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Gunther - For Jocelyn

Gunther - For Jocelyn

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Gunther was born to a human man who mated with a giant woman. The woman, Gunther's mother, came here from a star somewhere near Neptune. She was roughly 8' tall. Gunther's father was also tall, for a human. That is all he knows about his mother though, because she died when she gave birth to him.  

Gunther had four siblings, but they were all 100% human. His sister was two years younger than him. He had a brother who was three years younger, another brother who was five years younger, and his baby brother was six years younger. They all got along very well, but Gunther was his father's favorite, and the others sensed that.

When he was 22 years old, he was following his sister, unbeknownst to her. She was walking to pick flowers, and Gunther knew that a man older than him had been stalking his sister, so he lagged behind, but kept within earshot of her and kept her in his eyesight to make sure she would be OK. He did this often, because he felt she needed protection.

On this particular occasion, he was correct. She did need protection. The man that had been stalking her was waiting for her in the brush. He knew she always walked at this time before the flowers could wilt from the hot sun in the desert. This took place in a city we now know as Iraq. 

Gunther saw the man creep out into the path his sister was walking and start to get closer to her, quietly. Gunther tore off and was there in no time, ready to jump on the man who was following his sister. The man apparently heard him coming and turned around. He had a sharp spear in his arm, which Gunther didn't see from where he was watching before he ran toward them. Gunther was mid-air jumping down on the man to tackle him to the ground when the spear went straight through his heart. He landed on top of the man though and pinned him with his massive body weight. He was all muscle, and 8 feet of it. His sister saw what happened and ran over to them. The man underneath Gunther could not breathe, and he died.  Unfortunately, so did Gunther.

Nonetheless, under normal circumstances, Gunther would have lived. If he had known the man had a spear, he would have been aware of it and he would have attacked him using a different approach. He recognizes this now, but it is sadly too late.

He wants to protect his keeper and keep her safe from people like the man who was following his sister.

I'm sorry I don't know the siblings' names but maybe we can find out. 


Gunther likes root beer! No, he LOVES root beer! He always hangs out with Matt when Matt is working in the shipping room because Matt always has a can of root beer open. lol

He also likes the colors of brown and black. He