Soul Group Members Reading - Discover Who is in Your Soul Family
Soul Group Members Reading - Discover Who is in Your Soul Family
Soul Group Members Reading - Discover Who is in Your Soul Family
Soul Group Members Reading - Discover Who is in Your Soul Family
Soul Group Members Reading - Discover Who is in Your Soul Family
Soul Group Members Reading - Discover Who is in Your Soul Family

Soul Group Members Reading - Discover Who is in Your Soul Family

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Meta Moondance Reading to discover who is in your soul family. There are people who are in your life in every single lifetime. These people are collectively referred to as your soul group. They are people who play an important role in your life in every lifetime.

Your soul group can also be thought of as the collective of like-minded spirits that you incarnate with in every lifetime you live. The people in it are the ones who are most involved with the unfolding of your soul’s journey. These souls are like family. They’re the beings you have the most contact with during your physical incarnations on Earth. They play the role of your peers, confidants, and sometimes even rivals. That is the primary function of your soul group. You perform as different characters in each other’s physical incarnations in the pursuit of growth and the expansion of consciousness.

Souls have no color, sex, or other physical traits. You can be a male in this lifetime because you chose a male human body in which to dwell, and you can be a female in your next lifetime because YOU chose a female body for your next life. (Yes, we choose our next lives every single time!) Meta knows this because she has spirit traveled to many of her past lives, future lives, and life in between lives several times to know how it all works.

Your mother today may not be part of your soul group, or she may play a different role in your life in other lifetimes. Your spouse in this lifetime may be your sibling or parent in another lifetime, and they could even be your arch nemesis! Your children; same thing. Your best friends or people you look up to even could be part of your soul group.

Since Meta is reading souls, which have no names, you will not be given names in this reading. She will be able to describe to you a person by their personality and the relationship you have with an individual in this lifetime and what role they will play in your next lifetime and in your most recent previous lifetime. You will then be able to decipher who these people are in your current lifetime to know that they are in all of your lifetimes.

This is an example of what you might learn about a soul that Meta discovers to be a part of your soul group:

Soul Group Member #1: This soul is someone who in your current lifetime is very authoritative, but not to the point of narcissism. He is a male in this lifetime with you, and he is a leader. His has a tenancy to be overly organized at times, but he does not want to become that overbearing control freak that he was in another lifetime, so he generally catches himself quickly from going overboard. He is a little on the self-centered side, but he is also caring and mindful of others' feelings.

(This is actually a true account of a soul description found in one of Meta's client's soul group).

So, as you can see, she gives you enough information about each soul she comes across in her journey of your realm that you should have no trouble discovering who the person is that she found to be a part of your soul group. She tries to give you enough information to allow you to rule out everyone in your life except for one person.

There is one exception to this general rule of thumb. You may not have met this person in your current lifetime yet! So if she describes someone in your soul group that sounds nothing like anyone you know, it is someone you will meet at some point in your life, and they will play a significant role in your life.

Some people have a soul group consisting of only 10 members or less. Others may have a soul group consisting of 50 or 100 people. If you choose the 20-member option from the drop-down menu and Meta discovers there were only 10 or 12 members in your soul group, you will receive a credit for the difference in price between the reading for a 10-member reading and a 20-member reading. The same applies for all other options. If she cannot deliver as many personalities as you paid to receive, you'll receive store credit for the difference. Refunds are not offered because they are too messy and Accounting does not like them at tax time! Store credit may be applied toward any product or service on our website or in our Etsy shop.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This reading blew my mind. I ordered a reading for 20 soul group members and Meta was able to provide names AND physical descriptions for basically all of them! My luk thep spirit doll from a different seller was on this list!! I was getting teary-eyed seeing that some of my favorite loved ones have been on this journey with me for multiple lifetimes. Thank you guys!!

Just Jessica

I’m a loner with barely ever any family to speak of so I didn’t expect I’d know too many people Meta would give me on a list but amazingly enough I knew 3 of those people. One of them I’m atoll speechless that was on her list in my soulmates because it was a guy I hurt pretty bad a few years ago and his unique name Yenni couldn’t be made up or guessed but Meta said she sees Yenni and that’s when I knew she was the shit! I’m trying now to get back with Yenni but so far he isn’t answering my texts or calls 🥲 oh & Yenni and I were secretly dating and nobody knew it but us b’cause our families hate each other we’re like Romeo and Juliet I guess ☺️ But I hope he calls me back soon I made a mistake and I should of gotten this reading before I broke it off with him.

Twila Ransom

Meta accurately described 12 people I know in this life that are in my soul group! Including an enemy of mine but he will be my sister in the next life. It's interesting how we all play different roles in each lifetime. I didn't know you could be a boy in one life and a girl in another lifetime either. She taught me quite a bit. The other 8 people she described or gave me a name I don't think I met yet but I still have lots of time to meet them since I'm only 22. I am a repeat customer and a customer for life.

Sherise LaCosta

Meta gave me descriptions of 9 people in my soul group and names of 2 others. The two she gave me names of are my twin sister and my uncle Artie. The ones she described I know 7 of them now as there's no doubt who she was describing. Two of them I guess I either can't remember meeting them or maybe I will meet them still in this life at some time. I'm just amazed at how accurately she described some of the people and knew some names too. She's the real deal!