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Dark Spirits

Dark spirits to assist our friends who practice the dark arts, or who wish to have a dark spirit in their corner. Some are practitioners of Black Magick, Voodoo & Hoodoo. Others just have a mean streak in them and want to lash out on something or someone. If you have an axe to grind, you're in the right section.

Not all dark spirits have chosen vessels that necessarily play the part. There are some very attractive vessels in this category as well as some of the most gruesome you may have ever seen. 

Most dark spirits will abide by your ground rules for your household, so tell them straight up before you even allow them in your home what those ground rules consist of. For example, if you have adopted a succubus, you'll want to tell her that all male humans and pets in your household are OFF LIMITS! You may wish to also specify that any male friend or family member of yours living outside of your household is also off limits. 

Adopt at your own risk. Not recommended for newbie spirit keepers. 

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