Justice Spell Cast - Bring Justice to Someone
Justice Spell Cast - Bring Justice to Someone

Justice Spell Cast - Bring Justice to Someone

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The Justice Spell

This spell is for bringing justice to someone for something they have done to harm you or someone you love. Karma will eventually bring justice to them as well, but sometimes Karma is a little slow. Stormy is not. She will make things happen much more quickly. They will get what they deserve. 

Stormy will only cast this spell for legit reasons. Someone "stealing" your boyfriend or girlfriend is not considered as a legit reason. (No one can steal anyone from you. We all have free will to do as we wish). 

If someone talks behind your back, that is also not a good enough reason for Stormy to spend her time and energy casting this spell.

A few examples of legitimate reasons:

  • Someone framed someone you love and they are doing time for a crime they did not commit.
  • You or someone you care about is physically harmed for no legitimate reason
  • You or someone you care about receives a death threat

Email us before purchasing if you are unsure if your reason for asking for a justice spell is legit.


After you purchase the spell, email us with the following:

  1. YOUR full name as it is now (your real name)
  2. The full legal name of the person for whom you are seeking justice
  3. A face photo of the person above (no filters of any kind, eyes open)
  4. The person in line 2's birthday
  5. The address, minus the street name and number, of the person in line 2. (City, State, & Zip if in USA. Province, Territory, and any other important information aside from street name & number. for International clients)
  6. The reason for the justice spell (what has this person done to you or to someone you care about). Give as many details as possible please. 

If you would like to see the instructions before purchasing so that you'll know in advance what will be required of you to keep the spell charged, please send us an email.

Why there is a shipping fee for spells cast:

In most cases, depending upon the type of spell, Stormy creates a mojo bag with powerful ingredients that she uses specifically for YOU and for YOUR SPELL. She uses it in her spell-casting ritual and she will give it to us once she is finished with it. We will ship it to you with instructions on how to keep your spell charged using this mojo bag. Every package that leaves here is shipped via UPS or another Expedited Delivery Service so that your package arrives quickly. It will also be insured and include a tracking number, which will be sent to you once we ship your mojo kit.

The mojo "kit" consists of the mojo bag, of course, instructions on how to keep the spell charged using the mojo bag, and any other necessary items for keeping your spell charged  which could include a candle,  crystals and/or other items, depending upon the spell. If a candle is needed, ONE starter chime candle is sent with your kit. You may need to purchase more candles, depending upon how many times you will need to charge your spell before results are seen.

A nice compliment to this spell is our WICKED RETALIATION POTION! 


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Blessed be, 

All of us at Moondance Magik™ 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This works!

Stormy cast a karma spell on my step-father who abused me when I was living under his roof and two days later he was in the hospital having his leg amputated because gangrene set in. You could say it's a coincidence but there was nothing wrong with him for this to happen. no infection. no injury. no issues at all. She will be my go-to for all spell work from now on!

Dana from Connecticut
Justice has been served

It took about 4 weeks, but then the person who wronged my wife got the same exact thing back. I saw it with my own eyes or I wouldn't believe it and April even contacted me the day before it happened. and said Stormy had a vision of it happening within a day or too. She said she does not always get premonitions right before something will come to fruit but with this she did so she had April tell me to get ready and she was right. I wouldn't of scene it if April didn't contact me because I wouldn't of gone to a certain place to see what I saw without this premonition. I won't hesitate to use Stormy again for more services and I hihgly reccommend!

Thank you

That bastard won’t hurt little girls again. Thank you!