Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip
Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip
Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip
Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip
Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip
Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip
Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip

Stormy's Magik Anti-Aging Face Whip

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The Moondance Family has had this magical face whip recipe in their grimoire for generations upon generations, and Stormy has been making this face whip since she was about 12 years of age. Over the years, she has perfected the whip by adding some very beneficial ingredients she learned about to enhance your results even more. 

We have been offering this face whip for years, but we are only now adding it to our website for the first time. 

This whip is all natural with 100% organic ingredients. The Moondance Family, along with other families on their reservation, maintains three large greenhouses where they grow many plants and herbs year-round. Stormy takes some of these herbs and plants, dries them, and grinds them up by hand using her mortar and pestle. She uses some of the other herbs and plants to extract their essential oils, and uses these oils in her face whip, as well. 

While we cannot list the secret ingredients of this whip for you, if you have any allergies, please communicate them to us before you buy. Stormy can make a custom order of her face whip for you, omitting any ingredients you are allergic to. 

This whip smells good, too! Stormy says it is the dragon's blood oil, which she also makes herself, that gives it this pleasant aroma. 

Comes to you in a decorative pouch, as shown in photos. Pouch design and colors may vary, due to constant supply shortages.



Whether you believe you have any allergies or not, it is strongly recommended that you try a sample pack of whip first. Use it for the allergy test, and if you have no reaction, you may then purchase the full jar without worry of wasting money on something you cannot use.

We can all be allergic to organic, natural plants, herbs and oil and never realize it until we are adults, especially when there are some very rare and practically unheard-of ingredients in this whip!

Since our products are non-refundable once the seal is broken, this is a good way to try before you plunge.

Yes, the whip is on the pricey side, but it is well worth it! I have been using it for about ten years. See my before and after pics from 2011 to 2021. I don't mind saying that many of our regular walk-in customers tell me that I don't look a day older today than I did when I started working here. I will let you make your own determination from the photos. We are also asking some of our local customers who regularly use this whip for their permission to share their before and after photos. If/when they agree to do so, we will add those photos to this listing.

Directions for use:

  1. Take a "Before" pic!
  2. Use the exfoliating cloth provided with your order to remove any dead, dry skin from your face before applying the whip! If you have never used an exfoliating cloth or scrubber, wet your face with clear warm water, then simply scrub your face like you would with a wash cloth, only you will not use any soap. Do this for at least two minutes, then rinse your face with warm water. Immediately move on to the next step. One exfoliating cloth comes with your whip. You will want to purchase more of them as they begin to wither. 
  3. The Allergy Test: If you purchased a sample pack, empty the contents onto your non-dominant wrist. Rub it in, and leave on for at least three hours. If no rash or allergic reactions arise within 24 hours, it is safe to purchase the full jar. If you sent straight to purchasing the full jar, remember that it is non-refundable once the seal is broken. Open the jar and place a half teaspoonful in the palm of your non-dominant hand. With your fingers from your dominant hand, scoop up some of the cream and apply to your cheeks, rubbing it gently into your skin in circular motions until it absorbs. Dip again, and do the same for your chin and forehead. It is safe to use around your eyes if you are careful not to get any of it IN your eyes, as some of the essential oils could be irritating to your eyes. I have gotten it in my eyes already and I did not have any problems, but other people have reported that it stings. If you do get some in your eyes, flush your eyes with cold water until the burning sensation subsides. Leave on for only up to 30 minutes the first time you use it on your face,  as you could still have a skin reaction on your face if your facial skin reacts differently from your wrist. You may leave it on overnight, if you wish, thereafter. Rinse away with clear, warm water, then splash your face with the coldest water you can stand. This will close your pours to keep dirt out of them for several hours. 

