Love Spell Cast by Stormy Moondance
Love Spell Cast by Stormy Moondance

Love Spell Cast by Stormy Moondance

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Effective Love Spell Cast by Stormy Moondance

Meet your soul mate! This is a Love Spell to create an opportunity for you to meet the person you are meant to be with in this lifetime in a more timely fashion than if you wait for it to happen in its own time.

Some people don't meet the one they are meant to spend their life with until they are in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s or 70s, and what a waste of time that is. I can't tell you how many people tell us they wish they had met their mate sooner, and not wasted so much time with all the wrong people. This spell will hasten this up for you so that you are not wandering around aimlessly without your love.

Please understand that this spell will NOT make a particular person fall in love with you. FREE WILL CANNOT BE CHANGED! If the person you believe is "the one" does not love you, this spell, and NO SPELL, can make that person love you. It simply cannot be done. If anyone tells you it can, they are lying to you.

Maybe the person you are hoping to spend your life with also happens to be the one who was meant to be your life mate. If that is the case, the spell will make them take notice to you sooner than later, and your lives together will begin much sooner by having this spell cast for you.

It has happened already that clients were in love with someone who did not even notice them when they approached SToney to cast this spell. After the spell was cast, they noticed the client and they fell in love together. But the only reason this happened was because it was meant to happen. The person they were in love with was also in love with them, but neither of them knew that yet. 

What this spell will do is bring forth that certain someone you were meant to be with. It might be someone you already know. It might be the one you're hoping it to be. But it could be someone you have yet to meet. You have to trust that this is going to work out for your greater good, in the end.


After you you place your order, please send the following to us my email so we can get you on Stormy's spell-casting schedule:

1. A face photo of you. A clear, unaltered, unfiltered photo. She will need a clear visual of your eyes, so no glasses please.
2. Your full name
3. Your birthday
4. Something else about you. This could be the name of the school you attended, one of your parent's names or a sibling's name, the sport you play or a hobby of yours, or anything else about you that could be unique to you in case there is another person with your exact name and birthday who also looks like you.

Once we have all of this, we can schedule a time for Stormy to cast your spell, and we will email you with that information. A mojo kit will be shipped to you the following day after she casts your spell. The mojo kit is simply the tools you will need to keep the spell charged. in the kit is a mojo bag that Stormy uses in her ritual to cast your spell, as well as instructions and anything else that is needed for your particular spell. (Many spells require candles for use when reciting your charging prayer). For most spells, it is usually just a short prayer you will have to recite daily, nightly, or weekly, depending on the spell. It will also usually consist of a mojo bag to hold. Stormy would have infused the mojo bag during the ritual of your spell with the intent of the spell, so don't let this get into anyone else's hands. Instead of working for them like it is intended to work for you, it could have adverse effects.

As mentioned, some spells include a candle, if required. Usually just a starter candle so you can start right away. You'll need to supply your own additional candles if they are needed. Not all spells require a colored candle. This depends on the spell.

With all spell work, the time in which something takes to come to fruition or to manifest varies greatly. It depends on MANY factors, including YOU. We can't know what's in your heart or on your mind. If you doubt the Gods and Goddesses and you don't have total faith in them and in Stormy's ability to get a job done for you, this will very much hinder your chances of getting what you're asking for.

If you don't keep a spell charged, you can't expect it to work quickly, or even work at all, in some cases. (Depending on the nature of the spell. For example, if you purchased a money manifestation spell and you win two million dollars the very next day, you won't want to keep the spell charged. The gods and goddesses frown upon greed, and if they see it fit for you to win two million dollars immediately, they will expect you to be happy with that and stop, as no one NEEDS more!) Other factors come into play as well, aside from your attitude and your participation.

We have seen people realize their wishes immediately (within days of spell casting), and we have seen people achieve their dreams and goals in a year. I would say most spells come to fruit within 3 months, but again, it depends on the nature of the spell as well as other factors. A fat-loss spell for someone wishing to go from a size 26 dress to a size 6 is not going to be complete in three months because that would be physically harmful for anyone to lose that much fat in three months, but that person is going to lose a great amount of fat each month until she reaches her goal.


Stormy can only cast three spells per night without getting a terrible migraine headache. If she does get a migraine, her spells will not be nearly as effective, so she rarely cast more than three a night unless there is an extreme emergency or urgency for a fourth to be cast. If she casts a fourth one for you due to a last-minute urgent matter, your spell will be the fourth one that night to be cast, as she will not take away from the effectiveness of the first three spells she is casting, which were scheduled in advance.


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Blessed be, 

All of us at Moondance Magik™ 


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