Terms of Service - Must Read Before Purchasing!

You MUST read our Terms of Service (TOS) before making a purchase from this store. Making a purchase indicates that you have read and agree to our terms, and that you are at least 18 years of age.

NOTICE: We are not psychiatrists, therapists, or counselors, so please do not come to us for services we are not qualified to provide. Any emails or messages sent to us indicating you are on the verge of harming yourself or others is promptly reported to the appropriate authorities. 

The first section is all about spirit adoption

If you are not considering adopting a spirit vessel, please jump down to the next paragraph you come to in

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We need to know a few things about you before we you can adopt spirits from us. Please send the following to us via email. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

  1. Your name & relationship status.
  2. Something about you – like what you do for a living or your hobbies. What interests you in spirits.
  3. Something about the people who live with you, if applicable.
  4. Do you already have spirits living with you?
  5. What is your level of expertise (beginner, intermediate, professional)? How long have you been a spirit keeper?
  6. Please send a photo of yourself. A selfie is fine, as long as filters are not used. Spirit will need a clear shot of your eyes so he or she can read you to get a visual of you, which will allow them to also see your home, anyone living with you, if applicable, your climate, your neighbors, and anything else that might be important to them. This way spirit can give his or her approval or he or she will decline if they do not feel drawn to you or if something else is not suitable to them. This is to your advantage, as well as spirit’s. You wouldn't want spirit to leave the vessel if they arrive and they are not happy with their new home, with the people or other spirits living in the home, or with you. It is better to be paired with a spirit who feels as drawn to you as you do to them.
  • Please do not go straight to “buying”  (adopting) without submitting this introduction! You would not send your children to a new babysitter without knowing something about them. We feel no differently about our spirits.
  • On the other hand, do not send your picture and answers to questions from above if you are not ready to adopt the spirit in which you are inquiring. The spirit may get excited about the idea of you adopting them when they are asked to look at your photo. When they say “Yes, I want to go with that person or family” and then you say, “Okay, well I’ll let you know”, we then have to tell the spirit that you were just a tire kicker and may or may not end up adopting them. Do you know how hard that is for us to do? Do you have any idea how that makes them feel? Spirits are not to be treated like cars you are shopping for!  They are welcome to stay here with us as long as they wish, but when they think they are going somewhere, it is really hard on them when we have to tell them “False Alarm”.  This never  makes spirit happy, and you don't even want to know how it makes us feel when our spirits' feelings are hurt.   BE CONSIDERATE PLEASE!!!  
          We and the spirits have been burnt too many times, so don’t even ask. The biggest issue is that the spirit loses out. We hold the vessel for you “till you get paid on Friday”, then someone else wants to adopt him or her and we tell them, sorry, there is a pending adoption. Friday rolls around and you either don’t respond to our messages or you simply don’t/can’t pay. So we then offer the spirit back to the other person or people who wanted him or her, and they already went elsewhere and found another one to adopt. This happened way too many times in our first year with an online presence. It won’t happen again. Our spirits mean more to us than anything or anyone.

