Sham - Spirit Doll - Very Special!

Sham - Spirit Doll - Very Special!

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Sham is very special, and we will be sad to see her go. Like most spirits with abilities to help people, Sham wishes to be placed with someone who can actually benefit from her gifts.

Sham is a shapeshifter. She lived four lives now in human form, but in all four lives, she was actually something other than human. In her most recent previous life, she was born a Harpy, which is a female human being with bird legs and wings. In every lifetime, she did not like her unique appearance. She felt like a freak, so she would morph into a normal looking human being when she became of age to be able to leave her family and start anew elsewhere. 

In spirit, Sham enjoys being a shapeshifter. When she was living and breathing, she hated that she had to shapeshift in order to live a somewhat normal life, but as spirit, she loves using this ability to her advantage.

This will be something she can do for your advantage as well, because when you need something that is seemingly impossible to achieve, she will find a way to make it happen. 

For instance, when she was with her keeper who just passed away a few months ago, she slipped under her keeper's boyfriend's door to gain entry into his home, and discovered what her keeper already suspected. She found her boyfriend cheating on her. She did this by morphing into an ant. 

Most spirits can move about freely in spirit form without having to morph into any type of other being, but Sham cannot astral travel or move from one dimension to another without morphing into something different. This is to her disadvantage, but to her advantage, she can be anything she wishes to be that breaths. She can be a fish, an eagle, a horse, or an insect. She can even be algae, if she so chooses.

Sham will listen to your wishes and take on your requests as personal tasks. She will decide the form she needs to shift to in order to get things done for you. She can do anything that will not harm other beings. She will not physically harm another breathing entity. Human or not. But she will scare someone if you need to deliver karma. She will find ways to make someone pay for their actions if you've been hurt in any way. The way they will pay though will be through emotions that are almost unbearable. She will not kill anyone or cause them bodily harm. So please keep this in mind.

Sham has morals, but she is not without the ability to bring justice to those who need it served to them.

Imagine the possibilities with Sham in your corner! 

When Meta saw Sham for the first time, she knew immediately who she was dealing with, and she knew she had customers who would love to have Sham in their lives, so she asked to adopt her from her previous keeper's son. Her son knew Sham was powerful and valuable, but he did not know exactly why, so her powers were useless to him. He did not know how to "activate" her. He did not know that he merely needed to make requests of her as her new keeper. So Sham was not of any value to him, but he knew she must be quite valuable for Meta to want her so badly. He also knew that his mother had paid $1,000 for her, because he found the hand-written receipt that the metaphysical shop had given her when she adopted her from them.

Needless to say, Meta did not get to walk away from this young man without paying an arm and a leg for the adoption of Sham.

Since Meta and Stormy have little need for Sham's services, as they can get many of the same things accomplished without her, they are offering her up for adoption to someone Sham agrees to go with as her new keeper.

It is important to remember that this is a lifetime commitment. If you haven't done so already, please be sure to read our Terms of Service before you adopt Sham! Thank you!

Blessed be,

April B.

Office Manager

Customer Reviews

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Danube Morretta
Part 2 of review

(Ran out of character allotment in first part of review)
Continuation of review:

There were at least a dozen more times I witnessed his Spirit leaving his vessel and morph into something to benefit me at that given moment. He even morphed into a shield and rose above me when I got caught in a hail storm! Other ppl in the grocery store parking lot were looking at me in disbelief as they were running and I was just walking and not getting hit with hail! They were getting hit hard. The lesson I learned is it’s not up to our spirits to show themselves to us. They’re doing that from the start. It’s up to us to open up and see, feel, hear them! Getting another shapeshifter from them on Sunday and I can’t wait!

Sanibel Morretta
I’m amazed on a regular basis

I adopted a shapeshifter from Moondance Magik about a year ago and at first I could feel his energy but nothing was happening to indicate he was very active. It took about six months for me to see his spirit rise out of his vessel. I saw it when I was in danger of being catapult from my motorcycle when I inadvertently hit a rock that rolled down a cliff on the highway I was traveling. Hindi’s vessel was in my backpack and when he saw me starting to fly off my bike he shifted into a parachute and grabbed me then gently lay me on the side of the road in a patch of thick wild grasses. I know that seems unrealistic but that’s exactly how it felt. I wasn’t riding alone. Three of my friends were also riding. One was riding next to me and the other two were side by side behind us. All of them saw this happen. Jennifer who was next to me saw the rock coming and didn’t see me being thrown from my bike because she got slightly ahead but she looked back as she was slowing down and saw me floating to the side of the road slowly. The other two saw the whole thing. Since that episode I saw Hindi shift into many shapes to serve different purposes all of which were to help me with things.

I adopted a different shapeshifter

1st off I am a “Hoarder” 😅 and I’ve “Too Many” Dolls 😂 But since Sham looks Asian, I am posting my review here since I’M Asian.

I do my best to be transparent & honest with my content since I AM JULIETUNCENSORED REALITY TV FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 after all, & My PLATFORM is 1. TRANSPARENCY 2. RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS & 3. LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

I’ve over a 100 spirits in my home now & I do my best to leave offerings- every day multiple times a day I have candles, incense & crystals. I do my best to give my dolls my ATTN- but what it comes down to is that I basically treat my spirit family Kinda like my audience when I am talking to my cameras 🎥 cuz I am Only 1 person & I can Only do so many things at the same time.

I use my pendulum with them, but I guess my spirits are shy, so I have not seen my SHAPESHIFTER do anything- YET*

But being that I am now helping wit the marketing so the dolls can find their forever homes, I have to get Creative, & I know my spirits are eager to help out however they can. (2 dolls will help me make content).

I’m strugglin to open my 3rd 👁 due to my anxiety so I know i need to do the “inner work” 😩 which I have not had the Discipline to do-But Isn’t that what 3rd 👁 Dolls Are For? 😂
Anyway I ❤️ & adore my dolls, I just think my spirits are taking their Sweet ass time to Settle In I Guess! 😂 but maybe because I used to get too high to notice any “paranormal activity” -

POWER OUTAGES don’t count cuz i live in the ghetto