Satin - Haunted Spirit Doll with ESP to Warn You & Read Minds!
Satin - Haunted Spirit Doll with ESP to Warn You & Read Minds!
Satin - Haunted Spirit Doll with ESP to Warn You & Read Minds!
Satin - Haunted Spirit Doll with ESP to Warn You & Read Minds!

Satin - Haunted Spirit Doll with ESP to Warn You & Read Minds!

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Satin is a spirit with extrasensory perception. She is able to see things before they happen on a somewhat regular basis. Her better gift, however, is being able to feel other people’s feelings and hear their thoughts.

When we had our storefront, Satin often recognized a walk-in customer as someone we would not want there. If there were no other psychics in the building (Meta, Mya or Stormy), Satin was a good spirit to have around. I was able to hear her communicating with me on more than one occasion when there was something pressing she needed us to know. A temp we had working with us at one time also heard her say the same thing I heard her say once. In that case, there was a man coming into our store with the intention of stealing, and he did attempt to steal, but since we got the heads up from Satin 20 minutes before it happened, we were able to have one of our employee’s husbands stop by, who happens to be a police officer. He was off duty, but he arrived fully suited so that the man with the ill intentions would know he might want to head out. The thief already had crystals and other items in his jacket pocket when Devon arrived. When Devon did arrive, we eye-motioned him into the right direction, and Devon gave him the stink-eye. He didn’t let up. He kept his eyes glued to the man for at least 15 minutes before the man casually put the items back in their place. We couldn’t have him arrested for anything because he never left the store with our merchandise, but he would have gotten away with about $400 worth of crystals, antique arrow heads, and other items had we not been able to contact Devon. We only know the value of the items he was attempting to take because when he took the items out of his pocket and put them back, he returned them to all to a single bin that was empty prior to this.

Satin would be a great friend to have if you are dating and need to make sure each person you date is trustworthy and worth your time! She would also come in handy for anyone who is married and not sure their spouse is on the up & up (or their significant other). There are many reasons having a spirit like this in your corner would be most beneficial.

If you have not mastered your gifts to communicate with spirit yet, Satin will usually make something happen to alert you to things. She also communicates well with a pendulum and a spirit board. She communicates very well with a Ouija board also, but we do not recommend using a Ouija board if you are not experienced. It is not a toy, for sure. You can invite unwanted entities into your home with this tool, so if you are not well-versed on the board and know how to handle things properly if a negative entity does try to join you, you should either learn as much as you can about it before engaging or leave it alone.

Satin’s History:

In Satin’s most recent previous life, she was born near Chicago, Illinois, USA on April 5, 1929. She passed away on March 1, 2009. She was 79 years old.

It was a good life for her, with the exception of one tragic event. She was in an accident that almost cost her life when she was just 16 years of age. She had head injuries, and she went into a deep coma for almost 4 months. When she came out of the coma, she could not see very well. She could only see shadows and some outlines of things, but she could not see details such as faces or even know when to step aside to keep from bumping into things at times. In time, however, she was able to gain most of her eyesight back. There was swelling in her brain that needed to be alleviated, and once that was taken care of with 3 separate surgical procedures, she was able to see well enough to get around. Still, things were very fuzzy for the rest of her life. She wore glasses that were very strong, and even with them, she would not be able to handle tasks that required the slightest amount of precision. She knew people when she saw them though, and she could tell if they were smiling or frowning. That is what mattered to her the most. She didn’t care if needlepoint would not be something she could master.

Once she had her third and final surgery and recovered from it, she knew her vision was not going to get any better, and she learned to cope. She was finally able to get on with her life and deal with life the way things were.

She went to school again, and she carried on with her life pretty much the same as always, minus some things she wasn’t able to do any longer. One of those things was playing tennis. She could no longer see well enough to judge the distance of the ball. She enjoyed tennis, but she wasn’t heartbroken over not being able to play. She decided that dwelling over things that could not be changed was not conducive to a good life, and so she did not. Instead, she found new hobbies and things to keep her active and stimulated.

