Future Life Reading by Meta or Mya Moondance

Future Life Reading by Meta or Mya Moondance

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Order this if you wish to learn about your NEXT LIFETIME! This is not a PRESENT LIFE READING! This reading is to learn who you will be and what will happen in the lifetime after the one you are currently living.

YOUR FUTURE LIFE Reading will be read by either Meta Moondance or Mya Moondance, Psychic Mediums

- Learn who you'll be and all about your next lifetime with Accurate Predictions by one of the sisters


Now more than ever, we all want to know what our next life will be like. This lifetime has not been good to many, and we all know that the end is near. ("Near" is relative to your perception of the word. I can tell you though that most of us will not die of natural causes. The end of this world as we know it will happen in our lifetime...for those of us under 70 years of age).

Those of you who know Meta and Stormy know they are the real deal. To the rest of you, please read their bio, the shop’s “About” Page, and their shop’s feedback reviews.

Upon purchase, we ask that you message us with the following information in a separate message from your order:

1. Your full name as it is now
2. Your full birth name if it is not the same
3. Your DOB
4. A clear face photo of you with eyes wide open - UNFILTERED, UNALTERED!
5. The names of your parents
6. Your city, state, and country (or Province, Territory, etc. if international)

If you are purchasing this from Etsy, you may message us through the Etsy platform. If you purchased from our website, moondancemagik.com, please contact Meta at moondancemediums@gmail.com with your response to these questions.

Once we have this info, Meta will engage into a deep meditation on you and she will travel backwards in time. You won’t feel a thing. Your body will stay where it is.

Meta will go all the way to the end of your current life and travel beyond, through the veil, and into space and time where your soul will reside in the next life. This process takes quite some time from before beginning to finish. Getting herself into astral travel mode alone can take Meta well over an hour, plus the travel and reading time. Please understand this is not something that is done quickly.

Learn about your spirit with this service. It could answer some questions you might have about why you are here now, and what you are to be learning to prepare for what's ahead.

Meta has been offering this service for years locally and now she is offering it online.

Hundreds of references and reviews can be shared upon request. Many of our clients have been hypnotized into a future life regression with a hypnotherapist, and have been shown their next lifetime while under hypnosis. Meta’s readings rendered the same exact results as hypnotherapists who have taken them forward.

You will also find in our Etsy shop a "Past Life Reading", for those of you who wish to know who you were in your most previous life on Earth before your soul was reincarnated into your present life. Reincarnation is a wonderful thing, and it is always helpful to know who you were and who you will be.

Once Meta has completed her travel and learned of your past life, she will summarize it into a .pdf outline and email it to you.

It will be very thorough with many details. I think you will be pleased with the time and effort that will be put forth to make this a wonderful purchase for you.

Makes a great gift, as well!

Please allow 48 hours for results as Meta is also busy with other magickal works and other clients.

Others will render your "results" much faster. I have heard on more than one occasion that sisters and friends have received the same exact reading though from some of these other “psychics”, so be careful. They received nothing more than a form letter! Our feedback speaks for itself.


I don't think most people realize the energy it takes, how drained Meta is after, and how utterly exhausting it is to do past, future, present, and in between lives readings.

Meta travels to these times. Astral travel in itself is exhausting. Meta is also an empath, so she feels the things you are going through as she views you in your other lives or in the pockets of time between your lives. After doing three or four readings in one day, she is down and out for another day.

If you are paying a lot less than what we charge for a reading of this caliber with someone else, it is doubtful you are truly being read by a genuine psychic. Just remember you get what you pay for.



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Blessed be!

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