About the Moondance Family

Meta and Stormy Moondance are a Native American mother and daughter team.  They are outstanding practitioners of magik and psychic mediums.

Meta is one of the best psychic mediums I have ever run across, and I'm not just saying this because she's my boss! She has told me things about myself that even I did not know, but I discovered she was spot on!

She has also channeled three of my loved ones from across the veil for me, and she has told me things that they said to her that she could not have known without speaking to them. (Personal things that only my loved ones and I knew). She has also done a past life reading for me, and she was able to tell me everything that I actually saw for myself when I had a past-life regression hypnosis session with Daniel Ryan in NYC, who is a very good and somewhat famous hypnotist. I will never get a reading done with anyone else, even long after I retire from here. Stormy is great at readings as well, but Meta is SUPERB!

Stormy is the one to go to when you need a spell cast, however. No one can surpass her when it comes to her magikal talent. I have purchased potions from her, as well as spell castings. I'm not able to do this any longer, however, because I am officially a "friend", and I have been for some time now. Allow me to explain.

Mekqiel is Stormy's husband, and an outstanding tarot card reader. His accuracy is almost scary!

Mya is Meta's sister, and she actually does not presently work at Moondance Magik., but we are trying to get her to come onboard. It might take some convincing, but we could really use her gifts, as well. She is a psychic medium and a spell caster, so she can stand in for either Meta or Stormy when we need some help, and she has done this for us many times. Thank you, Mya!

Meta and Stormy come from a long line of Native American Practitioners of Magik. Their family grimoire goes back 17 generations. It was written in this grimoire that Meta's mother's generation, Meta's generation, and Stormy's generation are not to benefit by manifesting anything using magik for themselves, their loved ones (family), or their closest friends. They cannot trade magikal favors with other practitioners of magik in their coven, either.

When I started working for the Moondance ladies, I was a stranger, so I was able to buy spells from them. At some point, after spending some holidays with them, sharing lots of laughs, and doing personal favors for them as well as them for me, they deemed me as a friend. When they decided I was a friend and not just an employee, I lost my ability to benefit from their magik. (I KID YOU NOT! You can't make this shit up)!

Before I was thought of as a friend, I was able to have the fat loss spell cast for me as well as the hair growth spell. I went from size 18 dress to an 8 in 7 months, and my hair grew 6 inches in 2 1/2 months. I wish I had known I was going to lose this benefit before we became friends. I was trying to hire Stormy to cast a money manifestation spell when she told me that I was no longer allowed to hire her for spell-casting services. Of course, if I had won the lottery, I wouldn't be working on their website right now, and I might not get to see their smiling faces every day. Everything happens for a reason!



Meta is a Spreadsheet Queen. She keeps spreadsheets on just about everything! She keeps statistics. At any given time, she can tell you how effective each spell is that Stormy has cast, and how accurate her own readings have been - to date.

Right now as I type this and I am looking at these spreadsheets on the computer, Stormy has been, on average, 97.3% effective with all of the spells she has cast for people combined. She has been 100% effective with her two fat loss spells! (From what I understand, 100% effective spells of any kind are unheard of)!

Stormy said she had three clients she cast the fat loss spell for who have not lost the excess fat they set out to lose. Two of them admitted that they did not keep up with the spell-charging nightly prayer they were supposed to have read after she cast the spell. One of them was going through a lot of crap with some toxic people in her life and Stormy knows that she was also cursed by one of these people and she never had the curse removed.

Stormy tells every single client up front that if you have a medical condition that would prevent you from losing weight, or if you have been cursed and the curse is not removed, NO SPELL WILL WORK EFFECTIVELY FOR YOU.

Your medical condition has to be fixed or managed, and any curse or hex you have must be removed and a protection spell must be cast before you should hire her to cast any spell for you.

Meta has been 92.8% accurate on her readings, including readings channeling loved ones for clients from across the veil. WOW. I knew she was good. I knew Stormy was good. These numbers are phenomenal though!

I just want you all to know that I could comfortably retire at any time. I do not need my job here at Moondance Magik. I do not need to toot any horns or suck up to my bosses. I am also a woman of integrity.That said - I do not need to make things like this up just to keep my job, nor would I, because I do not lie.

When I say that these women are the real deal, you can take that to the bank.


Blessed be, my friends

April B.

Office Manager