Conjure Service to Bind a Spirit to Your Item

Conjure Service to Bind a Spirit to Your Item

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This is a service to conjure a particular spirit or type of spirit to your item. If you have a pretty piece of jewelry, a doll, a hair bow, anything at all that you wish to have a spirit tied to, this is the service you would purchase.

If you have a loved one you wish to have bound to an item, I will need their name, DOB, DOD, a photo of them with clear visual of their eyes when they were alive in human form, and some unique information about them. Like if they were into race cars or if they carved objects out of wood or something that doesn't pertain to everyone else in the world. It doesn't have to be something that does not pertain to ANYONE ELSE, just something that is not typical.

Spirits can be in many places at one time, so binding spirit of a loved one is not going to prevent them from visiting places they typically visit on the daily. In other words, binding spirit of your best friend will not prevent them from also continuing to visit their spouse or other family members, so you don't have to worry about keeping them from being able to do as they please. This will just secure a part of them to be with you at all times, and it is totally acceptable by spirit.

The only time this will not work is if the particular spirit you wish to be bound to your item does not want to be bound. If this happens, a full refund will be issued, along with our condolences. This does not mean the spirit does not want to be with you, in all cases. In fact, in most cases, it simply means they do not wish any part of them to be bound to ANY OBJECT. If you wish, we can summon your spirit to engage in a conversation first to ensure this is something they would want before you purchase. Contact Meta if you wish to do this prior to purchasing.

If you simply wish to have a spirit friend, tell us something more about what it is you are looking for in a spirit friend, and we can conjure a spirit that would match your personality and interests. We'd need to know if you're looking for a male or female, young or old, and what type of interests they should have. Almost as if you're on a dating site, but this won't be a date. This is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT! Do not purchase this service if you're just looking for entertainment or if you're just looking for a hobby. This is no different from adopting a child or a pet, so please be respectful to spirit when you opt for this service.

No physical item is shipped to you, as this is a service, so there are no shipping charges!

If you have any questions, contact me at BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT! Thank you and blessed be.


Why there is a shipping fee for spells cast:

In most cases, and almost always, Stormy creates a mojo bag with powerful ingredients that she uses specifically for YOU and for YOUR SPELL. She uses it in her spell-casting session and she will give it to us once she is finished with it. We will ship it to you with instructions on how to keep your spell charged using this mojo bag. Every package that leaves here is shipped via USPS Priority Mail or another Expedited Delivery Service so that your package arrives quickly. It will also be insured and include a tracking number, which will be sent to you once we ship your mojo kit.

(The mojo "kit" consists of the mojo bag, of course, instructions on how to keep the spell charged using the mojo bag, and any other necessary items for keeping your spell charged  which could include candles,  crystals and/or other items).

If you would like to see the instructions before purchasing so that you'll know in advance what will be required of you to keep the spell charged, please send us an email:



As with all of our products and services, it is a requirement for you to read our TOS before making each and every purchase, as you are dealing with extremely powerful energy when you order spells, potions, or even readings. We have disclaimers and warning so we can't be held liable for anything that happens when you order our products and services, but most importantly, the information is there as a safeguard for you so that you will know exactly what you are getting into when you purchase from us. By purchasing this product or service, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to our TOS on this page:

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If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at

Blessed be!

April B.

Office Manager





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Customer Reviews

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L. Vasquez

This is real
So happy
No words can say

Emily Emily
ty! My dad is home 😊

Meta channeled my dad and brought him to me remotely. I new immediately when he arrived to my quartz Crystal ball to be bound because the crystal glowed green when she finished conjuring and green was my daddy’s favorite color. He said before he died he’d send me green signals that he’s ok and he’s watching over me 💞


After being ripped off by so many others claiming to have the ability to get a binding done remotely, I was about to give up until I read the reviews on Moondance's shop and in their Etsy store. They are the real Macoy! My Muki was bound to a belt buckle my grandfather made when I was a child. It has gemstones in it and it is one of a kind. I can feel my Muki's energy (his name is Ohayu) and my belt buckle glows blue or purple when he wants my attention. When this happens I meditate and I can get Ohayu's messages for me. I am so glad I gave it one more try and didn't give up on this, and I'm glad it was this site I found before giving up!

Prepare to be amazed

To me this was a long shot but I was desperate. I needed a special kind of spirit bound to ME and not to an object. I didn't think it could be done, but Meta got it done and with no issues. The ritual took 2 hours, but in the end, the spirit I needed was with me. I won't shop anywhere else since this experience. Thank you Meta. I'll be booking a spell casting with Stormy next.

i got three of them

and all three are here with me. the process is amazing and so are these spirits. the djinn I ordered (another item in this shop) already made one of my wishes come true and the other bindings i had done were relatives. one was my dog pepper and i know she is here all the time with me because i can smell her and i sometimes see paw prints on the floor and there's no other dogs living here now. one is my sister Becky and she writes words on my desk pad blotter that only make sense between me and her so no one else is doing it. I wake up to it at least once a week. I check my blotter everyday now.