Past Life Reading by Meta Moondance

Past Life Reading by Meta Moondance

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Those of you who know the Moondance ladies, know they are the real deal. To the rest of you, please read their bios, the shop’s  "About" Page, and see a sampling of some of Moondance Magik's feedback reviews.  

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AFTER YOU PURCHASE, we ask that you email us with the following information in a separate message from your order:

1. Your full name as it is now
2. Your full birth name if it is not the same
3. Your DOB
4. A clear face photo of you with eyes wide open -UNALTERED, UNFILTERED!
5. The names of your parents
6. Your city, state, country (Or province, territory, etc. if international)

Once we have this info, I can schedule your reading with Meta. When she reads you, she will engage into a deep meditation on you and she will travel backwards in time. You won’t feel a thing. Your body will stay where it is. Meta will go all the way back to your birth and beyond until she reaches your most recent previous life. This process takes quite some time from beginning to finish. Getting herself into astral travel mode alone can take well over an hour. Please understand this is not something that is done quickly.

Learn about your spirit with this service. It could answer some questions you might have about yourself such as “Why am I afraid of heights?”, or “I feel like my life has been cursed but I don’t know why.”

We have been offering this service for years locally and now we are offering it online.

We have hundreds of references and reviews to share upon request. Many of our clients have been hypnotized into a past life regression and can now remember their most recent previous lifetime. Meta's readings rendered the same exact results!

Also in our shop is a  Future Life Reading for those of you who wish to know who they will be and what their life will be like after they pass on from this life.

Once Meta has completed her travel and learned of your past life, she will summarize it into a .pdf outline and email it to you. It will be very thorough with many details. I think you will be pleased with the time and effort that will be put forth to make this a wonderful experience for you. Be sure that the email address of is on your safe list so your readings do not end up in your spam folder.

Makes a great gift, as well!



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Blessed be!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
This was amazing!!

My past life was tragic for sure and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been on Meta to have to witness something like this. I appreciate you so much, Meta!! It was an eye-opening reading that left me teary-eyed but also at peace. I feel like I can work through the trauma for that poor little girl that was me. But also I giggle every now and then at the thought of exploding. What a life.

Penny J.
wow !

I have a birthmark on my back and I get pain in that part of my back often. Found out from Meta's reading I was stabbed in the back in my past life. She didn't know about my pain or my birthmark. There's more but it's personal but I'll just say her reading explained alot of things to me.

It Shed So Much Light On My Current Life !

If ever you have wondered "WHY am I the way I am?" or "Why is my current life unfolding the way it has/is?" or any other uncertainties that you just can't seem to place...This reading will reveal answers to you . The amount of details this reading entailed was STUNNING. Names were revealed ; locations were revealed; but most of all , it helped to answer the deepest doubts and uncertainties that I had and I'd wanted to discover the reasons behind my feelings; specifically , my moderately high social anxiety. Any social interaction , no matter how brief or how harmless a person may seem, grips me with fear , though I try to hide it well. Meta revealed to me that in my past life , I was murdered in my 30s by a sibling that I was never even aware harboured any ill will towards me, and it left my past-life husband and young son without a mother. This was hard news to hear, but it explained much. Additionally , Meta looked into my soul group in regards to what happened, which was so sweet on her end ! Luckily my killer is nowhere present in my current life . I was also simultaneously happy and sad to hear that the baby boy from my past life is my mother in my current one : Happy to know that we are part of the same Soul family, but sad to know that this must mean that my past-life son lived even less time than I did , given the approximate time I died and the year my mom was born. It's impossible NOT to love the Moondance Magik team ! I am so grateful I found them <3 Thank you !!

Star Moon
Loved my reading

So much of the reading gave me clarity about my present life. Now I’m able to let go of my fears and embrace them. I not only got over my fear of snakes after learning the role they played in my past life but I am now the proud owner of Taffy and Gus my boa constrictors and quickly becoming the lives of my life! Ty Meta!

George Dougherty
it was good

I highly recommend this reading if you want some things of your current life explained to you. I completely understand now why I have a bad habit and now that i know that I can fix it. Also she described someone in my past life that is an exact description of my current wife in this life only in my past life she was my best friend. She described her down to the mole on her knee that is shaped like a crescent moon and the oddly colored eyes she has. (almost like silver ice). I love knowing she was in a past life because that means she will probably be in another life to.