Rose Marie - A Beautiful Mind but Disturbed Genius Haunted Photo
Rose Marie - A Beautiful Mind but Disturbed Genius Haunted Photo

Rose Marie - A Beautiful Mind but Disturbed Genius Haunted Photo

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Rose Marie

Rose Marie was only 2 1/2 years old when she learned the ABCs and sang it gracefully. By the age of 5, she was singing the National Anthem. This sounds pretty genius, right? Now I’ll throw in the clincher. She wasn’t American! These are just 2 examples of the many many things she sang before she turned 6! 

Rose Marie was born in 1925. We are still trying to learn her exact birthday. She was born in Nuremberg, Germany. She had a brother, named Heinrich, who was born 4 years before her and a sister was born between her and her brother, but she died a few days after she was born. She had one more sister who was born a year after her. Her baby sister’s name was Ruth. 

Rose Marie was a child prodigy. She could hear a song one time, maybe two or three at most, and sing the whole thing back to you without anything to read AT THREE YEARS OF AGE! Many children were not even talking well at age 3, let alone memorize a whole song after hearing a few times (or less). Her parents knew she was special. 

From there she went on to learning and retaining high school level math at age 6. By age 10, she was measured and calculated to be smarter than the average college grad. 

Rose Marie tells us that she was 12 when she understood why she was so smart. It was the voices in her head that were giving her all the answers.  When she said this out loud in the wrong place at the wrong time, she was committed by her father to an insane asylum.

She was kept in the mental hospital for three years. She said the doctors and hospital staff actually had her believing she was crazy, as there was no other logical reason for her to have voices in her head. Rose Marie believed this, and took her medication like a “good girl”, as they would tell her. She said she was constantly belittled by staff, who all treated her as if she had a mental handicap. 

When Rose Marie was 16, she was finally deemed as "well enough" and her parents were told that she no longer suffered from mental illness due to the medicinal care she was given during those four years. The truth of the matter was, she stopped talking to anyone about the voices, because she had stopped taking the pills they were pushing on her, and she knew she had her wits about her. She just had to play along.

In 1942, her parents, her sister, and her brother were all killed during the Holocaust. She was 17 years old, and alone. She only escaped the round up of Jews to be executed because she was small enough to hide in a place where Hitler’s men would never think to search.  

She found her way to her Aunt’s house after the coast was clear. It was then that she learned her Aunt was also killed, but her uncle was still alive, so he was there to greet her and to take her into his home. They did not hang around long though, as her Uncle  Ernst was preparing to move to the USA upon Rose Marie’s arrival, so when she showed up, they took off. They entered USA as refugees just before Rose Marie’s 18th birthday. 

Shortly after her arrival to USA, she met a boy named Henry. She and Henry hit it off quickly. They saw each other almost every night for a month. One night, he did not stop by, and she worried. She walked to his house, which took her a half hour. She saw a light on inside his house and she also thought she heard him laughing, so she knocked. It suddenly got quiet inside. She walked around to the bedroom where she had seen the light shining through the window and she peaked inside, because she thought something was terribly wrong. She never gave it a thought that there might be another woman with him. She saw them lying on the bed, very still, trying not to be heard. They never looked to the window, which was only covered with sheers. It was very easy for Rose Marie to see what was going on. They were not dressed.

She started screaming and throwing a fit, which scared Henry and his new friend. The woman he was with stayed in bed while Henry jumped up and reached for his clothes to get dressed. He was trying to talk Rose Marie into believing it was just a big mistake, but when he looked up again, she was gone. As he was putting his pants on, facing the bed, back to the bedroom door, he began yelling to the other woman to get up and get dressed, as she was going to need to leave. As he was saying this, he fell to his knees, then flat on his face. Rose Marie had taken a rock from the yard and climbed through the kitchen window. She walked into the bedroom and hit Henry over the head, knocking him out. 

Henry ended up with internal and external hemorrhaging. He died several hours later in the hospital. 

Meanwhile, Rose Marie was taken to yet another mental hospital, and that's where she remained for the rest of her short life. While she was in the hospital, she had a lot of time on her hands. She mourned for her parents. She mourned over the only man she ever loved. And she mourned over having committed murder. She said she didn't know what came over her, and that it was sometimes difficult for her to be so intelligent and yet hear voices in her head all the time. She started to think she was a super brain AND mentally ill. She was extremely depressed, and she just stopped caring. She lost her will to live, and she stopped eating or drinking any water or juice that she was served. She died when she was 20 years old of malnutrition and dehydration. 

