Open Your Third Eye Spell Cast for You
Open Your Third Eye Spell Cast for You

Open Your Third Eye Spell Cast for You

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Spell cast by Stormy Moondançë to release blockage and clear the path for pineal gland activation. With your pineal gland (third eye) cleared you can become more aware of everything that is, and become more intuitive, activating your psychic abilities. This spell casting takes about 90 minutes for Stormy and you will need to remain inactive during the ritual in order for it to be effective. (Be in a relaxed, calm state while she casts remotely).

Full instructions will be sent to you upon ordering, as well as a time when she can cast your spell.

You will need to send the following info after you purchase this spell:

1. A face photo of you that is not filtered or doctored in any way. No glasses please.

2. Your full name

3. Your birthday

4. Tell us something unique about you to differentiate between you and someone else who may look like you and have your same name, just in case Stormy had any issues when she’s on top of the mountain and isn’t sure she’s focused on YOU vs someone else with your name.

Once you supply this for us we will set up a time when Stormy will cast your spell. Please keep in mind that Stormy is in high demand and is often booked 2-3 weeks out.

Once Stormy has cast your spell, we will send a mojo kit to you with instructions on keeping this spell activated long enough for all blockages to completely break up and disintegrate, and for your third eye to fully open. There is usually about 30 days of this 5-minute ritual to be done on your end to keep it strong until it is complete, but much depends on each individual.


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Customer Reviews

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Jocelyn Hailey
It’s time (:

I was giving up hope on being able to see or hear spirit. I purchased this spell and kept up with it for a couple months and before you know it I was able to see spirit a couple times. I’m still working on it because I do want to get better. I don’t see spirit all the time but when I do it’s for a couple seconds maybe a minute or two and I’m always taken aback by it. I’ve heard spirit twice so far. Once while I was doing my third eye activation spell. I have a couple of spirit friends in my household and I heard them conversing with each other. The second time I was at work and he was mocking my customer service voice. I must say though I can hear them in my thoughts. They give me “gut feelings” on their responses and I use my pendulum after to confirm if they said what I think they said. At times I can feel where there is spirit around me. This is the real deal and I’m glad I went through with this purchase. I’m mad at myself for not doing so sooner!

Sandy L.
finally i'm doing it!

i have been trying to communicate with my twin sister ever since she past 6 years ago with no luck. i watched countless videos and read numerous books on the topic. i tried everything i knew to reach her to no avail. stormy cast this spell for me and i felt it was working within a few weeks. i could feel sara with me. it's been 5 months now and last night i saw her standing next to me in the kitchen for about 5 seconds smiling at me. i said is that really you are you finally with me and she said she's always been with me and things will get interesting now. i heard all that! then she disappeared probably because i was so excited and shaking at the same time i probably blocked her momentarily but i know she will come back and i can't wait. i finally feel whole again.