Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance
Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance

Super Fat Loss Spell by Stormy Moondance

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Congratulations on making the decision to look into Stormy's Super Fat Loss Spell! This spell is for anyone who wishes to lose over 100 pounds of fat. If you have less than 100 pounds of fat to lose, please see Stormy's Super Fat Loss Spell.

As you have probably heard, this spell is remarkable! If you have not heard about it, might I suggest you read the reviews on our website, as well as in our Etsy shop



1. Read this listing in its entirety

2. Ask us for the fat loss spell documentation including a questionnaire and instructions for keeping the spell charged once it is cast by contacting us. We want you to know up front what is involved so that you will know what to expect when your spell is cast. This spell should not be cast for people who have had eating disorders such as annorexia or bulimia in the past or presently.  Do NOT send your photo or your answers to the questionnaire to us until AFTER you have read the documents we have sent you and purchased this spell.


By all means, if your questions have not been answered after reading this listing in its entirety, please ask questions before you make your purchase by contacting us.

We just ask that you do read this entire listing and the documentation we send you in its entirety before you ask questions, as most of the answers have already been provided either here or in our "How it Works" documents - and when we have to repeat ourselves, we get even further behind schedule. We already have a long waiting list for spell casting and readings at almost any given time.

Your Options:

Firstly, there are two fat-loss spells from which to choose. The basic fat-loss spell is for anyone needing to lose 100 lbs. or less of FAT. The Super Fat Loss Spell is for individuals wishing to lose more than 100 pounds of FAT. 

Notice I keep referring to FAT, rather than to weight. You’ll be staying off the scale most of the time while this spell works on you because you will be gaining muscle mass while dropping fat pounds, and muscle weighs more than fat, per square inch. It is denser though, so you will get smaller, even if the scale doesn't move much. Initially, you could actually gain weight before you lose it. When you have reached your ultimate goal of getting into the size clothes you wish to wear, if you had more than 25 pounds of excess fat to lose, you will lose weight overall, but most importantly, your SIZE will REDUCE substantially.

So if you are wearing a size 40 waist (men) or a size 16 in women’s dress, you will get down to that size 32 waist or that 8 dress, for example, but you might only lose 30 pounds when you thought you wanted to lose 50. This is because it may be the first time in your life that you will gain the proper amount of muscle tone to your body while losing excess fat, and like I mentioned before, muscle is denser (more compact) than fat is. When comparing 5 pounds of muscle vs. 5 pounds of fat, the fat mass would look much larger and take up more space.

Losing fat while gaining muscle mass does not mean you will wind up looking liie a body builder! This simply means you will be tone, like you were meant to look all along. So don’t worry….you won’t look like frogman or frogwoman! (Not unless you want to - and you also add roids to the mix, which we do not encourage).

This spell works on the psyche. It will change the way you think about food. You will start to physically crave water and other healthier beverages than soft drinks and other sugary drinks. That's usually the first thing that happens. You will start to crave healthy foods next. You'll find yourself wanting fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, and healthy fats & proteins rather than fried foods, salty snacks, fatty means and sweets. You'll also start to despise the look of foods that are bad for you, and even the smell of them will almost make you feel ill!

The next thing that usually happens is that you will start to feel you want to get up and walk, dance, or move your body about in some way. This is the part of the spell that makes you feel like exercising, even if you don't realize that what you are doing is exercising, because it is so much fun!

These things all happen in steps, and usually in the order I just described, but everyone is different. The time spans are different, as well. One person might crave water, fruits and veggies in one day after the spell is cast; wake up the next day and hate cheeseburgers, potato chips and banana splits, and also feel like running a marathon - all on day 2 after the spell has been cast. Another person might crave water 2 or 3 days after the spell is cast, and that might be the only thing they experience for a week or so. AND THIS IS OKAY! Not everyone is going to be affected the same way. Not everyone is going to reach their goals in the same amount of time. So don't make this about THE OTHERS! Focus on yourself, keeping the spell charged with a short prayer recited frequently that we will provide for you, and you will see progress faster than any other attempt you have ever made to lose excess fat.

Be happy about what happens for you, regardless of how quickly or slowly it works. The bottom line is that THIS DOES WORK, and YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL. GUARANTEED!!!