  • Now it is time to be completely BLUNT! Spirit-keeping is a lifetime commitment. You would not adopt a child and take him back after a few weeks because it is too inconvenient, he is cramping your style, or you find it to be a lot of hard work, would you? If you would do such a thing, we don’t have anything for you here. Period.
  • If you have no experience with spirits, we highly recommend you do some research before adopting. We will send along a general guideline with your first spirit upon request, but it is ultimately up to you to research and learn all you can before you adopt. Again, this is not much different from having children, and the hospital is not going to teach you how to be a parent before you leave the hospital with your baby.
  • We do not recommend the adoption of a spirit for anyone who is adopting solely for the aspect of entertaining friends and family. This is not fair to the spirit, as this is not the reason he or she wanted to be adopted.  They generally want to be with people or families with like interests, specifically with or without children, other spirits, or pets (they will indicate their preferences to us and this will be noted in the listing), or with people who have experienced some of the same experiences as they have. They are more willing to communicate with people who have their best interests at heart, and they are less likely to communicate and make things “happen” around you if you are strictly trying to put on a show for people. This will annoy the “?*#!” out of them, and they will most often not comply!
     If they do comply, they are extremely likely to jump ship soon after. (Leave the vessel you purchased, leave your home, and find another item to attach to). Sometimes they will come back to us. They have been known to also do this if you do not tell the full truth about your living situation. If a spirit asks to go to a home with females only because she has been abused by a man in her previous life, she will most definitely leave the vessel if she arrives at your home and finds she will be living with a man in the house. We tell you specifically in every case if there are special circumstances. It is up to you to be truthful and comply with spirit’s wishes, or risk the spirit leaving the vessel upon arrival to your home.
  • Treat your Spirit the way you’d want to be treated if you were just adopted!
    Would you want your new parents to be asking you to do Magickal things for them as soon as you arrive home for the first time? Imagine you’re 12 years old and just left the orphanage to live with new parents you never met before. They pick you up and take you home and right away they say they want their health issues to disappear overnight and you’re the one who has to make that happen. That wouldn’t be a very warm welcome, would it?   Remember that they want to be adopted to be loved and cherished just like a child wants to feel when you adopt him from an orphanage. If you get them home and right away want to know why they’re not talking to you or why they’re not bringing you a million dollars on day five of living there m, the Spirit will sense that they are only with you so you can use them for their gifts and they are very likely to leave their vessel.
  • Give them time to settle in. Allow them to size you up and get to know you by YOU TALKING TO THEM for the first few weeks before you expect them to communicate back. Even when new spirits come here where there are several psychic mediums who have been Spirit keeping and communicating with Spirit for decades, spirits can be shy and take a while to communicate back to us. If you’re not a medium, it could even takes MONTHS before you hear or see your spirits. 
  • We  have SPIRITS that are attached to items, or they want to be attached to something in your home so they can be with a family or person they resonate with They are not DOLLS or STATUES (or other "items"). You wouldn't want people to call you a meat suit, so please understand they are not dolls. This makes most of them feel very inferior and sad that you look at them as objects rather than living spirits.                 


  • We do not BARGAIN or BARTER when it comes to our spirits.They are not cars! They are not merchandise of any kind.  We pay a price for them when they come to us by wheeler/dealers or when we are called out to collect them from someone’s home, because that’s what the sellers require of us...PAYMENT. We then become their foster home for a period of time until we find suitable homes for them. Some stay with us indefinitely. Others may only be with us a week. Still others are with us for months or years before we are able to match them up appropriately. While we have them, they are given their offerings, worked with constantly, and kept as happy as they can be until they are placed with people that suit them better. Most of them are not challenged enough to stay with us indefinitely because they want to help people who need help that we do not need. Most people who have kittens or mixed breed puppies for sale only charge something for them because they don’t want them getting into the wrong hands. The concept is similar. In any event, we barely profit. We have to make it worth our time but we’re not exactly living large “flipping spirits”. To want to barter on them is an insult to the spirit. If you don’t like the prices you see, move on to something else please. Occasionally you’ll see us drop a price at the request of the spirit who is getting antsy, or because we have run out of room. (We have THOUSANDS of spirits attached to vessels or hanging out waiting to be bound to an object for his or her new keeper. If we ever do lower the price on a spirit, it is at their request. They will get antsy and want to move on and they will run out of patience at times. Someone asked us once why we have not put a spirit on sale if they are such a PIA or if they are so evil. We did not justify them with a response, but the truth is we took on a responsibility with every single spirit in our possession, and we intend to adopt them out the right way, even if they are a dark entity. Allowing them to go to someone who was simply looking for a bargain is not doing them a favor, and it’s not right. Most people simply looking for a bargain are simply looking for a means to USE a spirit or they’re looking for cheap entertainment. They do not have the spirit’s best interests at heart, or the price dropping by ten bucks won’t make a difference.
  • The shipping prices that show on your end are not negotiable, because they are calculated by Etsy or by our shipping platform on our website. Etsy (and our website platform) knows your postal code when you are signed in and looking up the cost of shipping on an item. They show you your shipping cost based on what USPS or UPS will charge us for a postage label to ship the item to you. All we do is enter the dimensions and the weight for each item when we list it. We do not profit on shipping. What Etsy or our Website shows you as your shipping cost is what they will also charge us to print a postage label through them. This shipping cost includes insurance based on the value of the item, as well. We insure every package that leaves our facility.
  • Please always remember you are ADOPTING A SPIRIT, NOT BUYING A DOLL! 