She now knows that the voices she heard were spirits, and one commonly heard voice was one of her spirit guides. She said just as she lifted the rock and started to come down with it over Henry's head, she heard her spirit guide yell, "no"! But it was too late. 

She wishes to live vicariously through her keeper. She missed out on a lot, and she hates that she really only had one good month of life under her belt before she passed. 

What she will do for you:

Rose Marie will bring her keeper happiness like they never felt before. She will stop at nothing to make sure her keeper is always of sound mind, fit, confident, and will not allow the things that shouldn't matter to matter. She will have you calling the shots anywhere you go in no time, or in your own time. She said you may feel like this is impossible and like you don't want to let her down, but she is not worried about making it happen for you. She does not care if it takes a week or a year. She KNOWS she will make you the happy person you want to be and she has patience. She has nothing but time, and she's always up for a challenge. 

In addition to making you feel happy, vibrant, and confident, she will help you with mind-bending challenges. Things you could not figure out before will come to you as if you're Einstein. She said the reason some people don't seem to understand things as easily as others has nothing to do with how much brain matter we have. It has to do with learning the ability to tap into the brains we have been given and activate some of the sensors in our brains so that things come to us more easily. Some people are born with all these sensors activated, and some are born with very few of them activated. Much like the ability to activate your third eye, activating these sensors just takes time and practice, but it can and will be done with the person who becomes her keeper.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: You will receive ONE photo of Rose Marie. The first pic in this listing is just cropped so you will know which one is her.

Rose Marie only had one keeper prior to coming to us. He was a young man aged 14 years. He was failing every class in school, and not because he was goofing off. He struggled to absorb anything or to be able to make sense of things. He was not deemed medically handicapped or even slow by professionals, so his father thought he was just lazy. He found this photo at an antique store when he went there with his friends looking for something haunted. His friends were looking at old dolls and the normal things you might expect to be haunted, but Robert was drawn to her photo. He did not know why, as he didn't really believe in haunted things being a real thing. He was only along for the ride. 

When he got home, he laid the photo on his night stand, and began trying to read his English Literature book. He suddenly started reading through it as if he had an IQ of 160, and he couldn't put the book down! He read 91 pages in a short amount of time, which is what he needed to read in order to get his book report written. He wrote the report in 20 minutes and handed it in the next day. His first "A"! The same thing happened when he opened any book, and suddenly he was getting straight As. Everything just started to come to him as if he had been lying dormant not even trying all these years, but he truly did try. Or so he thought. One day shortly after he got his report card with straight As, he picked up the photo of Rose Marie again. This time, he saw an apparition of her, and he heard her speak to him. She said, "Good job". And he just sat on his bed with his mouth hanging open. He grabbed the photo and showed his father. He told him the whole story about how Rose Marie had opened things up for him to not only be able to think clearly, but to see her ghost. He took the photo from him and stared at it for a while, then sent Robert to his room. He then contacted us and asked us to buy the photograph. He didn't want it in his home if it was "spooked". Meta said she'll never forget that he used that term. 

Meta didn't know where the man lived or even what his name was. She didn't think much about it at the time. She just gave him the cash he asked for and he went on his merry way. In retrospect, she would have liked the young boy to have the photo back, but she never saw that man again and she didn't take a good enough mental note of him to try to figure out who he was or where he lived.

Rose Marie assures us though that once his mind was activated the way it was, he will not lose his ability to think clearly or to see spirit. He will only keep getting better at everything he attempts to do.

One final thing Rose Marie wants her keeper to know. She says that she is a bit "touched", but she does know that the voices she always heard were true spirits. She sometimes heard her own voice though, and that voice would tell her things that she felt were "crazy".  

We have not noticed anything happening that has made us worry. Meta has had this spirited photo for a while already, and just recently brought Rose Marie to us for us to list her. Meta said she is getting antsy about finding someone to help. Meta never had any issues with her. She said she loves hearing the knowledge she has to share, and she always had her in the kitchen with her when she cooked. Meta will miss her, but she has big plans for someone, and she's ready to spread her wings and fly to someone special.

Rose Marie enjoys lots of things as offerings. Some are a bit odd, but here we go:

Anything black, cream or pale yellow in color, jigsaw puzzles, riddles, protractors, paper towels, false eyelashes, watching someone cook, watching rain, and the following foods and drinks: plain hamburgers without cheese, condiments or a bun, grapefruit, strawberry pie, and lemonade.

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