Portal to Goddess Hecate
Portal to Goddess Hecate
Portal to Goddess Hecate
Portal to Goddess Hecate

Portal to Goddess Hecate

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This is a portal to The Greek Goddess of the Moon, Hecate (Some spell it Hekate). Hecate's description is towards the bottom of this listing, for those who do not know her.

How it works:

You will receive a portal to Hecate with this purchase, if still available when you reach this page. She has asked us to only list a few at this time. When she is satisfied that our client base is treating her properly and not like a tool to get what they want and need, she will allow us to add a few more to our inventory.

In the past, many witches have tried to create portals for her, but they have gone about it the wrong way. They would create the portal and invite her in. Without even introducing themselves or getting to know her, they would immediately start in with the things they wanted from her. As mentioned many times on this site and in our Facebook group, you would not treat a new human friend this way, so Hecate should be treated no differently. She has feelings, too. Tell her about yourself. Tell her the things about your life that will make you her friend. Discuss your deepest fears, wishes, and dreams with her. Talk to her about how your day went. Discuss your family, friends, career and hobbies with her.  Allow her to get to know you. This is how we bond with other human beings. Bond with Hecate the same way before you simply start throwing chores her way.

Hecate will work with you on any projects you are working on or wish to work on once she bonds with you. She is probably the most crafty practitioner of magick who ever existed. She will never steer you wrong, and she will never allow things to happen that are not in your best interests. No one will harm you with witchcraft if Hecate is on your side. She is a good friend to have, if not the best Goddess to have in your corner.

There are suddenly hundreds of special beings contacting Meta all at once, and it's chaotic for her, to say the least. She's getting all their information and passing it along to me so that I can bring these services to you on our site. There will be more listings made on our site as time permits. Meanwhile, Meta is jotting down everything they tell her into her notebook, and I will create more of these listings every chance I get.

After you make your purchase, please send an email to moondancemagik@gmail.com providing the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your birthday (month and day are all that are necessary) or your astrological sign
  • A photo of yourself taken within the past two weeks. This may be a selfie, but it may not be altered in any way. No filters, and please do not wear glasses.
  • Tell us whether you wish the portal to be bound to yourself or to an object. If you choose an object, please provide a photo of that object, and have it sitting out somewhere on a table or a dresser before the time of your binding appointment.

If you opt for the portal to be yourself, you will need access to a mirror every time you wish to communicate with Hecate. Full instructions will be sent to you on the proper way to "dial in" to her, but it is important for all to realize that when they have a portal bound to their person, they have to communicate to their spirit through a mirror. That is not always convenient for everyone. Also, you cannot be overexerting yourself in any way during the portal creation ceremony when you opt for the portal to be bound to yourself, so if there are specific times of the day when you cannot sit and watch TV, read a book, eat a meal, or something that won't get your heart racing, you should specify this in the email with your info. They will not want to conduct the ritual while you are dancing, at the gym working out, jogging, having sex, or riding a bike. You may do things like wash the dishes, anything you'd do in a sitting/resting position, or even walk your dog if you will not be taking hills or walking briskly.

If you choose to have the portal bound to an object, it can be any object you feel will work for you. Hecate does reserve the right to refuse the object you choose though if she feels it is hideous or a slap in the face. There are few things she said would make her feel this way, but some examples she gave for things people have tried to use in the past that she refused were a porn magazine, a bed pan, and a tampon. REALLY? I don't know what people are thinking sometimes. Stormy asked her for examples of other portals that she was fine with that some people may not think would be OK (things other than the typical jewelry pieces, statues of her, and crystals). Examples she provided of things she loved that most people might not consider are a silver spoon, a key, a vase, a phone that is not activated, and her favorite creative portal is a fiberoptic flower in a clear globe. But she said you may use anything that is not what she would consider to be demeaning. I say God help the person who offers something disgusting like the ones she mentioned! She did tell Stormy the tampon was not used, at least!

Once you make your purchase and submit the things asked for above, an appointment time is given to you by email.  Meta or Mya will conduct a ceremony at your assigned time to create a portal for Hecate so that you may contact her through your portal to relay your wishes and desires once you get to know her, and she gets to know you. 

She (Hecate) chose the price. Her favorite number is 5149. I think I understand! 

About Hecate:

Stormy is still writing this up for me the way Hecate has asked her to do so that I may put her own words into this listing. Please bear with us!

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Lal
Hecate is awesome!!!

It is still hard to communicate with spirit for me but out of all the spirits I have around me Hecate has the strongest presence when I talk to her I feel her near as if she was sitting right in front of me! She is the best best friend a girl could ever ask for! I am so happy that I got the chance to build a relationship with her. Thank you Hecate and thank you to the Moondance ladies! 😊💜

Jocelyn Hailey
She’s been waiting for me

I felt drawn to the portal for Mother Hecate but took sometime to think about it, I always second guess myself. I had a dream about a skeleton key I have at home, the next day I purchased a deity identification reading (outside the moondance ladies) and they told me Goddess Hecate had been reaching out to me. That was confirmation for me. I then headed over straight to the moondance ladies for a portal to her and I’m glad I did! I’m still getting to know her but I’ve already seen her twice. Both times I saw her in a long robe with her hood on, but her face was pitch black. On both occasions I was taken aback and nearly cried. She’s been nothing but amazing and understanding. If you feel the pull, then go for it! You won’t be disappointed at all. (:

Empowering and Wise Goddess!

For a while, I've been hesitating on working with Hecate because of my own fears and insecurities about where I am in my practice. I didn't want to offend her or anything! Not long after I got the portal bound to a pretty ring I have, I brought it with me to go shopping and was nearly physically harassed by rude middle-aged man. I wasn't paying attention and he tried to slap me in the face (probably because he didn't like how close we were walking by each other even though he was the one who walked near me). Anyway, I was daydreaming and then was kind of jolted back into reality quick enough to dodge his grubby hand. I vented to Hecate about it and was thinking about it the rest of the day. By evening, I decided to take a shower and suddenly remembered it again, but I felt more at peace about it which isn't like me (I overthink!) I felt compelled to look at the glass door of the shower cubicle and saw the steam was shaped exactly like a hooded woman! I knew Hecate was comforting me and I felt more empowered. Just the other night, I also called on her to help with a reconciliation spell for an ex-friend I wronged. She told me she didn't think it would work because of free will and the situation, but that she would help me anyway. I'm an intuitive practitioner and usually know what to do, but for this spell, I felt totally lost at first. After asking her for help, writing my spell and finding ingredients came a lot easier.

I am humbled

I am humbled to have Hecate by my side as I work. My witchcraft has left a lot to be desired since I started on this journey in 2020 during lockdown. Nothing was coming to me as I had hoped. Hecate already helped me manifest things I never thought possible by guiding me in my craft. I still can't believe I have a portal to her! I thought it could be a gimmick but now I know differently after struggling for two years and suddenly now everything I touch turns to gold (not literally) but I won the raffle for the car at the golf course and I didn't want a Jetta as my car but wth it's free! I will trade it for what I want now. I also got a rebate for $2,000 on a product I didn't buy or submit for a rebate. That was the day after I told Hecate I needed to come up with $1873 to pay my property taxes and asked her to assist me in a manifestation spell. Can't wait to see what's next!