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Marina, aka Manina - Native American Alaskan Peace Spirit Doll

Marina, aka Manina - Native American Alaskan Peace Spirit Doll

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Marina is an Alaskan Native American from the Yuit tribe (pronounced Choop-eek).  She was only 33 when she passed away. When she was alive, her passion was making sculptures. Sometimes we call her Rina (Ree-nuh), and she said she likes that. She asked that we never call her an Eskimo, however, so please make a note of that if you adopt Marina.

Marina likes nature walks. She loves to explore, and she really hopes to be adopted by someone who enjoys this as well. She's hoping to be adopted by someone who either lives where there are seasons or where it is summer most of the time. She loves to look at wildflowers and search for fairies, elves, and other beings that most would call "mythical creatures". (But these are NOT myths!)

Marina is a calm and peaceful spirit, and one of her missions in spirit is to bring more peace to the world. She hopes to end all talks of war worldwide with the help of others like her who are on the same mission.

Manina also likes to help people learn more easily and rapidly. If you're struggling to learn something for work, school, or for any occasion at all, she will help you absorb the information, understand it quickly, and retain the knowledge indefinitely.

If you have chaos at work, in your household, in your circle of friends, or in any group you regularly spend time with, she will bring harmony and peace to them, as well. 

She likes other spirits. She likes just about everyone, she says. All animals as well. She LOVES children! If you don't have children, she'd just like to be taken to a play ground or a ball game or somewhere else where she can watch small children play a couple times a year. Watching them on TV will suffice if you don't like to go out, but she'd rather see them in person. 

Marina's vessel is tiny and light, so she travels and conceals well! (Cheap shipping, too!)

For offerings, Marina likes olives, beef jerky, potatoes, anything brown, gray, or white in color, dried or fresh flowers, blue crystals, and statues.

Edit: She says her mother named her Marina, but someone she was very fond of always called her Manina, so she prefers Manina, but you may call her by either name. 


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