40-Day Weight Loss Potion
40-Day Weight Loss Potion

40-Day Weight Loss Potion

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Finally take off the weight with this 40-day magik potion by Stormy Moondance. Roll it on under your nose and on your wrist twice daily. The potion keeps you on track and keeps you focused on your desire to lose the weight. SPELL NOT INCLUDED. This is all you, Babe.

This is for those of you who just need to remain focused on your task long enough to change your eating and exercise habits, or for those of you who might only need to lose enough inches to get into one or two smaller sizes from where you are now. It normally allows our clients to take these 40 days to teach themselves better eating and exercise habits. It allows you to stay focused on your task at hand and to not be distracted by the visual appeal or of the smells of BAD foods and drinks.

You use the potion for 40 days as you get into better habits. It actually only takes 15 days for you to create new habits that will be lasting. (You will be able to re-train your taste buds in 15 days). This plan gives you a full 40 days to make this transition. If you feel you need even stronger discipline than what this potion offers, the fat loss spells are recommended. See our shop for two listings of fat loss spells.

This 10ml bottle will last you 40 days when used as directed, and you may purchase a refill of the potion in a plastic bottle to refill your roller ball bottle to save money, if you wish to keep losing weight after the 40 days, or if you feel you simply do not have it down pat yet to continue to eat the way you should.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Don’t wanna say
I’m glad I tried it

Stormy casted the weight loss spell and it worked off 19 pounds but then I had a wedding and then the holidays and in January went to a weekend of festivals full of food and I couldn’t loose anymore because I got too busy to remember my nightly prayer. I gained 2 pounds because I didn’t make the time to charge the spell but this potion helped me loss 7 pounds so I’m getting more of these. I hope you have a refill bottle so I can get it in bulk and keep filling my tube ?

Jane Doe lol
I love this stuff!

I never thought I'd be able to take the last 12 pounds off after having my baby a year ago and losing all the excess weight except for 12 pounds that were stubborn. I had that excess 12 pounds for 7 months when I got this potion. It really does work and it smells so good! I used it all and lost 13 pounds! I'm going to get another bottle just to have on hand in case some weight starts to creep back up on me.