So stop putting pressure on yourself or throwing in the towel when you slip a little or when you don't think it is working fast enough. If it is working at all, it is working faster than doing nothing would do for you! 

That said, I will add that most people lose the excess fat with this spell faster than anything else they have ever tried. The only difference is that with this spell, the excess fat stays off forever. They won't have anything else to compare to this after they do this because they won't need to do anything else ever again.

You’ll find that the Moondance ladies speak the truth always. They don’t hold any punches. See the photo at the bottom of this paragraph to get a better idea of why you might actually weigh more once you start to  tone up and lose excess fat. Fat takes up a lot more space to equal the same weight as muscle!

Now let’s get the disclaimers out of the way:

  1. If you have an existing uncontrolled medical condition that is making you gain weight or preventing you from losing weight, we cannot help you. This spell will not reverse medical conditions such as thyroid disease or any other medical condition that might add weight to your body or make you hungrier than usual. 
  2. If you have been cursed or hexed, this spell (no spell) will work on you without first having the hex or curse removed.

We wanted to tell you upfront that these are the only two reasons our spell will not work, assuming you do your part to keep the spell charged with the spell-charging incantation we provide for you.  It takes just minutes per day to recite.

Meta or Mya can and SHOULD do a reading to determine if you are cursed. You can find this reading on our website under the "Readings" category. You do not have to have this reading done as a prerequisite to having any spell cast for you, but if it is found later that you were cursed all along, (after having this or any other spell cast for you) the curse would have to be removed, a protection spell would have to be cast immediately following the curse removal service, and the fat loss spell would have to be cast all over again. This would be a waste of your money and time, and Stormy's time and energy. Even if you think you have no enemies who would know witchcraft to be able to curse you, with so many people practicing witchcraft these days, it is not hard to find someone to hire to curse someone they despise or find as a threat in their lives in some way. 

Nine times out of ten, we find that people who thought they could be cursed were NOT cursed upon Meta or Mya's psychic reading. But they have also done readings on people to find that they were cursed when they thought they had no enemies. Most people we found to be cursed were cursed by someone (or by someone they hired) who either wanted their spouse or significant other, wanted their job, or had some other reason to want them to fail at something.

If you do purchase the reading before purchasing the fat spell and it is determined you have been cursed, the next course of action would be to have the curse removed, followed by an immediate protection spell before any other spells should be cast. You can hire the Moondance ladies to remove your curse or another practitioner of magick, if you prefer, but it should be done without delay.

If it is determined from the reading that you are not cursed, you will be notified accordingly, and you are free to purchase any spell you wish. It is best to start with the protection spell without delay while you know you are currently not under a curse of any kind.

Many practitioners of magick charge thousands of dollars to remove a curse, because it can be dangerous for the novice, and it is draining on anyone, regardless of their knowledge or experience removing curses. We charge a fraction of what most practices charge because we get it done quickly, efficiently, and without as much effort as someone with limited ability and experience. The Moondance ladies were literally born with abilities.

If/when you purchase a fat-loss spell, we will need some answers from a questionnaire returned to us as well as an UNFILTERED photo of your face after you purchase the spell, but prior to Stormy casting the spell. We really just need a clear pic of your eyes, but having your whole face in the picture helps Stormy cast your spell easier and more efficiently. Stormy will read you...then she can customize our existing spell for you. Based on what she sees in your eyes when she reads you, and the answer to your questions, she will be able to tailor our family spell to work specifically for you. She will then cast the spell for you.

Stormy casts all spells at night under the moon. One of her spirit guides is Ophaniel, Ruler of the Moon. She is also a moon child (July 10th).

For these two reasons, she resonates with the moon in a magical way. It's almost as if the moon is her own personal wish-granter. She can cast spells during the day without the moon, but she has a 100% success rate with every fat-loss spell she has ever cast under the moon at night on top of our hill (or during the day on any occasion where we have a visual of the moon during daylight hours).  She only needs the moon's warmth to cast, so she even casts on cloudy nights or when it's raining, as long as lightning isn't a factor.

The moon does not have to be in any particular phase  for Stormy when she casts spells. Most have to have the moon in waning phase in order for their fat loss spells to work, or a full moon in order for manifestation spells to be effective. The moon, for Stormy, will work wonders regardless of moon phase for ANY SPELL.