She always had a love for horses, so one of the things she felt she could do without having any issues was to ride horses with her friends. One of her friends lived on a horse farm and she occasionally rode horses with him in the past. She walked to Robbie’s house one day and asked him if he was up to riding. He answered out loud, “Sure, that sounds like fun. It’s a nice day for it”. Then she thought she heard him say, “and maybe I’ll finally get that kiss I’ve been wanting to get from you”. She said, “Excuse me. What did you say?” His response was, “Sure we can ride. It’s a pretty day for a ride”. She said, “No, after that. You said something else”. He looked confused, and he started thinking to himself, “did I say that out loud? No way I would have said that out loud”! Satin replied, “Yes, you did say something out loud, and I think you said you wanted to kiss me”. This time Robbie knew he didn’t say anything out loud. He was thinking it to himself that he hoped he didn’t mention the kiss out loud. He looked at Satin for almost a minute before he said, “Are you able to hear my thoughts”? Satin told him she never heard anything so stupid, and suggested they go on their ride. And off they rode. 

Over the next few days, Satin was hearing more and more thoughts that were not spoken out loud. Thoughts her parents were thinking, thoughts her friends were thinking, and even what the teacher was thinking as she walked into her classroom to find boys blowing spit balls at each other while yelling and creating a headache for her already before she even addressed the class. These were teenage boys, she thought, and they are acting like they are five. Their parents obviously didn’t lay down the law enough at home. They need a good crack across their butts!

Satin heard this whole internal conversation her teacher was having with herself, and this time she knew that she was hearing her thoughts, because she was looking directly at her and her mouth never moved. No one in the class had a voice like her teacher, and no one else was standing near her teacher to project their voice from up there even if they did sound like her. After that, she started to take notice to people every time she heard them “talking”. She would make sure she looked at their mouth to see if the “talking” was coming from them out loud or from their heads. She noticed she was hearing her mother’s thoughts, then her little sister’s thoughts, and when her father returned home from work, she heard his thoughts as well.  She sat quietly through dinner, mulling all of this around in her head. After dinner, she went straight to her bedroom, which she shared with her little sister.

A few minutes after Satin went to her room, her sister Sara, who was 10 years old joined her. Satin decided she would play a game with Sara to further test her theory. She told Sara to think of a color. Sara thought of the color blue. Satin told her that her color was blue. Sara said she was lucky. So Satin asked her to think of a number between 1 – 10. Sara said OK, what is my number? Satin said 7. Sara said Satin new her favorite number was 7 so that didn’t count either. Satin said she should think of a number between 1 – 100. Sara laughed and said good luck. Satin came back a couple seconds later and said, “Your number is 72, and no, I wasn’t lucky the first two times and no, this isn’t a stupid game”! (Sara was thinking of the number 72 and also thinking Satin got lucky the first two times, followed by a thought of what a stupid game it was). Still, they were all easy things Satin could have just assumed she was thinking. So, Sara said, how about let me decide the next question. I know you won’t guess this one. Tell me who gave me a tinfoil ring when I was 8 years old and said we were married. Sara figured she would say Timmy, who was her friend since Sara was 4. The boy who gave her this ring was a boy at a parade whom she didn’t even know, so she actually had no name on her mind. She was just thinking about the boy and how cute he was and wondering if she’d ever see him again. This was a parade that their parents took Sara too, but Satin was at a sleepover with a friend, so she was not there to have seen the marriage proposal. Sara knew that her parents didn’t see it happen either, so it’s not like they could have ever shared this information with Satin, unbeknownst to her.

Satin heard all these thoughts, and she said, “You don’t know the name of the little boy who gave you a tin foil ring. He gave it to you at a parade and you wondered if you’d ever see him again”. Sara gulped, stared at her sister for a minute, then ran down the stairs yelling, “Satin is a witch! Satin is a witch!”

Satin’s parents chalked this up as being Sara’s wild imagination, so they practically ignored her pleas, but Sara refused to share a bedroom with Satin any longer, which made their parents wonder a little harder about the whole thing.