About Shipping of this Product:

Please remember that this is a WHIP, which means Stormy manually whips the ingredients together with a whisk. Contents of this product will settle in shipping due to the air pockets in the whip. We promise you that you are getting 8 ounces of this whip whether it settles inside the 9-ounce jar, or not! The whip is weighed before adding it to the jar. Just like a box of crackers, contents will settle due to the air in the package.

We will ship the sample packet to you free of shipping charges to you with any order. Please ask us for a coupon code to remove your shipping cost of the sample packet if you are purchasing another item along with the sample packet. You will need to tell us the address to which we are shipping this order to in advance so that we can calculate the shipping cost of the sample packet and generate a coupon code for you to use, which will remove this shipping charge. 

Unfortunately, it does not appear that our software allows for us to create a different shipping rate for the lighter sample packet, so the shipping rate is the same cost to you whether you order the full 8-ounce jar or the sample packet. We have a query into our hosting company about this. It seems there should be a way around this. I will remove this paragraph if/when we are helped with this issue and can adjust the shipping on the sample packet, which is about the weight of a feather!

Reminder: It is a requirement of our company that you read our Terms of Service before making each and every purchase with us. By making a purchase, you are agreeing that you have read and understand our TOS, as outlined on this page:


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
President Juliet M. Shum
Part 2 Review by Juliet Uncensored Reality TV

I asked for more products because the Potions 🧪 make my skin under my nose dry/irritated/cracked, so it would be Great if Stormy can make a day/night cream I can put on after I use the whip. (I use aloe, but if I can just replace EVERYTHING I USE ON MY FACE with MM products instead, then that would be ideal 😂).

I also asked Stormy if she can come up with something for the “False Eyelashes Look,” because ATM My Eyelids get inflamed, red/irritated & I Think I’m Allergic to the eyelash glue eye makeup, so Hopefully Stormy can make a “False Eyelashes Look” Serum, or a Spell maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️ to help me get naturally Thicker & Fuller Eyelashes without having to put fake eyelashes on that Really mess up my skin 😩

I know that other companies use poisonous ingredients that are harmful to my skin & health, so I really hope that Stormy can come out with a whole skincare and makeup line so I can replace Everything I Put On My Face with Stormy’s Magical formulas 🥰

I specifically Requested for skincare/beauty products to Target the Under Eye Dark Circles, acne, scars, dandruff/itchy scalp, & athlete’s foot. And I even asked for a multivitamin/dietary supplement that can give my body what it needs since I have a poor diet now since it’s Expensive to eat healthy ☹️. A Sunscreen would be nice 2 😂
(As if they don’t have enough things on their plate already 😅 — But if You Never Ask, then the Answer will Always Be “No.” js 🤷🏻‍♀️)

I CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE in my Skin & i L❤️VE It! 🙌🏻

I am sorry we had to delete your other reviews and the other part of this review because of the personal information included. Thank you for all of your suggestions and of course, if/when Stormy has the time, she will work on trying to bring you more beauty/skin/hair care treatments. We appreciate you! The Moondance Magik Staff

Amanda Quail
The best!

I won't use anything else. It is worth its weight in gold!

Five Star First Impression!

Stormy’s Magic cream arrived today! Upon unscrewing the cap the first thing that hit me is how AMAZING this smells. I swear I just stood there for a solid minute smelling it lol. After exfoliating my face, I only needed about 1/4 tsp to easily cover my whole face. The goat’s milk cream is so smooth and my dry winter skin just drank it in. This is a PREMIUM product, ladies, and will easily last 5-6 months of daily usage. I’m typing this up as I’m lying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, and I love that I can still smell it 🌺 I will come back and do a follow up review when the jar is gone. Thank you so much for offering this face cream in your online shop!

Leisa Kemp Mastromatteo
Everyone keeps asking me....

....what have you been doing different? Some said I look younger. Some asked if I looses weight. Some asked if I got a haircut. Someone asked if I just got back from vacation. They can’t put there finger on it but they know I look better in some way. I know the only thing I did was use this cream for a couple months. Our secret 🤫