However, Stormy can only cast three spells per night, or she will usually get a massive migraine headache. Since the pandemic hit, Stormy has been anywhere from three days to two weeks behind schedule. (There has been an influx of protection spell orders coming our way since the pandemic's arrival).

We schedule clients in Stormy's appointment book on a first come, first served bases. This does not mean in order of payment received. It means in order of payment AND answers to any required questions received. If someone pays but doesn't give us the answers to the questionnaire for a particular spell to be cast, we are not going to put that person on Stormy's schedule because she cannot cast the spell without these answers. It does not make her happy if she pulls the next order to cast a spell and sees that she does not know anything about the person or even have a picture of them. So we simply do not put anyone on the schedule until we have payment AND answers to questionnaires, including face photos.

Once Stormy casts your spell, her work is done, but it does not stop there. You will have homework to do. You will need to recite a short prayer every night  (that we will email to you) for a specified number of nights or weeks (sometimes even months), until you have reached your goal and you feel you no longer need to keep the spell charged by reciting the prayer. You can begin charging your spell as soon as you are notified that the spell has been cast for you. This incantation needs to be done in a quiet place with no distractions. 

There are also spell-charging foods that, when consumed at certain times of the day, will enhance the power of the spell to make it work even faster and easier for you. CONSUMING THESE FOODS AND DRINKS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR THE SPELL TO WORK, but you will be ecstatic at how fast it works for you, how easy it is for you to eat properly, and how much energy and ambition you will gain for exercising more if you do follow this food and drink guide.

Please read the instructions for keeping your spell charged before Stormy casts your spell. You’ll want to know well in advance what you’ll need to do, and you'll some things you may wish to purchase. Especially some black candles. Some potatoes would be great, too, as well as some of the other foods mentioned that will help keep the spell charged and keep it at its strongest for you at all times.

These things are not required, but the more you do to follow the guidelines, the better and faster the spell will work for you. You can sit back and do nothing aside from the incantations every night, and the spell will still work for you. It’s all a matter of preference. If you want things to roll along more quickly, and for you to feel as strong as you possibly can at all times, you’ll also incorporate eating some of the spell-charging foods that are noted in the instructions.

Again, Stormy’s Basic fat loss spell is for people needing to lose under 100 pounds of fat. There is also a Super Fat Loss Spell for anyone wishing to lose 100 pounds of fat or more. (Approximately). These spells aim at fat loss, not weight loss. We don't weigh ourselves. We measure inches lost!


There are just these two spells. The same amount of time and effort is put into casting the basic fat-loss spell for someone who needs to get into a dress one size smaller as it is for someone who needs to go down ten sizes.  Whether you need to lose two inches or 40 inches makes no difference when it comes to the amount of time, effort, and materials used in Stormy's ritual to cast her spell for you, so please do not ask for a discount because you "only need to lose 5 pounds" or to get into one size smaller from the size you're currently wearing. It does not work that way! It costs us the same amount of time, effort, and ingredients/materials either way.

As mentioned previously, Stormy has a 100% success rate to date with these particular spells, (the fat loss spells), with the exception of two clients who later discovered they had been cursed and a third client who later discovered she had a thyroid issue she was not aware of. With healthy clients who have not had curses or hexes placed on them by a practitioner of magik, she still carries a 100% success rate with her fat loss spells. This is almost unheard of in the world of magick! It is the only spell in which either of us carry a 100% success rate.

How long it takes for you to see results and for you to reach your goal depends on YOU. If you follow the guidelines to a “T”, you will notice changes immediately and every week you will be size-ably smaller. If you miss incantations, don’t add any of the spell charging foods, etc, it will obviously impede results.

The more you put into anything, the greater your results. We have watched clients go from size 26 to 6 in four months. We have also watched clients go from size 26 to 6 in 24 months. Every person in the latter group will tell you they would forget to charge the spell periodically (or often), or that they didn’t eat a single baked potato in the first six months! At least they were honest with me, and with themselves.

No product is mailed to you with this service. This is a service done remotely for you by Stormy Moondance. You will be provided with instructions to keep the spell charged via email.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us 

Blessed be!

April B.

Office Manager



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