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Protection Spell against Witchcraft, Voodoo and Negative Entities
Protection Spell against Witchcraft, Voodoo and Negative Entities

Protection Spell against Witchcraft, Voodoo and Negative Entities

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Powerful protection spell cast by Stormy Moondance. Protect against voodoo, witchcraft, hexes, curses, and dark entities.

You will be un-cursable, un-hexable, un-voodoo-able, and protected from all negative entities! It will not prevent practitioners of white magik from casting spells for you that you desire. It will only ward off the negative effects of anything that someone sends your way.

You may think you do not know anyone who has the power to do these things to you, and you may be right, but you'd be surprised at how many people are out there practicing the dark arts. It's not something they generally advertise to the public. It is kept very low key in most cases. In addition, someone may despise you enough or be angry enough at you to hire someone to do this when they do not have the skills or the know-how to do it themselves. You may also have a family curse that was cast upon an ancestor years, decades, or even centuries ago, which could affect every person born into your family.

If it seems like despite all your efforts, you keep running into bad luck, or you can't find a job, lose weight, find love, become pregnant, etc., chances are good you have been cursed.

Dark entities, even demons, can attach themselves to you or terrorize you in your home. Some protective measures can be of help, such as sage and other protective materials, but they won’t always work. Have this spell cast to prevent them from ever even trying.


In a separate message from your order and AFTER you place your order, please send the following so we can get you on Stormy's spell-casting schedule:

  • A face photo of you. A clear, unaltered, unfiltered photo. She will need a clear visual of your eyes, so no glasses please.
  • Your full name
  • Your birthday
  • Tell us something else about you that is somewhat unique. This could be the name of the school you attended, one of your parent's names or a sibling's name, the sport you play or a hobby of yours, or anything else about you that could be unique to you in case there is another person with your exact name and birthday who also looks like you. Stormy doesn't want to get up on her hill to cast your spell and when she tries to focus on you, she sees more than one person who could be you. She would then have to postpone the spell until we could ask you more questions to better isolate you from others. It is doubtful someone else in the world would have all these things in common with you AND look much like you and share your name, but we ask for this fourth bit of information just to be sure, because it has happened already with some of the more common names. It has actually even happened with identical twins who had similar names. In that case, one of the identical twins had a scar on her knee that could separate her from her sister in Stormy's vision to zero in on the correct twin.

Once we have all this, we can schedule a time for Stormy to cast your spell, and we will message you with that information. We will also email information to you so that you will know how to keep your spell charged so that you are always protected. Keeping the spell charged requires very little effort. Stormy will have taken care of the hard part when she cast your spell. Stormy is often scheduled out for weeks, but we will squeeze clients in somewhere for this spell, as well as for demon banishment and curse removal services. 

Important Note: If you had a reading done that determined you have been cursed or that you have demon attachment and you hired us to either remove your curse or banish the demon(s), this spell was cast for you immediately upon the banishment of either the curse or the entity, as it is included with those services, so do not purchase this spell if you hired us for curse removal or demon banishment! 

This spell is cast in a way that does not require you to do anything. No mojo kit will need to be shipped to you, and you will not have any follow-up work to do such as charging the spell. It is a once-and-done thing, so you can rest assured no one will be able to curse you in the future, and no demons or other entities will be able to attach themselves to you.

This spell does not cover all human attacks, however. It covers you so that you cannot be cursed, hexed, or attacked by demonic entities. It is always a good idea to carry something with you for further protection, such as protective crystals or talismans, a protection spirit, or protection potion. If you would like something like this for physical protection against bullies, malicious physical attacks, etc., please email us if you need some ideas of what to use for protection, or search "protection" in the search box of our website. 

Customer Reviews

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Beverly Witchen
worth the piece of mine!

there was a woman in my neighborhood that i know was a witch and not the good kind. she hated my dog because she tends to bark alot when people walk on the sidewalk at my house. She is an indoor dog but people could still here her when they walked by because she's a loud little thing. When this witch would walk past my dog would even jump at the window and push against it. she went ape ____ at that woman! One time I had my dog tied out front with me while I was clearing weads from my flower bed. the witch walked past and my dog went crazy but she was on a tie out. the witch looked at me and said one day you'll regret having that dog and she better not even think about biting me. then she just sood there staring at me and mumbling something to herself. I quick got my dog and we ran inside and I emailed Tracy at moondance and said I need the protection spell for me and my dog asap. I didn't know if they could do it for my dog but they did. The next time the witch started to walk passed my house she got to the property line and froze. I was at my picture window holding my dog and saw this happen. She turned around and walked back. I don't know if the spell made her turn around but she never walked passed here again and then she died last month. I'm not saying the spell kilt her she was old like 100 plus haaa hahh! So it was her time but I'm glad i got this spell for us.