Vampire Portal - Enhances You, Romances You and More!
Vampire Portal - Enhances You, Romances You and More!
Vampire Portal - Enhances You, Romances You and More!
Vampire Portal - Enhances You, Romances You and More!
Vampire Portal - Enhances You, Romances You and More!
Vampire Portal - Enhances You, Romances You and More!

Vampire Portal - Enhances You, Romances You and More!

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This is a portal to a vampire spirit. Please choose from the available options. Their descriptions are written out below.

Of the vampires listed, each have something unique to offer you.

You will receive a portal to the vampire of your choosing from the list, if still available when you reach this page. Since we do not yet know how many portals they will each allow us to offer, we are keeping the quantity to just one each, for starters, with the exception of Steel, who has relayed to Meta already that he wants to help as many people as he can. So as not to take advantage of him though, we are just offering four at a time, until we get to know him better and can confirm with him that it is okay for us to add more.

There are suddenly hundreds of special beings contacting Meta all at once, and it's chaotic for her, to say the least. She's getting all their information and passing it along to me so that I can bring these services to you on our site. There will be more listings made on our site as time permits. Meanwhile, Meta is jotting down everything they tell her into her notebook, and I will create the listings every chance I get.

Once you make your purchase and an appointment time is given to you, Meta will conduct a ceremony at your assigned time to create a portal for the vampire you choose so that you may contact him or her through your portal to relay your wishes and desires. (Yes, there is a female vamp, but we do not yet have enough information from her to add her to this listing. I will add her to the listing as soon as Meta gets more time with her and learns what she needs to know). 

The vampire portals available for this listing are as follows:

Amante' - Gentle and Effective Lover  (Pronounced, "Uh Monn Tay")

Just tell Amante' what you like, and consider it done. If you cannot sense or feel spirit, you will need to utilize your own "tools" for the physical part, but Amante' will ensure that you feel his emotions, his love, and his affection throughout each of your "episodes" with him, and he guarantees to provide you with a "happy ending". If you have no idea what I'm referring to in the quotes, you're probably too young to understand, so get off our page! 

Amante' is as sensual as they come (no pun intended). If you want a lover who will give you gentle kisses on your neck and mouth the entire time you are "at it", that's exactly what you'll get. If you want a lover who will spank you, you'll get that too. Amante' tells us he has seen it all and done it all. Nothing that has been asked of him repulses him or makes him shake his head. He says he's been asked to do some things that would sound extremely strange to some people, but he doesn't judge, nor does he analyze anything. He is simply there to make sure you have a good time, feel loved and adored, and that you have someone to share your most secret desires with. He wants nothing in return except to know that he fulfilled all your wishes. 

He is an Italian Vampire, and he is immortal. He's very strong, yet very gentle, unless you want him to behave differently. He loves red wine. Cabernet is his favorite. He likes his mate to drink a glass of it before the love-making session so that he can taste it coming out of your pores and on your lips. This gives him extra power to get the job done effectively.

A separate instruction sheet will be emailed to you upon purchase of a portal to Amante in addition to the generic one we send that covers most portals to mysterious beings, as it is a lot more detailed than the generic sheet and more specific to him. It contains things I would not write publicly.


Emilio - Secret Messenger Service

How many of you have that one "friend" in your circle of friends who is so full of themselves and so arrogant, yet it doesn't seem to bother anyone in your circle of friends except for you? Or that mother-in-law who is nice to you in front of your spouse, but as soon as you are alone with her, she talks down to you, belittles you, insults you, and does her best to just make you feel like you're not good enough for her child? You don't want to call the person out, and risk losing your friends or having your family upset with you, so you just bite your tongue. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could get the message to them anyway? Emilio will act as a personal messenger service for you and make sure they know exactly what they need to know. He will do it when you are not around, so they can't be sure who it is that is delivering the messages, or who it is that put someone up to it. They will wish they had been nicer to you though, before Emilio finishes with them.

An example he gave us was of a 14-year-old girl we will call Amanda. She lives with her father and her stepmother. Her father, we will call him Jack, thinks she's the most beautiful, sweetest young lady who ever lived, and there is no one in this world who is more important to him. She is daddy's girl. The stepmother, Cheryl, wants to love her, but she treats Cheryl like crap when her daddy isn't paying attention.  (These are not their names, but we don't know where these people live or if they might find this listing on here, so we are changing the names to protect "Cheryl"!) 

