Sharpen Your Mind Spell with Smart Ass Potion
Sharpen Your Mind Spell with Smart Ass Potion

Sharpen Your Mind Spell with Smart Ass Potion

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This is a must-have if you need to pass an exam, be quick-witted, or just want to have an easier time learning new things. The formula that comes with this spell will keep you sharp and focused.

Stormy has a 91.9% success rate with this spell as of the date of publishing this listing, and there’s no telling why it did not work for the other 8.1%. For some, I’m sure, it simply did not work - for unknown reasons. Nothing is foolproof. For many, however, I believe the clients it did not work for either felt it was BS, and therefore it was, or they did not follow their follow-up instructions.

If you don’t believe in magik working, or you don’t have faith in Stormy’s abilities, chances are the spell will fail. It takes intent from both Stormy AND you. We get what we ask for. We attract what we believe. If you believe you can’t change, you won’t. If you believe you can only attract negativity, you will.


In an email message to us at AFTER you place your order, please send the following so I can get you on Stormy's spell-casting schedule:

1. A face photo of you. A clear, unaltered, unfiltered photo. She will need a clear visual of your eyes, so no glasses please.
2. Your full name
3. Your birthday
4. Something else about you. This could be the name of the school you attended, one of your parent's names or a sibling's name, the sport you play or a hobby of yours, or anything else about you that could be unique to you in case there is another person with your exact name and birthday who also looks like you. Stormy doesn't want to get up on her hill to cast your spell and when she tries to focus on you, she sees more than one person who could be you. Then she would have to postpone the spell until we could ask you more questions to better isolate you from others. It is doubtful someone else in the world would have all these things in common with you AND look much like you, but we ask for this fourth thing just to be sure, because it has happened already with more common names.

Once I have all of this, I can schedule a time for Stormy to cast your spell based on her availability, and I'll message you with that information. A mojo kit will be shipped to you the following day after she casts your spell.


Customer Reviews

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Might Recast Later

I’ve asked Stormy to help me cast this spell like 3xs I think, cuz I told her i wanted to be a “GENIUS” 😂🤣😂🤣😂. Well maybe I just have low self-esteem/i doubt myself since I am going through depression/FUNK & I been Trying to do as much magick as I can to unF*ck my Life 😂. META says that i am “SMARTER THAN I KNOW” if that holds any weight.

But anyways, I Used to have a very poor lifestyle (bc I worked at the strip club), so drinking alcohol 🍺 that the clients buy for me plus smoking so much weed- i think all that has really F’d up my 🧠😭😞🤦🏻‍♀️😒😩

So if this spell has helped, then i think it just helped me to regain whatever I’ve LOST over the years due to my poor lifestyle choices/habits 😣

I was charging the spell every day for about 3 months (even tho i am not in school or preparing for any exams or anything).

My GOAL is to Learn PROGRAMMING 🤯😩😭 so I will try and get some Adderrall next n see how that works cuz I need to learn that junk to save my life 😩

I am JulietUncensored Reality TV for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 & My content can be found under any of these names: @presidentshum, #JURTV4POTUS, & you can sinply google my name “JulietUncensored.”

I am obsessed with DOLLS & trying to make magick happen already, but I am super Impatient 😂 so you can follow my journey through my videos on xvids if you’d like. And you can also find a 💥💥💥💥COUPON CODE FOR DOLLS💥💥💥💥in my social media 😉😉😉.

Helen Vensor
Thank you!

I failed my realtor license testing 3 times then got this and passed with flying colors. Not just by the skin of my teeth. I did well! Thank you!