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Magick Hair Growth Spell with or without Hair Growth Conditioning Whip
Magick Hair Growth Spell with or without Hair Growth Conditioning Whip
Magick Hair Growth Spell with or without Hair Growth Conditioning Whip
Magick Hair Growth Spell with or without Hair Growth Conditioning Whip
Magick Hair Growth Spell with or without Hair Growth Conditioning Whip

Magick Hair Growth Spell with or without Hair Growth Conditioning Whip

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Stormy will cast a hair-growth spell for your hair to grow five times faster than normal. The spell works wonders alone, but with the spell and rapid-growth hair whip combo, your hair will grow even faster and it will become extremely healthy and shiny!

You'll get a full 5-ounce jar of Stormy's Magical Hair Whip with the combo. It has given most of our customers longer and THICKER hair in a couple short months! Just a dab per night is all you need. You'll almost watch your hair growing before you! Read our Etsy reviews!

All natural ingredients. All natural, powerful magic! Every ingredient in this special formula is organic and comes straight from Mother Earth.

Stormy can also cast a hair-growth spell without this potion. The spell alone will take longer to bring you your desired results without the potion, but it is a cheaper alternative.

Make the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu or contact us if you have any questions.

The rate at which your hair grows with the spell, the whip, or with both will be much faster than what you are accustomed to, but there is no single rate that can be quoted, because everyone is different. Factors that play into the rate at which your hair grows include your DNA, environmental factors such as air pollution, water quality, etc. in your area, how often you wash your hair (it is not recommended to wash your hair daily. Washing it only three to four times a week will help the spell work faster), whether you heat-treat your hair or not, whether you get chemical services done to your hair such as perms, bleaching, and coloring, and even what type of brush you use will determine how quickly this spell can work. It is not a spell that allows you to throw caution to the wind and treat your hair poorly to get the same results as someone who cares for their hair. Obviously no matter what spell Stormy casts for your hair, if you work against it, you will not have quick results.

We will need the following from you in order to schedule your spell casting IF you choose spell only or combo:

  • A photo of you showing us your eyes clearly. This may be a selfie, but must not be doctored in any way. No filters please!
  • Your full name as it was given to you at birth, and as it is now, if different.
  • Your birthday (the year is not required)


If you would like to see the instructions before purchasing so that you'll know in advance what will be required of you to keep the spell charged, please send us an email. Otherwise, if you do not receive the instructions once you make your purchase, please remind us to send them to you. We have a lot going on at all times and usually around 100 emails coming in daily to respond to, so things do get overlooked in the office. 

If you opt for the spell only, nothing will be shipped to you. Instructions will be emailed (again, please remind us if we did not automatically send them to you). If you opt for the hair whip only, there are separate instructions we will email you for using the product, and the hair whip will be shipped to you. And obviously, if you opt for the combo, you'll receive instructions to keep the spell charged as well as instructions for using the hair whip (one set of instructions include what to do for both). 




As with all of our products and services, it is a requirement for you to read our TOS before making each and every purchase, as you are dealing with extremely powerful energy when you order spells, potions, or even readings. We have disclaimers and warning so we can't be held liable for anything that happens when you order our products and services, but most importantly, the information is there as a safeguard for you so that you will know exactly what you are getting into when you purchase from us. By purchasing this product or service, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to our TOS on this page.

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If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us.

Blessed be!

April Bortner Saybar

Operations Manager




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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beverly Witchen
Highly recommend!

After reading all these reviews I knew I had to give it a try and boy I am glad I did! My hair wasn't growing at all and it was dull and thin. After the spell and using the hair mask it was almost as fast as my grass grows in the spring when it rains everyday. The best part is my hair has shine now that it never had even when I was younger. I'll keep buying the hair mask for that reason even though my hair is still growing fast. Stormy you are amazing!

Daphne Georges

My hair was damaged by wearing hair extensions. Since purchasing the spell and whip, my hair has grown in faster then it normally does. Thank you Moondance Magik

Jennifer Lal
Amazing works super fast!

My hair was very damaged so I chopped it all off but that made me feel not great, but now my hair has been growing out so fast!! Like in a matter of 2-3 months I went from shoulder lengths to long hair right above the end of my cleavage! And it looks healthier and thicker too! Thank you Stormy for everything you do 😊💖💖

Maria D..
Happy customer!

I went from short pixie and thin hair to shoulder leng hair that is thicker now in 4 mons! I keep buy the hair stuff tho because it makes my hair soft.

Lizzie Sofenheim
Five stars all the way!!

The spell worked right away and I could actually measure the difference in growth in one week! The whip smells so nice too and makes my hair look and feel so soft and silky! I'll be getting more of the whip when I'm close to the end of this jar.

Philip Rosenthall
total game changer

my hair wouldn’t grow in a spot that got burned in an industrial accident on the right side of my head above my ear about 3” in diameter and all the hair around that spot was damaged bad from the same accident and wouldn’t get healthy again. it kept growing back all bent and frizzy. stormy’s spell changed all that. my hair grew back on the bald spot and the hair around it is shiny healthy and silky again. I’m practically in tears now after six years of covering up my head with hats. the hair whip is just as important as the spell. first I just got the spell and it worked but now my hair grows faster and even healthier since I started using the whip also. a customer for life!

Highly recommend!

The spell worked rightaway I saw results the hair dressing is so good for my hair too even my hairdresser asked me what I been using because she could see the difference in how healthy and shiney my hair became and she was amazed at how much it grew in three weeks! I buy the hair stuff from them everytime I run out because I just love it!

Jennifer Stahl
So happy!

When Stormie cast this spell for me my hair grew four inches in 7 weeks. I keep buying the hair whip over and over because it keeps my hair growing faster and it is shineyer with it. It doesn’t grow as fast as the first 7 weeks from the spell but it grows faster than it did on its own do I keep buying the whip. It smells so good to!

Tonita Jones
My hair got so long!

My hair got so long in just a couple months when I got the spell and I use the hair dressing religiously it is so creamy and smells good to I am so happy with this! I buy more hair stuff every couple months and now it grow 9 inches