Cheryl told Emilio that Jack's sweet little innocent Amanda has called her the "C" word, told her to F-off, and many other vulgar phrases were thrown her way numerous times when daddy's not around. In front of Jack, she tells Cheryl she loves her and acts like little miss innocent.

Emilio paid Amanda a visit one night when she went to bed, but before she fell asleep. He said, "Amanda, you little "C", how would you feel if daddy were to see videos of how you treat Cheryl in his absence"? Amanda sat up, turned the light on that sits on her nightstand, looked around the room, and did not see anyone. So she thought she had started to fall asleep and imagined it. She turned the light back off, and closed her eyes. Emilio did not let up though, and he said, "You bitch! I'm talking to you! Don't you dare go to sleep! You better figure out quickly that you cannot manipulate the world the way you think you're getting away with treating Cheryl, or you will regret it"!

That time Amanda knew she heard a real voice, and it was not a dream she started to have. She sat up, turned on the light, and this time looked all over her bedroom, starting with underneath her bed. She checked her closet, the hallway outside her bedroom, even her dresser drawers. Nothing. No sign of a man or even a recording device. 

The next morning at the breakfast table, Amanda asked her family if anyone heard or saw anything strange the night before. Cheryl then knew that Emilio had already gone to work on her request. When they said that they didn't hear or see anything, she just said OK, and left it at that. Cheryl asked Amanda to help her with the dishes when they all finished eating. Her father was still sitting there with them, so she said, "Sure Cheryl. I'll help you with anything you need". They walked into the kitchen with the dishes, and Jack went to the bathroom in the opposite direction. Amanda looked at Cheryl when she knew they were alone, and said, "You can't fool me bitch! I know you did something to try to scare me". Before Cheryl could respond, Amanda said, "Ouch", and she put her hand up over the side of her neck. When she pulled her hand away, there was blood on her hand and on her neck. Cheryl was standing a good 6 - 7 feet away from Amanda when this happened, so Amanda knew Cheryl couldn't have been causing her pain. Cheryl asked her why she was bleeding, and she said she did not know, but it felt like something bit her. She walked into the living room to look in the mirror, and she saw two puncture marks on her neck. She went back into the kitchen and screamed, "How are you doing this?"  Cheryl shrugged and said she didn't know what she was talking about, while keeping her composure. She looked believable, Emilio told us. Amanda looked confused and she said, "You think daddy loves you more than he loves me but he never will you cow!" Just as she finished talking, she got a bite on the other side of her neck. Amanda couldn't believe what was happening.

Then Amanda heard a voice. It was Emilio. He whispered into her ear, "Say you're sorry and that you'll never call Cheryl names again, and I'll make it stop". As he said this, he blew on her ear so that Amanda would know it wasn't a device somewhere but rather a real being whispering to her. Amanda peed her pants, but she said she was sorry and that she would do her best to get along with her better. Then she felt both sides of her neck, and she could not longer feel puncture wounds. She looked at her hands, and her hands were no longer bloody. She walked back to the mirror in the living room again, and when she looked, she saw no signs of ever being wounded.

This is how Emilio works.

Emilio was born into a vampire family in Southern Italy many moons ago. His father was black, and his mother was Italian. He had three sisters and one brother. All of them were given their gifts of eternal life by their parents. Their bi-racial family was frowned upon back in their day, so their skills came in handy when it came to defending themselves. This is all he has told Meta. She said it seemed painful for him to recall, so she did not press the issue.



Steel - Your Knight in Shining Armor

Just as his title indicates, Steel is a protector. Channel him through your portal and give him the names of anyone bothering you, and he will "take care of them". This can be bullies, someone at work who is trying to sabotage your efforts, an ex trying to make your life hell, a jealous person who does his or her best to make you look or feel bad so that they somehow feel better, or even a demonic entity. Steel is the most powerful vampire spirit in existence, and not just according to him. Emilio and Amante' concurred, when asked privately by Meta. He says he bites the heads off of demons, chews them up, and spits them out on a regular basis. 