When it comes to communicating with your spirit, this is something that will happen the way your spirit feels you will best understand him or her. The way one particular spirit might communicate with me is often different from how they will communicate with Stormy and they may communicate even differently with a third person, such as Stormy’s husband or a member of our coven. Much depends on how YOU generally open up to spirit, but a lot also has to do with your chemistry with the particular spirit involved.

For example, I most often communicate best via mind messages with spirit, but occasionally, one will communicate with me by voicing their thoughts out loud instead of sending their thoughts to my mind. This same spirit might communicate with Stormy via pictures sent to her mind to tell a story, even though Stormy normally hears spirit voices out loud. So there is no telling how each spirit will communicate with each person, on any given day. We get asked a lot how the spirit is going to communicate with them, and the answer is, we do not know! It will depend on several factors, and it could change from one day to the next.

We cannot answer questions like, “Do they communicate via pendulum”, “Do they talk through a spirit box”, or “Do they register on an EMF meter”, because we do not use any of those items here. We do not need to!

If you are not communicating with your spirit at all, you might want to start out by communicating through a pendulum to see if you can get “yes/no” answers for starters. We usually have some available in our shop. Once you have mastered that with them, further communication is usually easily achieved.

If you’re not an avid spirit communicator yet, you will be if you are patient enough. You need to give it time and you need to practice. You don’t have to be a highly sensitive person for this to work for you. You need to develop a relationship with your spirit, and the rest will come. Talk with him or her. Include them in your life. Sit them at the dinner table with you for meals. Meditate with them. There are all kinds of ways to bond with your spirit.

Spirits like gifts! They like to be given offerings as a show of your affection. We always try to find out what each spirit likes as an offering before we send them off to their forever homes. This can be anything from a particular food, a specific flower, a favorite color, a type of music, or even a particular scent. If we are able to obtain this information from a spirit before we send them to their forever home, we will pass it on to their new family, of course. If the item or items are something tangible and non-perishable that we have on hand, we will send a small sample of the item(s) along with them in addition to telling you what it is that they like. If we are not able to find out what they like as offerings, nothing will be listed, and it will be up to you to figure out what they would enjoy. It is rare that this happens, however.


For all customers to read regardless of which products or services you are purchasing:


>>> Please do not ask for a discount for readings or spells. When you are receiving a TRUE reading from a REAL psychic medium, you are not just getting a generic report that is handed out to everyone who purchases the reading. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are some frauds on Etsy selling readings for $5.

A lot of energy and time goes into each and every reading, and you are given a very detailed report of Meta's or Mya’s findings. It takes HOURS for some readings to be completed from start to finish, and usually at least another half hour for the reading to be typed up into a document for you. Readings can be VERY DRAINING for the reader. You wouldn’t expect a doctor to donate their time to you and you wouldn’t generously give your time to your employer at a discount just because you like them.

Even the reading to determine if you are cursed or hexed is time-consuming and draining. It does not take nearly the time of other readings, which is why we charge a lot less, but it is draining and can wreak havoc on our energy...especially if we feels a curse when we focus on you. We will actually feel the curse as if we have been cursed, and that is not fun for an intuitive psychic!

The same applies for spells. Spell-casting is extremely draining and time-consuming, as well. Stormy casts only three spells per night most nights because more would likely cause a migraine headache for her. She often has to stop at two, if they are very detailed spells. Each of her rituals takes at least two hours; bur many are three or four hours long. She does not simply wave a wand and exclaim "Hocus pocus"! You will, on occasion, see a sale or receive a discount coupon, but that is simply because we like to participate in events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other occasions. A discount coupon is often given as a gift for our loyal, repeat customers, as well, at our discretion.

Meta, Mya and Stormy are in high demand for the services of their gifts. They are both usually booked several weeks out. You wouldn't work overtime to get half the pay instead of time and a half...so please respect the work these ladies do, and please do not insult them. Thank you for understanding.

