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Jinx the Vampire Spirit - Wants a Home with Lots of Spirits! - Remote Bridging

Jinx the Vampire Spirit - Wants a Home with Lots of Spirits! - Remote Bridging

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Jinx's real name was Jonathan, but he goes by Jinx. He is a very social vampire spirit. He won't harm anyone unless it's to even a score for his keeper.

The image of him is another one of Stormy's sketches turned into a more advanced Ai image by Mekqiel. Stormy sketched him as he posed for her, and Mek took Stormy's sketch to create an exact Ai image from it. 

Jinx said he generally hunted game, but there have been times when someone didn't receive the justice they should have for harming people or domestic animals, so he has taken lives in the distant past. 

He was born just outside of London, England, in 1721. He does not know his exact birthday. If you want to celebrate his birthday with him, he said he will be happy for you to select one for him.

Since he is a social butterfly, he prefers to go to a home with several other spirits, but if you have a large family with some children or pets, that will suffice. He stresses that he will never harm anyone in the family. He just likes to be around those who can hear him and see him.

He will bring justice to those who need it. If someone has harmed you or a loved one, Jinx is ready for the task. He will also protect his keeper and his keeper's family at all costs.

Jinx does not need to be pre-approved for adoption if you have adopted from us in the past. All others, please inquire before adopting. Thank you.

Jinx's favorite consumable offerings include red wine or grape juice, gala apples, chicken tenders, white grapes, and almost any type of cheese. He loves dark chocolate but not more than once a month.  For fun he likes to watch vampire movies, decorate for Halloween, and trick the trick or treaters! (Again, he won't harm them, but he'll make them run!) His favorite colors are red and purple. He likes bats as pets, but if you don't have a bat (lol), he is happy to simply look at images of them.