Eventually, Satin admitted to her parents that she had these abilities for weeks, but it took her a bit of time to realize what was happening. They tested her out too, but they gave her much harder questions to answer. Things she couldn’t possibly have known. Little romantic secrets between them that they never divulged to their children, such as how they met and how they dated when they were both forbidden to date at such a young age, and many more things that Satin should not have known. Once they realized Satin was not playing any kind of game that she was particularly good at playing, they, too, felt uncomfortable being around her. Nonetheless, they were her parents, and they had to live with it. If nothing else, this turned her family into the most honest family around.

It wasn’t until a year later that they realized this was caused by Satin’s accident, and specifically because she lost a good deal of her sight. When she lost her sight, she gained strength in her subconscious gifts. Gifts most of us are born with, but rarely learn how to activate them. In Satin’s case, they were activated for her. They were made privy to this evaluation after seeing four different doctors.

The first few doctors they spoke with about Satin’s “problem”, as they referred to it, thought they were all crazy; parents included. They finally found a doctor in the state of Indiana who knew exactly what had happened to Satin, and he was the one who helped them realize and understand how it was that Satin was able to hear people’s thoughts.

This same doctor helped her to keep it under control and to block it out most of the time because by the time this was diagnosed, she was hearing people’s thoughts everywhere she went, and she would often hear 10 or 20 voices at a time, depending on where she was at the time. Going to any type of event such as a party gave her excruciating headaches. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, Satin was able to control what she heard and what she didn’t hear most of the time. She could block it out when she wanted to, and she could zone in when she wanted to, as well, but she did not let on to this to anyone. Not even to her parents. As far as her family knew, she had therapy and it “went away”. Satin was careful to keep her facial expressions under wraps and to not show any signs whatsoever of being able to hear anyone’s thoughts.

Satin finished high school and went on to college. After college she was a social worker who helped children recover from traumas. She chose this field because she knew that there had to be others like her who would go through similar challenges due to awakening their awareness to sensitive things, and she wanted to be able to help them. It was frustrating for her and for her parents when doctors could not help her for so long before she finally found a doctor who would not only believe her but knew how to help her as well.

The rest of her life was pretty typical. She married a wonderful man when she was 26 years old. They had one son and two daughters. Her husband was a high school guidance counselor that she worked closely with on several cases before they started dating.

Satin and her husband Thomas had five grandchildren before they passed at ages 79 and 80, respectively.

Satin can still hear the thoughts of many, but not of all people, and not 100% of the time even for those people. She tells us she was much better at this when she was “whole”.  The good news is that Satin can “see” better than she ever could, even before the accident. She says she would estimate her ability to hear other people’s thoughts and to feel their feelings at about 85%, which is pretty high.

Satin’s favorite colors are blue and white (all shades of both). For offerings, she also likes earrings, bottle caps, paintings, crayons and colored markers, green beans, carrots, roasted chicken, and lemonade. Set any of these things in front of her each day for anywhere from five minutes to infinity, and she will be a happy spirit! We like to suggest you rotate offerings daily to keep your spirits stimulated. With the number of spirits we have in our foster care, it’s hard to get to all of them on a daily basis. They are used to not getting a change in the offerings placed in front of them more often than two or three times a week, depending on what kind of week we are having, but several of them have expressed over the years that they would be a lot happier if they had some of their favorite things exchanged more frequently. When we set food items out for them, we obviously have to take them back up again after an hour or two, so we only do that once a week.

Side Notes:

  • Spirits cannot eat, nor do they need to. They do not need to drink anything, sleep, or even breathe. Most people are aware of this, but we like to mention it anyway, because we have had a few people ask how their spirit was going to eat the food they placed in front of them. You will not usually see bites taken out of the food. They simply want to look at it to reflect on fond memories of their past lives. 😊
  • Our terms of service apply to ALL spirits up for adoption, including (and especially) Arcturian spirits, so be sure to read them thoroughly before you even inquire with us about them.  Emails sent to us asking us if we can “hold” a Spirit for you, or asking us about anything else that is already outlined in our TOS, will not get a response.   

           You should read our TOS here:

           Moondance Magik Terms of Service

  • Please feel free to ask any questions AFTER you have read these terms in the                 link above.  
  • The adoption fees are set based on the trouble we had to go through to        obtain each Spirit’s vessel, and/or the price we had to pay the previous holder  of the vessel. 

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