April B.,

Office Manager



Refunds and Returns:

 >>> Certain services are not refundable. Readings, spirit bindings, spells, demon banishment, etc. are all things that cannot be undone, or in the case of spells, they would take more work to undo than the work that was put into casting them in the first place. Because you are reading our TOS, you know that there are times when Meta, Mya and Stormy are scheduled out 3 or 4 weeks in advance. If you get antsy part of the way through the waiting period and you cannot wait that long, you will receive a refund, upon request, minus our 20% administrative fee. Other work goes into our services aside from the actual service you ordered. April's time, especially, is valuable, and we pay her to do the work she does. If the service has already been rendered, you can expect a 100% fee. (Services rendered are not refundable).

We also will not refund any order after 90 days from the date the order was placed, regardless of whether it was a product or a service. After 90 days, the portion of your order that goes to various charities has already been submitted to these organizations, and we could not and would not take it back to refund your money.

We had a situation where someone paid the adoption fees for a spirit but asked us not to send the spirit to her until her husband left for a business trip. Most of his trips would be booked for a week at a time, so her order would arrive while he was out of town. After she made the transaction with us, she was supposed to tell us when he would be leaving for a trip, and we were to ship her order a day prior to his departure date. She expected he would be going on a trip very soon. Six months went by without any contact from her, and she was not responding to our messages. We had already made our charitable contribution from the order 3 months after the order took place so we could not refund all her money. In addition, the spirit was upset and depressed that she wasn't sent to her new keeper. After five months went by, someone else showed interest in her, so we allowed the adoption to take place. We look out for our spirits first and foremost, just as we would if we were running a foster care center for human children. If the client who initially adopted this spirit had read these TOS prior to adopting, which is a requirement before making ANY purchase from us, she might understand. (Especially if she had read the paragraph above this one). 

>>> Some products are also not returnable or refundable. Any opened packages are not refundable or returnable. Mojo kits sent are tailored to work only for you after services are rendered, so therefore are not refundable or returnable, as they will not work for anyone else, and the materials used in them should not be recycled into another person's mojo bag. There are a few other items, such as special-order products that are not refundable. If in doubt, email us before purchasing. 

>>>It is best to contact us at the following email address rather than through Etsy messaging or any other messaging platforms: moondancemediums@gmail.com. We have had issues with messages going to Etsy spam folder and since we rarely use a PC, we do not have access to that spam folder. (It is not included in the Etsy seller’s app for our business phone or iPad). We won't know you are even trying to reach us if your message goes to our Etsy spam folder. We do have access to our business email spam folder on all apps, so we check that folder regularly to ensure we are getting all of your messages.

>>>Stormy does not do email, texting, messaging, Facebook, or any other electronic form of communication. She does not even use her cell phone except for emergencies, because she avoids EMFs as much as possible. They can interfere with her gifts. Instead, we print all messages out for her and give them to her to read. She replies via written notes to us to transfer into an email back to you. I (April), even handle her postings on Facebook for her most of the time. She tells me what to post and how to respond to people.  Meta also does not do much in the way of electronic communication, but she will engage on occasion for some of her long-term clients and friends, or in urgent situations for a client.

>>> Most spells and readings require that you send us specific information that we will need in order to complete your order. It is up to you to read the entire listing in full to know what information it is that we need from you, and to send that information to us. We do not have time to chase people down to ask them to help us to help them. All you have to do is read the listing and submit the info we need AFTER you make a purchase for a spell or a reading, or any other custom or tailored product or service.

>>>>>> You must be an adult 18 years of age or older to purchase any spells, magickal items, spirit vessels, bindings, portals, readings, serums, elixirs or potions from this shop. (Includes all paranormal and magickal items)

>>>>>> Any props used in photos are not included unless otherwise noted!

>>>>>> Potions are for external use only, and should never be swallowed/ingested unless otherwise stated in the individual listing and the instructions for use!

KEEP THEM OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS, OR ANYONE WHO WOULD NOT KNOW BETTER ABOUT SWALLOWING THINGS THAT COULD BE HAZARDOUS TO THEIR HEALTH! Most all products are made with organic herbs and essential oils, but just because something is all natural doesn’t mean hey should be ingested  

>>>>>> Due to supply shortages worldwide, bottles, jars, boxes, and other designs may vary from photos shown in listing for potions and other such items.

>>>>>> ETSY, Facebook, and some other sites require us to also add the following disclaimer: “For entertainment purposes only”.

