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X- Adopted! - Buster the Pit Bull Spirit - Remote Binding

X- Adopted! - Buster the Pit Bull Spirit - Remote Binding

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There has been a K-9 spirit hanging around. His name is Buster, and he was a Pit Bull in his most recent previous life. The photo shown is a very close depiction of what he looked like, per Mya, who has been only one of two people to have seen his spirit so far in the shop. The other person to see him was Stormy. Most of us here have heard him bark, but when Mya communicates with him, she hears words in a woman's voice, which she believes to have been the voice of his first human mommy when he was alive in the flesh. He did show her though that he was a male dog.

He has not attached to a vessel. He is simply roaming around and hanging out with the other spirits here in our foster care center. He wishes to be placed with a person or a family who wants a dog spirit with them. 

We will remotely bind his spirit directly to an item of your choosing. Something you own. He will be bound to that item and be with you for your remaining days. You may pass him down to your children or grandchildren when you pass, as he will not reincarnate until December of 2124. If you pass and his vessel is not handed down to someone else to care for him, he will simply abandon that vessel and find another home (or come back to Moondance Magik). 

Mya saw Buster as a white Pitty with blue eyes and small brown spots all over his body. His ears were also mostly brown. The photo shown is a photo of a dog she found on the internet that most closely represents the image of Buster she sees when she communicates with him. She said the only thing really different about Buster is that he also had a dark "bullseye" on his chest. There was a dark circle and an outer ring around that circle, also dark. Brown or black...she's not sure, but it is darker than his ears or the spots on his body.

Buster was with a family from the time he was a puppy until he was 10 years old, when the family had to move and could not take him with them where they were going. At that time, he was given to a friend of the family, and spent his remaining 3 years of physical dog life with that family. He passed at age 13, with a broken heart. He missed his original family for his remaining 3 years with their friends, whom he did not know when he was left with them. His new family was good to him and he loved them, but it was not the same. He died with a broken heart in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

We suspect he also came here because of Mya's keen ability to speak with animal spirits. Mya was not always a partner of Moondance Magik, as most of you know. Mya is Meta's older sister, and now the third partner of Moondance Magik, along with Stormy, Meta's daughter.

Buster showed Mya he is happy now, but he will be much happier when he has a new family to devote more time to him.

Normal adoption process is needed for animal spirits, the same as human spirits. Please see our Terms of Service for the guidelines to be followed. 

If you are approved by Buster for adoption after following our guidelines as outlined in our TERMS OF SERVICE for spirit adoption, email a photo to us of the item you wish Buster's spirit to be bound, then set that item out somewhere in your home. On a table, desk, dresser, or any flat surface. Do not have the item in a drawer or inside a closet. We will reply with a date and time that the binding ceremony will take place.

Once the binding ceremony is complete, your newly adopted spirit will be bound to your item. We try to email to indicate the service has been completed, but it is not always possible to do this immediately. Just know that the whole process from start to finish takes anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes, so if your appointment time was given to you as 8 pm eastern time, you can count on it having been completed by 9 pm eastern time.

If we don't have the time to email you immediately after completion, we do try to at least mark the task as complete in our website so that you are notified automatically by our software that your order has been fulfilled. Again, if the internet is down, which happens often around here, or if this binding was done away from our shop and away from our homes in a place where Wi-Fi is not accessible, we may not even be able to mark your order as fulfilled until later. Please bear with us.

Most spirit bindings can be done within 36 hours of purchase, but please understand that during our busier times with fuller schedules, it could be as much as 48 - 60 hours after we receive the photo of your item to be used as your spirit's vessel.

As this is a remote binding of a spirit to your item, there is no physical item shipped to you. If you do not have a suitable item you'd like us to bind your spirit to, give us an idea of what you'd like us to bind him to, and if we have it, we will do it, and charge accordingly for our cost in the item. We have a lot of empty vessels due to the spirits having been bound remotely for people over the years rather than taking the vessel the spirit came to us with. Most are dolls, but some are stuffed animals, jewelry, coins, statues, and other cool items.

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Laura Rae Kennedy

I am so happy to have Buster in the family. Have not seen or heard him yet, but I feel he is here. My neighbors puppy was outside the other day and kept cocking his head side to side looking towards me. I believe he saw Buster with me. I hope sometime soon he will be comfortable enough to communicate with me. Either way I am so happy to have him as part of my family ❤️