You can also ask Steel to be by your side as you sleep if you have nightmares, and he will vanish them. You can ask him to escort you to a place you're afraid to go to alone, and no one will bother you. If they attempt to, they'll wish they hadn't. 

He tells us that he has fixed the problems for many already, and he's up for helping our client base. Like any spirit, he can be in multiple places at one time, so he will continue to help those who already have portals to him through other means while also taking on a few of our clients.

Steel's intentions are pretty cut and dry, so there's not a whole lot to say, but there's a whole lot to Steel. He's more than a protector. He takes his job very seriously, and he will become more to you than just a contractor. He is passionate about his clients. He will often act on things he doesn't like even if you do not see them happening. His senses, like most vampires, are extremely keen. Sight like an eagle, hearing like a bat, and the strength of gorilla times ten. If he so much as hears someone saying something foul about you, there will be repercussions. He won't stab someone to death over something as trivial as name-calling or someone spreading rumors, but they will know that whatever it was that they just did or said was punishable enough to receive some discomfort.



The photos for these three gentlemen were chosen by Meta, who was actually able to see them while they were in her head with all their information. She said they were standing in front of her plain as day, and that they did not even look "ghostly", like mortal spirits do when she sees them. (I would assume this is because they are immortal, but they come and go right in front of her eyes, which is the confusing part). There was nothing translucent about them, and she was actually surprised we couldn't all see them.

She grabbed hold of Steel's arm at one point and she felt it as if he were a solid being of matter, and yet they vanished right in front of her eyes when they were finished interviewing with her. This is the first time Meta has ever experienced something like this, and she's been communicating with spirits of all kinds for almost 60 years. (For as long as she can remember). She said she has even had visits from other vampires, but they did not appear to be alive, like these three do. She chose these photos she found that most closely represent the look of the spirits she saw as they were communicating with her. We realize that some of these photos in our listings could actually be photos or illustrations of actors or sketches of fictional characters, but she still chose the ones that most closely resemble her guests.

She said the photo of Amante' is so spot-on, that she thinks he may have even provided it to her on her screen. She saw him right away on the first screen of her search. The others she did not find until she went through about 5 or 6 pages of images of vampires through her browser, but she said they look a lot like the photos she finally found and asked me to use for this listing.

Remember that your purchases are confidential. We do not discuss your conversations or your purchases with anyone. We do not mention anything about your purchases or your conversations with us in our Facebook group or anywhere else. We treat your privacy with greater respect than even your doctor's office does.

Nothing is shipped to you for this service.  Simply choose the vamp you wish to have bound to yourself as a portal to him, or to an item you have in your possession. After checkout, send us a photo of YOURSELF (can be a selfie as long as it is not doctored in any way), your full name as you use it now, your birth month and day (or your astrological sign), and pics of the item you wish to use as a portal if we will not be binding the portal to your person.

We will give you an appointment time for when Meta or Mya will conduct the binding ceremony remotely. The binding ceremony takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Once the ceremony is complete, we will contact you to inform you that your portal is ready for use. Because we have spotty Internet service, it is not always possible to contact you immediately. Just know that if an hour has passed after your appointment slot, you can consider it done. If the Internet is up and running well we will also mark your order as fulfilled in our back office and you will receive an automatic email through our system. Meta and Mya do not always remember or have the time to send an email confirming the completion of their service, but if the internet is operating properly, they always have time to mark your order as fulfilled. 

If we will be binding the portal to your person, you will need to be in a somewhat relaxed state for an hour. You can read, watch TV, even cook or wash dishes, as long as you don’t get your heart racing. No running, exercising, vacuuming, etc. during this time.

Instructions for reaching your vamp to introduce yourself to him and for sending requests to him will be emailed to you once the binding service is complete. 



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Leslie Ann
oo la la

At first I didn't notice a thing but Monday night went to bed after a glass of red wine and called Amante to me almost half joking. I woke up an hour later sweating because of the things that happened with him in my dream. Or was it a dream? How graphic may I be in this review? Let's just say I needed to change my clothes especially the bottoms! So it really DID happen just as I felt and remembered! I didn't want to seem greedy so I let it go a night but asked him for another good time last night and voila. Amante to my service! Best money I ever spent!