>>> If a product is shipped to you for spell work or any other magick, please use all herbs, flowers, oils, crystals, candles, mojo bags, and any other spell-bound items from this shop responsibly! Do not attempt to hasten the results as this could give you adverse effects. Doing anything too quickly could result in your inability to stop it!

>>> Understand in advance that if you attempt to use our products to harm anyone, it could cause a karmic result you do not want.

>>> Do not eat or drink any of the items purchased from us unless the instructions you are given CLEARLY state that you should consume them! Some herbs, oils, and other products used can be toxic if swallowed.

>>> We are not responsible for any harm, damages, or losses resulting from the use or misuse of items from this shop.

>> Purchasing an item from us signifies your acceptance of these statements and releases us from all liability.

3-21-21 UPDATE: These are the various terms of ALL of the products and services we offer. EVERYONE is referred to this page regardless of the product or service they are considering from our selling platforms. If you are considering purchasing a spell, you obviously do not have to pay any attention to the verbiage on this page regarding spirit vessels! We know most people know this, but not all have understood it, so here we are. 🙃



  1. USPS has been behind schedule for YEARS now, and even though we ship 99% of all USPS packages by Priority Mail, none of USPS’s services ofee a time guarantee except for EXPRESS MAIL. We use UPS whenever possible.  We ship quickly, but it’s out of our hands once a package gets dropped off at the post office or the UPS terminal. Tracking might show it is sitting at the same post office for days at a time. Again, out of our control. We are not the post office, and we cannot make them move faster than what they do. UPS usually does not delay. 
  2. If the tracking shows an item has been delivered to your home, but you do not have it, the first thing you should do is look around your home to see if the package was left somewhere other than inside your mailbox. Maybe a porch or the garage. If you still do not see it, the second thing to do would be look around on your neighbor’s porches. Thirdly, hunt down your mail carrier and ask him or her why it was scanned as delivered, but it is not in your mailbox or anywhere at your home. Package handlers and mail carriers can put something in the wrong mailbox and still scan it as delivered, which is usually the case if you don’t see it on your porch or somewhere else. If you cannot find your carrier, immediately report this to the post office. Finally, contact us when all these other things failed. We are the last people who can help you figure out why your mail carrier scanned a package as delivered but didn’t put it in your mailbox, because we are not there. You can hunt down the carrier. You can look around your house. You can ask your neighbors. WE cannot do ANY of these things. We will fill out the paperwork for an insurance claim two business days after your package was not delivered but scanned as delivered when all other steps have been taken on your end. 
  3. If something arrives damaged, you MUST keep the box and all inner packaging for the USPS or UPS damage claim officer to inspect. Contact us IMMEDIATELY upon receiving your damaged package so we can put in a claim for it right away. If you wait a day or two after receiving, the claim will likely be denied because there will be no way to prove that YOU did not break the item and then decide to blame the carrier. So it is imperative that you contact us right away upon receipt of damaged item(s). We have never had to place a damage claim to date, but we know how it works.



Please order well in advance! International shipping can take a week, or it can take 6 weeks! 

Much has to do with how slow USPS has become in recent years, and most international customers do not want to pay for UPS delivery, but packages can also get held up in Customs of either USA or YOUR COUNTRY for long periods of time. Some countries sit on packages for several more weeks or even months after our packages go through their Border Control or Customs Office. We have had a few packages take 3 or 4 months to reach the recipient. The biggest culprit of sitting on packages without moving them seems to be Sweden, and pretty consistently lately, but there are other countries that seem to hold packages for excessive periods of time before allocating them to a truck to send out for delivery to the customer.


There are also no refunds issued for readings, spell castings, OR ANY OTHER SERVICES, period. The service has already been rendered once Stormy, Meta or Mya put their blood, sweat, and tears into providing these services for you, so there is nothing to return. Even if they haven't yet provided the service, there are things done behind the scenes in preparation. Supplies for special spells or readings may have been purchased. Time is spent coordinating everything, including emails back and forth with our clients.

Charge backs for services rendered is not recommended! This is referred to as theft of services, and it is not nice to steal from people. It's also not wise to steal from Meta, Stormy or Mya Moondance. 

Blessed be!