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Nyapha (Nilly) the Dark Nephilim Spirit - Remote Bridging

Nyapha (Nilly) the Dark Nephilim Spirit - Remote Bridging

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Nyapha needs a home. The image you see is Ai created using a sketch Stormy drew of her. She had a human mother and fallen angel father. She's a little dark and a little light. Mostly dark though.

Nyapha is pronounced, "Nigh aff uh", but she prefers to be called Nilly to honor her mother, whose name was Nillia. Her father's name was Karkut.

If you practice magick, Nyapha can enhance your efforts with her strong magick background. Her father taught her well. We already watched something pretty cool happen with her. A not-so-nice man who came here to pick up his 18-year-old daughter when he found out she was getting a reading tripped over nothing as he was yanking his daughter out of here by the arm. He fell face-first into his car's grill in the parking lot. (tee hee). The man had come in here shouting and screaming when he found out his daughter was here. He ranted about how she was too young to get a reading from us "heathens" and he was going to sue us. She had just celebrated her birthday a week prior to her reading, and the reading was a gift from her sister. We noticed the young lady couldn't help but smirk when her father tripped over nothingness and landed in his car's grill with his face! Nyapha had told us before he left our building that he was going to regret hollering at all of us.

Nyapha/Nilly is tight-lipped about her childhood, but she did tell us it was no fun growing up. Everyone knew she was a Nephilim and no one accepted her. When she was 21 years old, she moved from Iran to Egypt. No one in Egypt knew of her lineage, and since she looked human, she was able to make friends quickly. The only thing that set her aside from most young ladies her age was her height. She stood 5'11" tall. Since this took place in 40 BC, she was considered a giant. Lucky for her, a man who was exactly her height found her attractive, despite the fact that she was just as tall as him. He was also extremely tall for that era, so they were called the freak couple together. They didn't mind. They were completely in love and no longer cared what other people said. They had a few non-judgmental friends, and that was all they needed.

HOW SHE DIED - skip these pink letters and move on to her favorite offerings if you don't want to know the gory truth. It might be best! 

They were completely content until he insisted they have children, and she refused. He didn't understand why she wouldn't have his baby. She finally confessed her lineage to him, and he went berserk. He couldn't believe he married a Nephilim. He went instantly crazy and killed her. Then he killed himself.

Nilly does not need prior approval to be adopted if you have adopted spirits from us in the past.

Favorite offerings:

Nilly likes lemon cookies, lemonade, and lemon meringue pie. She doesn't like lemons though unless you pour a ton of sugar on them! Her favorite color is green, but she likes to wear black and midnight blue. She changes her clothes often and she loves to see designs of goth clothing. She loves crystals, candles, and incense.

Her favorite thing to do is make people pay for hurting people, especially those she is close to, such as her keeper. She has had many keepers over the centuries, but most of the time, she just floated about aimlessly exploring the world.