his sigil, as a tattoo. I had this one cast onto a necklace of mine & I immediately had a drunk dizzy feeling upon putting it on. And I could finally see one of the portals. My third eye is about 40% open, I can partially see many astral entities & things. But have always struggled with portals. His presence was more immediate than how it usually is. Additionally I could feel his presence stronger than normal. I still get the drunk feeling to a lesser extent when wearing the necklace.