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Custom Intention Jewelry Options

Intention jewelry by Meta and Stormy Moondance


Meta makes the jewelry, Stormy infuses it with various intentions, based on what we get the most call for in email inquiries. You will find that jewelry in our main catagory for Intention Jewelry.

If you do not see what you need in the list on that page or in the jewelry shown in that category, this is where Custom Intension Jewelry comes into play.

You may choose from the bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings found on this page for your custom intention, and let us know what kind of magick you need attached to the jewelry. This should be anything that is not mentioned in our main category for Intension Jewelry. Perhaps you need to have more power manifesting a new home to buy that will suit you better than what you currently see on the market, for example. That is not something that we get asked for often, so we are not making intention jewelry in advance for the purpose of helping people find their affordable dream home. This is a good example of a Custom Intention, but your custom intention can be almost anything.  It could be helping you conceive, helping your hair grow longer and thicker, helping you locate a specific vintage car you've always wanted, or anything that won't harm other walks of life. (Custom Intention Jewelry may NOT be used for help with torturing or harming people or animals). 

When you send us an email to inquire about ordering a piece of Custom Intention Jewelry, please refer the catalog number you see in the pictures below for your design choice, and also tell us what you are trying to accomplish (what intention Stormy should set into your piece). We will provide you with a final quote based on the cost involved for Meta to make the piece and for Stormy to infuse her intention into the piece, based on what it is you need the piece to do for you.


The prices shown in the photos currently ONLY INCLUDE META'S COST for making the actual jewelry piece. It does not include Stormy's time and energy spent to infuse her intention. That cannot be shown in advance without knowing what your custom requests will entail. Again, prices shown are for Meta's time, effort, and materials to make the jewelry only. You must request a final quote for a piece of jewelry below to be infused with Stormy's intention for you to receive the results you are seeking.

The pieces shown below are all items that Meta has made in the past. We may or may not still have some of these pieces available for purchase today, but this is all Meta is doing now, so it will not take more than a week for her to make the piece you choose so that Stormy can then set her intention into the piece during a ritual and get it to the office staff to ship to you. Total time from time of order to time of delivery to your doorstep is approximately 10 days to 2 weeks (domestic orders).













                               MORE DESIGNS WILL BE ADDED SOON!