Caspian Sea Good Luck Potion

Caspian Sea Good Luck Potion

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Roll this powerful potion onto the top of your hand when you need lady luck on your side. This potent recipe was passed down to my mother by her mother and has been used for centuries in our family with amazing results for its users. People have won prizes, landed jobs, gotten promotions, met certain people at the right time, won the bidding on auctions, and other great things while using this potion.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tamara Folley
My luck changed

I had bad luck all my life but when I wear this good things happen. The first time I wore it I got a promotion. The second time I found a $20 bill on the ground and yesterday was the third time I used it. And I found my missing fold earring in my back yard that had been missing for two years! That’s 2 yrs of rain snow leaves falling and being raked. There’s no other explanation. I try not to overuse it because I don’t want to be greedy so I just use it every few weeks when I think I will need to have good luck at something. I recommend this potion and I can’t wait to try more
Of them.

Got the job

Used this when I interviewed for a job that 145 other people within my company applied for. About 140 of them were more qualified than I was. I got the job. I’m a believer. Stormy always delivers. 👏🏽

Jorge M.
It took a while

It finally worked for me after 7 months to the day. Recived it Feb 19 and on Septmbr 19 I got a $50,000 winning lotto ticky. Giving them a tip in there tip jar now i'm so happy. This potion works when you use it. I forgot to use it alot so maybe that why it take so long to work. I probly only used it 25 times in 7 months wich is bad beacuz you cant work it if you dont use it.