Reading of Another Person - Find Out Who They Are!

Reading of Another Person - Find Out Who They Are!

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Meta Moondance will read someone for you who you wish to know more about.

In what situations would this service be useful?

1. Maybe you are dating someone you're not sure is right for you. Let Meta tell you about their deep, dark secrets, or about how wonderful a person they truly are.

2. Not sure if you should trust your Nanny or Babysitter? Pet sitter? Let Meta learn about them by reading them and letting you know if you should trust your loved ones with them.

3. Your daughter wants to date someone and she is still a minor living at home with you. She needs your permission. This guy looks shady to you. Meta will tell you if your hunch is correct, or if you are judging the book by it's cover and can relax.

4.  Should you hang out with this person or that person, or are they a bad influence?


There are so many reasons you may need to learn more about someone. All you need to do is provide Meta with the following via email upon purchase:


1. The person's full name at birth, and as it is right now if it has changed.

2. A face photo of the person taken as recently as possible. It should be unaltered. Not filtered!

3. What this person does for a living and/or what their profession is. Or is the person a student? If so, where are they attending school?

4. This person's DOB, if you have it. If not, their approximate age and at least their astrological sign would be helpful.

5. In what City and State does this person reside? (Or territory or other term for their locale, if not in USA).

6. What is the reason you are having this person read? (We are not judging, but we do  need to know what angle to go in with, and what information you are hoping to obtain about the person).

Please do not send this information to us ( until AFTER you have made your purchase, or it will make things very complicated for us! Thank you!

We have four different sales channels, so please tell us in your email to us where you made your purchase so we know where to find your order to match it up with the info in your email. (Did you order on our website, on Etsy, on Facebook, or on eBay)?    If you are on Etsy, we would also need to know your Etsy user name to find your order efficiently.

Please be sure to read Meta's reviews! She is the best!

Blessed be,

April B.

Office Manager




Why there is a shipping fee for spells cast:

In most cases, and almost always, Stormy creates a mojo bag with powerful ingredients that she uses specifically for YOU and for YOUR SPELL. She uses it in her spell-casting session and she will give it to us once she is finished with it. We will ship it to you with instructions on how to keep your spell charged using this mojo bag. Every package that leaves here is shipped via USPS Priority Mail or another Expedited Delivery Service so that your package arrives quickly. It will also be insured and include a tracking number, which will be sent to you once we ship your mojo kit.

(The mojo "kit" consists of the mojo bag, of course, instructions on how to keep the spell charged using the mojo bag, and any other necessary items for keeping your spell charged  which could include candles,  crystals and/or other items).

If you would like to see the instructions before purchasing so that you'll know in advance what will be required of you to keep the spell charged, please send us an email:



As with all of our products and services, it is a requirement for you to read our TOS before making each and every purchase, as you are dealing with extremely powerful energy when you order spells, potions, or even readings. We have disclaimers and warning so we can't be held liable for anything that happens when you order our products and services, but most importantly, the information is there as a safeguard for you so that you will know exactly what you are getting into when you purchase from us. By purchasing this product or service, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to our TOS on this page:

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If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at

Blessed be!

April B.

Office Manager





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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frank P. May
Meta saved me from making a big mistake

I was engaged to be married but something didn’t feel right. I heard of Meta and her accuracy so I hired her to do a reading on my fiancé Anna. Meta uncovered a dark secret about Anna and when I questioned Anna about what I learned her jaw dropped like she didn’t think I’d find out but I did. She said who told you and I said a psychic. and she didn’t deny it was true. Glad I found out before I married the wrong woman.

Worth it ! FIVE STARS !

I am so glad I had this reading done. I found out the guy I was seeing for only 3 months was already going to propose marriage to me. My girlfriend saw him shopping for an engagement ring. Meta did this reading and discovered he is already married! So what was he going to do? Be a bigot? A pillager? I had him followed and got this confirmed. A wife, two sons, and a dog. ALl that was missing was the wite pickit fence. I'm so glad I found this shop. I guess I had some intuition on my own to know I needed a reading in the first place but Meta flat out said "RUN! HE is MARRIED!". I was shocked but not in disbelief. SomeThinG told me she was right. And she was. I'll be coming back here for everything now.